In an interview over at RockPaperShotgun, Klei Entertainment allows a couple of beans to spill about the studio’s next game, Incognita. It’ll be a turn-based tactical affair with a heavy emphasis on information gathering (hence the spying angle, one presumes.) Klei co-founder Jamie Cheng says “we want information to be a very key part of your experience,” referring to the fact that in most turn-based games it’s positioning that is key.

Cheng says Incognita will be making use of procedural generation (so no “set” maps, it seems) and that the game was in development in parallel with Don’t Starve. As was the case with that game, Klei plans to offer Incognita as a “paid alpha,” allowing early access at a reduced price.

In terms of detail, that’s about it for now; other than the excellent news that the PC will be the lead development platform. Mark of the Ninja was excellent, and Tim enjoyed his time with Don’t Starve, so a new Klei project is something to look forward to.

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