Square Enix Celebrates 12th Anniversary of Final Fantasy XI

Square Enix Celebrates 12th Anniversary of Final Fantasy XI

Company continues support of long-running MMORPG with new updates

Square Enixs has announced the 12th Anniversary of Final Fantasy XI. To celebrate yet another major milestone for the franchise favorite, Square Enix is continuing its ongoing support for the game and its dedicated player community through new content releases.

New game updates coinciding with the Final Fantasy XI 12th Anniversary include:

  • New Seekers of Adoulin missions to continue the ever-evolving storyline along with new areas to explore
  • The debut of the “Mog Wardrobe” – a new equipment storage feature that allows even greater storage for the adventurer on the go
  • The introduction of “Ergon Weapons” for the rune fencer and geomancer jobs
  • The release of two new high-tier mission battlefields that allow players to challenge previous conquests at a higher difficulty for new spoils
  • The addition of Maat and Gessho to the ever-growing list of alter egos that will fight by your side

Detailed information on the latest update can be found here.

Final Fantasy XI is available for the Xbox 360 and on PC through the Square Enix online store or online platforms, including Steam.


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