Square Enix has admitted that servers containing data for 1.8 million customers have been breached by hackers, in a statement released today. The company says that evidence of an intruder was found early on Tuesday morning, and moves were taken to shut down the affected regions around an hour later.
The servers affected hold information relating to one million members from Japan and 800,000 from North America. Another set of servers holding data for 300,000 European members was not broken into.
Although the full extent of the damage is yet to be determined by Square, the company has stated that names, email addresses and (in some cases) postal addresses and phone numbers were stored on the servers. No credit card data was housed there, a Square spokeswoman said.
Back in May, Square Enix was on the receiving end of another hack, which stole 25,000 email addresses of European customers.
Source: google.com
Image taken from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, published by Square Enix.

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