Square Enix Launches Extreme Western Games Label

Square Enix has announced it will be launching a game label specifically aimed at publishing mature rated titles.The move, spotted by Siliconera, means that Square Enix can maintain it’s family friendly image while publishing its more mature Eidos (and Activision as it handles Activision’s titles in Japan) titles. The new arm of Square Enix’s mature label will be called Square Enix Extreme Edges (SEEE).Games which are rated CERO D (17+) and CERO Z (Adults only) will be sold under the SEEE label, making it easier to identify the infidel-ridden games from the West.Square Enix is yet to publish a CERO Z title, and it looks like SEEE will be taking care of that now.Square Enix…Keeping it clean. That’s our new slogan for them.

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