Square Enix Presents digital showcase series to include new Life is Strange game

Square Enix Showcase Life Is Strange

Square Enix is kicking off a new digital showcase series later this month, featuring some of the studio’s upcoming titles. The series will include information on a brand new installment in the critically-acclaimed Life is Strange franchise. Plus, there will be trailers for Outriders, Marvel’s Avengers, and more — and that’s just the first show on March 18. It seems Square Enix has quite a bit in store for us.

According to the press release, the Square Enix Presents series will include shows throughout the remainder of 2021 to provide fans with updates on upcoming releases. The series is starting out strong with the world premiere of the next Life is Strange game, though it’s unclear what the new installment will be. However, Square Enix did reveal that it will feature “an all-new protagonist wielding an exciting new power.”


Interested fans can tune in to the premiere via the Square Enix Presents website, as well as Twitch and YouTube. The show begins at 10 AM PDT and will run for about 40 minutes. In addition to Life is Strange, the show will include gameplay footage and trailers for upcoming releases Outriders and Balan Wonderworld. Plus, fans can get a new look at Just Cause Mobile and the latest Marvel’s Avengers content. Finally, Square Enix will celebrate Tomb Raider‘s 25th anniversary and reveal upcoming titles from TAITO and Square Enix Montreal.

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Life is about to get stranger

For those who are unfamiliar, the popular Life is Strange series features main characters with supernatural abilities. The first game follows a girl with time-bending powers. Meanwhile, Life is Strange 2 follows a young boy with telekinetic abilities. In addition to the two main titles, a prequel called Life is Strange: Before the Storm explores the life of one of Life is Strange‘s secondary characters. Player choices affect each game’s outcome and character relationships. The franchise is known for its powerful narrative adventures and episodic format.

The new Life is Strange game comes as a surprise announcement, though fans had an inkling that a new installment was on its way. Back in November, developer Dontnod Entertainment revealed that it had six games in the works — one of them just had to be Life is Strange. Whatever is in store for the franchise, Life is Strange‘s track record gives us confidence that it will be epic.

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