Square Enix Posts Best Results Yet

Square Enix has posted its best annual financial results since Squaresoft and Enix merged in 2003.The company currently has a recurring income of 27.8 billion JPY. Speaking games, specifically, operating income is up by a whopping 254 per cent, increasing from 6.7 billion JPY to 23.8 billion JPY. A large part of this appears to be down to a “big three” triumverate of games: Final Fantasy XIII, Dragon Quest IX, and Batman: Arkham Asylum.Final Fantasy XIII has so far sold 5.55 million units globally, with the figures roughly equal across the main regions (Europe, North America, and Japan), while Batman: Arkham Asylum has sold 3.24 million units across Europe and North America.Dragon Quest IX, on the other hand, has sold a staggering 4.26 million units in Japan alone, with only tentative Western release dates currently available.Next down on the sales list is Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, which sold a comparatively small 1.49 million.1000000000