Murdered: Soul Suspects

“What is the hardest case to solve?” asks Square Enix, in a slightly creepy email sent out earlier today. And, honestly, I’m not sure. The Ripper murders? Why it’s always one sock that goes missing? A suitcase made out of Rubik’s cubes?

Turns out that all of these mysteries (or, more likely, entirely different mysteries) may be popping up in a forthcoming game. The email itself – which also contained an image broken into small chunks – was sent from an address linked to, which looks to be a teaser site for a forthcoming PC/360/PS3 game and currently displays little more than an image of a rain-spattered road with a bell drawn on it in chalk.

Judging by the address, chances are good that this is a tease for Murdered: Soul Suspect, a name that Square Enix trademarked in December of last year. Looks a bit Condemned to me, with the name and images hinting at both gritty detective stuff and something slightly supernatural, but for all I know it could turn out to be a dating sim.

Let’s hope it’s a dating sim. That way we’d know that the hardest case to solve is why a dating sim’s marketing campaign started off like this.

Murdered Soul

Tim McDonald
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