Square Enix is announcing a new portfolio of games across action, shooter and RTS genres for E3 2009.

The press release refers to the lineup as “Square Enix’s new direction”, explaining that their booth will both showcase games developed in partnership with European and U.S. as well as Asian developers.

“As our best-selling Final Fantasy franchise continues to evolve, Square Enix is focused on creating the best entertainment experiences for all gamers,” said John Yamamoto, president and CEO of Square Enix (both the Publishing and developing branches).

Square Enix has partnered up with companies such as Double Helix, Gas Powered Games and Wargaming.net in order to “offer a much broader variety of games across different genres,” according to Yamamoto. Square Enix remains unchanged in their development quality but Yamamoto also said Square Enix “look forward to showcasing the results of these partnerships at E3 2009 as well as several much awaited Final Fantasy titles and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.”

Square Enix E3 Line-Up:Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP). Action RPG returning with “high-intensity battles,” expansive environments and RPG-based character development. Developer: Square Enix. Due out autumn 2009.Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, Xbox360). Traditional FF RPG in several titles taking place in the same mythos. Summon Eidolons to help you and an updated Active Time Battle system. Developer: Square Enix. Due out 2010. Website. More on the demo/retail differences here.
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (Wii). Motion-driven, real-time action adventure gameplay. Developer: Square Enix. Release date to be announced. Website.Front Mission Evolved (PS3, Xbox 360, PC). Third person shooter in massive war machine called The Wanzer. Developer: Double Helix Games. Release date to be announced. Website .
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS). Action RPG about the “other” hero from Kingdom Hearts II. Will also feature multiplayer. Developer: Square Enix & H.A.N.D. Due out autumn 2009. Website.
Nier (PS3, Xbox 360). Dark Action adventure game about Nier, who is on a quest to find a cure for his daughter. Developer: Cavia. Due out 2010.Order of War (PC). Massive scale battle RTS game based on key historic events from 1944. Players can play American v.s. German in the west or German v.s. Russia in the East. Developer: Wargaming.net. Due out autumn 2009. Website.
Supreme Commander 2 (Xbox 360, PC). Futuristic RTS game, taking place 25 years after the original where the assassination of the Colonial Defense Coalition President results in large scale war between three factions, bringing “a new level of emotional connection to the RTS genre.”  Developer: Gas Powered Games. Due out 2010.Square Enix also announced two new downloadable titles:Final Fantasy IV: The Year After (WiiWare, ). True sequel to the NES RPG title with single and multiplayer modes (up to three players). Developer: Square Enix. Release: 1 June, 2009. Website.
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord (WiiWare, website). RTS game where players take the role as a villain. Place monsters and traps inside your tower to fend off adventurers. Developer: Square Enix. Due out 2009. Website.

We will report more from E3 as information becomes available. Make sure you check out the IncGamers E3 section for all the latest news, previews, interviews, shots and videos.

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