STALKER 2 has been delayed to early December

Stalker 2 Delayed December

STALKER 2 has been delayed by seven months and is now releasing on December 8. Originally slated for release in April, players will now have to wait sometime before getting their hands on the game. The official announcement came from a post on STALKER 2‘s official Twitter account, stating that the game “requires thorough testing and polishing.”

This isn’t the first time STALKER 2 has made headlines in recent times. Not too long ago, the game’s developer, GSC Game World, got in hot water over the inclusion of NFTs in STALKER 2. After that announcement, they quickly retracted their statement and announced that NFTs would no longer be in the game.


STALKER 2 needs more time in the oven

Game delays are nothing out of the ordinary these days, especially when a global pandemic makes everyone’s jobs a lot harder. It certainly is disappointing. After all, delays affect everyone, and it can be agonizing to have to wait even longer. But, always remember that all-important quote about how a rushed game is forever bad.

Stalker 2 Delayed December

STALKER 2 is also a fairly big challenge in itself. Not only is it shaping up to be an ambitious game, but it’s also the biggest title GSC Game World has taken on. With such a big project on its hands, it makes sense that it would want to release it in the best shape possible. GSC is standing firm with this too, saying that “development should take as long as necessary.” At the very least, it’s good to see how committed the developer is to releasing a title of high quality.

STALKER 2‘s delay is certainly a big one and December feels like a lifetime away. But, there will be more information on the game throughout the year, according to GSC Game World. Loads of gaming events are lined up between January and December, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see it pop up again soon.

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