Star Citizen 3.1.0 alpha update is now live

Star Citizen 3.1.0 alpha update is now live

After a period of testing on the PTU, CIG has now released the Star Citizen 3.1.0 alpha for everyone and it is now on the live servers.

This update brings a few new additions to the alpha including the character customiser (see this video) which is available from the main menu allowing players to tweak hairstyles, skin tone, and more. CIG says this is the first iteration of the system so expect more to be added eventually.

Players are also now able to create Service Beacons from the Contract Manager in their mobiGlas and hire other players to provide Combat Assistance or Personal Transport. Again, this system will be refined but it’s a start.

New ships now live with this update include the Tumbril Cyclone, Aegis Reclaimer, Anvil Terrapin, MISC Razor, and Nox Kue.

The main features in these latest Star Citizen patch notes can be seen below and full patch notes are available here which includes the latest fixes and changes.

Star Citizen 3.1.0 alpha New Features

Character Customizer

    • With this feature, players can adjust aspects of their character’s physical appearance, such as face shape, eye color, hair style, and skin tone.

Logout Improvements

    • Players can now safely logout from major stations like Levski, Grim HEX, and Port Olisar. This will persist between sessions for when players log back into the game.

Pirate Hunter

    • Player will now earn virtue reputation for killing NPC pirates.

Interdiction and Quantum Jamming

    • AI pilots can now carry Quantum Jammers aboard their ships. These devices produce a field which stop Quantum Drives from being able to function. Players who are interdicted will now first have to destroy ships carrying Jammers before they can Quantum Travel away to safety.

Service Beacons

    • Service Beacons have been introduced to the PU economy. Using the mobiGlas, players can create and customize “Personal Transport” or “Combat Assistance” contracts that will be made available to other players to complete for the agreed upon payment. After the contract ends, players will be able to review each others performance with a positive or negative rating.

Combat Markers

    • The old Combat Markers were replaced with new 3D versions that include target brackets, hit indication, and missile locks.

Visor Screen

    • The visor screen has had additional hit effects for shields and hull areas added to the displays for your ship and targeted ships.
    • A new MFD screen has been added allowing players to customize the view angles of the target/self visor screens.

New Ships and Vehicles

    • Tumbril Cyclone
    • Aegis Reclaimer
    • Anvil Terrapin
    • MISC Razor
    • Nox Kue

New Ship Weapons

    • PRAR Distortion Scatterguns
      • Salvation (size 4)
      • Absolution (size 5)
      • Condemnation (size 6)
    • APAR Ballistic Scattergun
      • Havoc (size 1)
      • Hellion (size 2)
      • Predator (size 3)
    • KBAR 10-Series Greatsword Ballistic Cannon (size 2)
    • AMRS Omnisky IX Laser Cannon
    • GATS Yellowjacket Ballistic Gatling (size 1)
    • CF-557 Galdereen Repeater (size 5)

Star Marine

  • KSAR Custodian Energy SMG
  • GMNI R97 Ballistic Shotgun
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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Paul B

      I’m sure the flood of live players are gonna pummel the servers and make it unplayable for most today, but still, neato ^^

    • Hvd

      keep buying those ships suckers….forever alpha……..lmao

      • James Abner

        Yet, Steam has how many EA’s that have been there for years and not a peep.
        Hypocrite much.

        • Hvd

          I dont buy lootbox games.

          • James Abner

            Early Access not EA the publisher.
            “Gamers” these days need to pick up book, and shut the console or computer off.

      • Joe Blobers

        45$ to pledge and get a starter package. Not an extra cent is required to join Star Citizen. Stop lying.

        • Hvd

          Forever alpha….lmao

          • James Abner

            Forever clueless

    • Andre Andrade

      Forget. You can only play with a computer from NASA and in the same region of the servers.
      I regret having banked this project.

      • James Abner

        Funny, Google-Fu Mastering is an inexhaustible source for gathering a plethora of pertinent solutions to many quandaries.

      • Joe Blobers

        Not really. A 4x cores CPU and GTX780 give already around 30 FPS. Those with newer GPU (not Titan but GTX 1070) get 5 to 10 extra FPS. And improving at every patch.

        Is it stable to play like a released game? No… because it is in developement.
        2018 is going to bring many new jobs and related ships: mining, salvaging, transportation, Bounty enter, base construction…

        All in 4K if you GPU allo it. Bit stil georgeous in normal HD.

        Best 45$ pledge I ever done for a game since 2 decades, by far.