Star Citizen 3.3.5 Goes Live With Its First Planet

Star Citizen 3.3.5 Goes Live With Its First Planet

The enormous and anticipated update for Star Citizen has arrived today. With update 3.3.5, players now have access to the game’s first major planet, Hurston. Along with the planet comes the city of Lorville, a landing zone with commercial and residential areas to traverse and explore.

The patch has released ahead of the upcoming free week. Starting this Friday, you can download and play Star Citizen for no money down. The week should allow you plenty of time to take in the new sights.

Naturally, a week without a ship and just riding the rails around Lorville wouldn’t be exciting. So instead, developer Cloud Imperium Games is opening up its dockyard, allowing you to try out every ship in the game. Each day will feature a different ship manufacturer, and you’ll have 24 hours to test fly a vehicle — there will be more than 80 ships available to fly.

Lorville Bar

A Room With A Brew

Of course, a new planet to explore just isn’t quite enough for the update-happy developer. With 3.3.5 comes new places to visit and explore. Four new moons are coming in the update, each with outposts. There will also be seven additional rest stops, as well as clothing and armor decked out in the Hurston style. Plus, this is the update that you finaglers will love. Players can interact with many in-game items, such as the coffee machine in their Hab at Lorville. This caused quite a raucous applause during CitizenCon, which worried me greatly.

Lorville is a large city area and as such only has one legal area for landing and port entry. Space above residential and commercial areas are protected by a no-fly zone. Players will be warned when they are entering that zone via HUD warnings, visual indicators, and increasing audio alerts. If they continue into the zone, their ship will be destroyed. The city has a bar with an interactive bartender and a personal equipment shop (Tammany and Sons) that includes an early implementation of the multi-tool. To move around the city, there is a train style transit system and signs to help guide the way.

Patch 3.3.5 is now live for Star Citizen. Starting November 23, you’ll have a week to download and play the game for free. Check the patch notes for more information. See you among the stars.

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  • Cam Woolsey

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    • Adept

      The surprising thing is that Roberts has managed to keep the plates spinning for this long.

    • samplerico

      Any improvment on performance? i’m not gonna download 50+GB only to be crashing or playing at 15FPS.

      • Joe Blobers

        OCS tech implementation allowed to double or triple pas FPS performance. And it can only improve as tuning will take place all 2019 long.

        Recommendation: if you have enough space on your SSD (SC must be installed on SSD) you can just keep it there until next free week-end and download “only 10Gb. Or move folders to a bigger HDD until you want to test again.

        • samplerico

          But how it is right now? i’ve seen videos running at less than 15fps on beast PC’s.

          • Joe Blobers

            You will see plenty of video’s… many without information about PU version, PC configuration details, whether SC is installed on HDD or SSD or if the guy deselected the default setting “max details + Vsync=Yes”.

            All can have substantial impact about final fps… last but not least, some very heavy poly sections in Lorville are still not fully optimized.

            Still the improvement between 2.0 and 3.3.6 is massive, nothing less and demonstrate CIG is pushing in the right direction. Remember, according to some “internet expert” nothing of that was possible a year ago and won’t be possible before decades 🙂

            • Adept

              There’s no way they have enough money and time left to turn this into a real game though.

              • Joe Blobers

                There is no way random guy on internet with zero knowledge on Finance and game development stop shooting false and misleading information 🙂

                CIG do have a good year of cash to cover their current team size.

                Even if funding was of zero $ in 2019 (which is not credible to say it nicely) and not counting private investors which are in for an unknown amount but told to be around +20M$ back in 2012.

                Roadmap for 2019 do show that most Kickstarter features will be delivered for SC and a specific SQ42 roadmap is expected next December.

                Ping me back same time next year please 🙂