June 19th, 2017

Star Citizen’ Executive Producer Alex Mayberry may have left CIG

Star Citizen’ Executive Producer Alex Mayberry may have left CIG

It’s been a bit of a Star Citizen day and there’s some rumblings in the staffing department at CIG.

Followers of Star Citizen’s development will remember the press release issued by RSI announcing the high profile appointment of Alex Mayberry from Blizzard back in May last year. Mayberry had spent ten years at Blizzard so it was a big decision to move to Cloud Imperium.

As of today his LinkedIn profile now lists his previous jobs as Cloud Imperium which means he ‘s changed it from being a present position. There has been no confirmation of his departure by CIG but they did post:

“Needless speculation into personnel matters at CIG are neither constructive, or fair to the people being talked about”.

Fair point. But it’s not “needless” speculation. The community is becoming increasingly concerned about recent departures from CIG which have also recently included Star Citizen’s Associate Producer Travis Day who left to join Blizzard, not to be confused with the Travis Day who already works there on Diablo 3.

If Mayberry, the Senior Producer, has indeed left, these top position departures are bound to have an impact on development. We’ll have to wait and see if CIG or Alex post about this rumoured departure and the LinkedIn status change in the days ahead following the US holiday. Perhaps they won’t say anything at all but the community has become a little restless this week so it might be a good idea to release something one way or the other.

Update: His departure has now been confirmed to PC Invasion by CIG.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Walltar

      Just one little thing… The quote you are using is from volunteer moderator and not from CIG. Star Citizen’s forum moderators (with few exceptions) are not CIG’s employees, so they do not have any info about the matter at hand.

      • Paul Younger

        Indeed they don’t and are unlikely to ever have.

    • Dre’ Reavis

      One more thing. If the FPS portion is a cluster…, then perhaps higher up heads should roll as a result. As long as there is $$$, and as long as Chris Roberts is still involved I’m not worried. At all. I’ve got tons of other fun things to play while I wait.

    • Raptor Jesus

      Fact check: The original ‘Wing Commander’ and ‘X-wing’ games shipped on three or four 1.5meg discs.

      Seriously? These people can’t make a space combat game with all the resource available to them?