July 16th, 2015

Star Citizen Arena Commander adds more players to multiplayer

Star Citizen

With the Star Citizen v12.5 patch out the door, multiplayer testing ramps up.

Today Cloud Imperium added a load of new players to the Star Citizen Arena Commander multiplayer mode test. While the team were busy sorting issues with problems such as rubber banding, the testing pool has remained a littler stagnant.

Now that many of the  networking issues have been addressed in the v12.5 update, more backers can join the space battles. This test is what they call the pre-alpha version so there are still going be bugs until they sign-off on v1.0 for Arena Commander.

New testers will have received an invite in their email and to get started flip on the helmet in the hangar, head to your ship and select the multiplayer Spectrum mode when the screen comes up. It’s then a matter of joining the queue and waiting for the action to start.

There’s two arenas, Broken moon and Dying Star, which you will have seen already when fighting the computer, only this time it’s a lot more challenging.

If you’ve been waiting for multiplayer to activate in your game then check your email now and look for the invite which also includes further information on how to provide feedback.

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