July 16th, 2015

Star Citizen Arena Commander now open to all backers

Star Citizen

The Arena Commander current 12.5 patch work is done and the multiplayer floodgates have opened to all backers of Star Citizen.

A couple of days ago an extra 50,000 players were added and it looks like Cloud Imperium are happy with the results and decided to open the multiplayer test to all backers.

Now that everyone can play, the development team are looking add new features to complete Arena Commander including keybindings, scoreboards and additional ships. The next few weeks will also see game balance being tweaked based on player feedback.

If you’re new to Arena Commander then check out these tips which have been put together to help the newcomers.

  • Avoid flying slowly or sitting still. Especially after spawning into the middle of a chaotic fire fight.
  • Use boost as much as possible (left shift). The higher speed makes you a more difficult target to follow and fire on effectively.
  • Incorporate barrel rolls into your evasive maneuvers. Rolling and boosting can be very effective in helping to avoid enemy fire.
  • Avoid fixating on a single target. Continue changing targets and flying evasively to maintain situational awareness and find the more vulnerable enemies.
  • Avoid engaging another player head on. This is a sure way to get killed.
  • If you must engage a target head on, switching to decoupled mode (capslock) and strafing can help to avoid a last second collision.
  • Experiment with Comstab mode on and off (ctrl + capslock twice). Having it on will help minimize sliding while turning but having it off can help you become a harder target to hit.
  • With g-force safety toggled off (ctr+capslock) you can perform more aggressive maneuvers but be careful because the additional g-forces can cause you to black out.
  • If you have additional weapons at your disposal, experiment with alternate loadouts via the holo-table.
  • Missile damage is absorbed by shields. For maximum damage, weaken your enemies’ shields by using standard weapons before firing missiles.
  • Try getting almost on top of your target before releasing a missile, in order to reduce the amount of time that your opponent has to react.

This launch has not been without problems however, there has been connectivity issues to the servers which the server team are currently investigating.

If you see IncGamers flying around, be kind to us!

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