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It may be the weekend but Cloud Imperium has pumped out a new patch for Star Citizen Arena Commander.

Arena Commander is still not complete but this patch does bring the 325a into action. There are a few issues to be fixed as this evening’s patch update notes highlight and hopefully this list will keep getting shorter. It will be finished one day I’m sure so as long as those patch number keep increasing players will be happy. Perhaps if we keep throwing money at the game it will be developed faster.

    • 325a is now flyable
    • K&W Mass Driver Cannon Damage Increased
    • Fixed animations issues with entering beds in Cutlass Red
    • Various Crash Fixes
    • Fixed 325a interior ship decals
    • HUD icons can appear in 3rd person in Vanduul Swarm
    • Mustang Omega ship animations not working
    • 300i and variants do not display their damage states on the HUD
    • 300i, 325a and 350r don’t appear to update when you interact with their weapons on the holotable. You can force the holotable to update by cycling to a different holotable screen and then cycle back to the previous screen.
    • 325a has no thruster trail/animations
    • 325a image on website is different than what appears in game


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