Star Citizen backer claims huge $45,000 refund

Star Citizen backer claims huge $45,000 refund

This must be a new record surely for a Star Citizen refund? A backer who has been attempting to get a refund on three $15,000 completionist packages has finally been successful after five weeks of back and forth emails with CIG.

So why now? Well, following Gamescom some backers have not been satisfied with the progress of Star Citizen’s development. Some backers have completely bought into the concept which is not surprising because on paper it sounds brilliant. In reality, thingsΒ are moving a little slower than some might have expected when the game was announced back in 2012.

The backer going by the name of Mogmentum posted the following note on Reddit supply proof that this $45K is legitimate.

There was lots of arguing within our guild, but in the end the whales who had contributed the most had the final say, and we refunded our three completionist packages, originally purchased at $15k each, so $45k total refund. We sidelined many other great games and commercial opportunities waiting for Star Citizen, but in the end we can’t wait any longer, and a new generation is joining also who have absolutely no interest. The final straw was evidence presented the committee of Chris Roberts blatantly lying, we don’t mind the delays but couldn’t handle the lies anymore, and it left us wondering what else he is knowingly lying about.

It was a nightmare getting the refund, we are a commercial org and pooled the money to buy the completionist packages, and used a corporate card to buy them, so we had major issues with getting refunded to the same card, paypal and then providing ID. Total it took about 5 weeks to get sorted. A lot of time was spent trying to explain the situation to some woman called “Schala” and just getting the same answers copied and pasted backwards and forwards, they definitely try to delay you as much as possible in the hope you’ll forget or give up.

I prefer to remain anonymous as the guild can easily be linked back to my personal identity, and we all know how insane and potentially dangerous the few remaining Star Citizen believers can be. I’ll put some juicy screenshots below however.

Thanks for all your help here guys, we couldn’t have done it without the support and guidance of this subreddit.

There was some scepticism about the legitimacy of the claim but the backer has attempted to provideΒ further proof with a video.

It’s a real shame to see backers pull out but it’s understandable when you are talking about sums of money this large. After five years of development, that $15K is a lot that could be spent on something else. If more large backers follow it could cause a few problems for CIG.

Thanks IXIVI.

Update: Since posting, Ars managed to get a comment from CIG’s PR regarding this claim and they say that “a lot of the information was fabricated” and “the account in question was issued an individual refund of $330, not the $45,000 claimed”. They also add that the refund was supplied “in a timely fashion” with “no extended debate over whether we should.”

False claims of refunds do not do the community any favours and certainly don’t help when people are genuinely trying to get refunds from CIG. Refund discussion is not going to go away as long as the game is still in development though and so we expect more of these to crop up from time to time.

We have reached out to the person who made the claim to find out more.


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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Fritzt79

      Wow, 45,000$ is a lot of money to support a overfunded crowdfunded project that lives off lies and dreams, and scammy marketing, with barely anything resembling the game promised. Pre-Alpha five years into development. What a waste.

      Good for them for taking their money out at least.

      • Tinus

        You’re seeing it al wrong. As Joe Blober soon wil come to tell you here. I’m actually surprised he didn’t have the first comment…

        • LightsOut

          Joe is going to be busy as shit today. This story is starting to pop up all over the internet.

      • Joe Blobers

        That is nice to see thie little hater commando liking each others…. to end up (what a surporise) as a puref ake as much of others “Breaking news” πŸ™‚

        Good for Readers to do see this real and proven little group of haters behavior in live action πŸ™‚

    • Palonto

      Yeah.. couple of things don’t add up. See with 45.000 dollar in, you will get Concierge support, and not the normal kind. Plus they don’t use automated refunds. Oh… and the stuff shown is easily faked, like this: and this

      The video could easily be faked with grease monkey Script.

      Now, I don’t say I am 100% sure it’s fake, but I know Derek Smart and his cult following are crazy enough to do it. Derek already proved he will swallow ANYTHING bad someone says about CIG. (remember Steve? The German backer who fooled him? no? let me refresh

      So, I am not convinced.

      • Wh0_Is_J0hn_Galt

        The story matches up to every other refund we’ve seen and had confirmed by Chris Roberts (who sometimes comments on individual cases), including Concierge status ones.

        • Palonto

          Yeah.. nice try

        • waswat

          turns out it was only 330 dollars, not the 45,000 bullshit.

      • Joe Blobers

        Nice ones πŸ™‚ Troll are really desperate and they are shooting their last bullet.

        Before long we will have the Clown coming to give like to his little troop and saying “I told you!”… πŸ™‚

    • Joe Blobers

      This subreddit section is out of any control like Escapist was by providing “proof” of ex-employees ID that was proven fake. Even better This the nest of all guys rushing every SC article to shoot refund. Astormapproachs is one of this subreddit active member. just to say that everyhting they can do to hurt SC COmunnity will be done…

      They is already proven fake Jpge of 16K (a couple weeks ago). OP on
      Reddit call moron people saying it is fake and provide a ten seconds
      video refreshing a screen…
      This can be faked with some relatively
      medium video podcast skill and video editing tools. He could have also
      simulated the White House garden with alien walking on the grass.

      Here is another “Org proof jpges” of 108K$ refund. Totally false of course.

      Trolls are desperate for visibility with major patch upcoming in October.

      Another “drama”.. another flop. But for now, I am the one with the biggest refund with 108K$ πŸ™‚

      • LightsOut

        Ah yes, you and your delusional deflection and straw man bullshit.

        • Tinus

          Joe is busy packing for his trip to the sun. See, Chris told him he could fly there if he just went by night…

          • Shear

            Joe’s google translate probably cant keep up with him at the moment :DDD

    • SheaSnake

      Another fake Jpges with a nice touch: a fake video.

      Next time that will be much harder, they will have to make a fake video with CR signing a check. Challenge accepted?

    • Shear

      This is bad, it’s starting to pop up everywhere :DDDDD

      • Joe Blobers

        You pop-up before your Master? Is he late or what? πŸ™‚

        See you soon on our usual site for another 300 comments thread.

        • Shear


          • Joe Blobers

            For sure we got a nice title tonight or tomorrow at worst… πŸ™‚

            • Shear

              Uuuuh so much salt.

              • Joe Blobers

                so much true.

              • Shear

                One might call it, salt mines! πŸ˜€ Also ED just launched a bad ass trailer on their stream right now. The game is shitting all over this peace of shit!! :DDDDDD

              • Joe Blobers

                Real question everybody on planet is asking for is: “Can we beat 384 comments of last title?”… πŸ™‚
                This is good that week-end arrive soon. With a bit of chance, Burndown will show the same number of bugs or even just one more, which will be good enough to fuel the all “this is the end I told you!” cry of the Clown πŸ™‚

              • Shear


              • Joe Blobers

                Cool for ED… I am an early backer of ED with free life update so this is a good news. More space games, more choice for everyone

                Oh by the way… Confirmed fake refund, as planned… no surprise, the Clown failed… again πŸ™‚
                And you are definitively unmasked.

                You created this Disqus account to participate to a blood bath with your trolls buddies and you are the one in the bath… keep following the Clown, you can be sure he will bring you precisely where he left everybody following him since 2 decades: a No mans land with nothing but deep regret πŸ™‚

          • Joe Blobers

            So salty… that what fake left in mouth. No news from the Clown on our preferred site? I wonder why? Writing another blog about conspiracy or what did not happened is a proof it is going to happen… 90 days top!
            Seriously, quit the clown trail.. he never left anything than disaster in his patch…

    • AStormApproaches

      As this article reminds us, refunds are still available for Star Citizen, but the recent description of 3.0 as “early access” by Chris suggests that this may not be the case for much longer. Consider getting a refund now, while you still can.

      • Joe Blobers

        AHH at least πŸ™‚ Nice fake AStormApproache.
        I recognize that a fake video is a plus in term of “credibility”, knowing that web site are happy with anything as long as they can said “I saw a proof or someone saw it”… like TheEscapist and fake CIG employees ID’s πŸ™‚

        Go go man. 3.0 is coming! πŸ™‚

        • Yonas

          AStormApproaches even said in the sub that he “independently” confirmed it. I think he doesn’t know what “independence” is.

          • Joe Blobers


      • Yonas

        That they are offering refunds even after the 14day period shows how honest and genuine CIG is.

        • Tinus

          Under EU consumerlaw, they must continue refunding until the final product as sold has been delivered. Not that that matters because they will have gone bust long before that.

          • Joe Blobers

            EU and North America will have been invaded by North Corea before it happen πŸ™‚

        • Shear

          They have to give refunds as per their own ToS which is a contract they are in breach of it, due to the game not being out way past the launch window even the grace period that’s included. They have no other option but to give refunds.

          • Yonas

            Exactly. You should read the ToS.

            “Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Terms of Service, you
            may cancel your Pledge for any reason within 14 days of the date on
            which you made your Pledge if your Pledge is for Virtual Goods (as
            defined in Section XI below) (β€œCancellation Period”).”

            • Joe Blobers

              Shear is an alt used on another site since months. He pretend he is a genuine none backer with no intention to harm anyone since the first day he post his first comment….

              Indeed he is using sneaky tactics, never using gross DS wording like Scam but rather copy/past his headlines, gross difamation and lies includedby changing words but keeping sentence original meaning..

              That is one of the tactic used by trolls… Direct attack like vaporware, con are way too hard to swallow by now so they use indirect attack… but at the end the message is the same: collapse + scam 90 days top!

              With upcoming 3.0 and remaining 4 patch they will continue to use different form of attack, including Fanboys Parody, trying to represent SC backers as idiots (I sold my life insurance to buy a completionist) or disrespectful toward others players (if you are not a backer you are nobody, backers are clever, you are a moron)…. If they can use a new way to hurt this project they will try, 100% guarantee πŸ™‚

              At the end… this is entertaining while we wait for next patch πŸ™‚

        • AStormApproaches

          CIG tried denying refunds but backed off after being contacted by the LA Attorney General. Google “streetroller refund” for more about that. It’s not something they’re doing out of the kindness of their hearts.

          • Yonas

            I am curious. Why did you lie to all of us. You said you confirmed it but now a couple of hours later we have the information that it is fake. Tells us a lot about your cult and the integrity of the sub’s moderators. πŸ˜‰ Cheers.

          • Joe Blobers

            You get catched with the hand in the honey pot AStormApproaches… unless it is DS’s butt? πŸ™‚

            Even troll need a minimum of credibility πŸ˜€

        • Joe Blobers

          Yonas… look carrefully to the “DS Refund Gang”,: The boss, AStormApproaches, followed by Shear and Tinus. Each one copying/pasting religiously their mantra: LA Attorney + Tos + EU law.

          Rince and repeat. Because on some site then can do it endlessly, on other they are banned (or their alts).
          Pretty entertaining to compare Backers building something and DS and minion trying to destroy it.. 2018 is going to be great πŸ™‚

          • Shear


      • Joe Blobers

        And you are the one who validated this joke by saying the refund was valid based on proof πŸ™‚ You are a troll of the worst level. Caught ocherstrating an hoax. DS and you can delete comments you did in this very section… there are archived πŸ™‚
        You can’t stop +600.000 individual who are earger to get this project with their pledgs, growing every single day….Astorm you are pathetic πŸ™‚

    • Kuro12
    • blackdreamhunk

      he is just doing it to get attention or it is fake. 3.0 will live soon

    • Cometer

      It is understandable. There has been many delays and more people are bound to request refunds.
      But lets not foul people. This is a crowdfunded project that people willingly decided to support despite the risks.
      Legally, unless RSI uses the money for other purposes other then funding the game development, backers have no case. They are doing what supporters wanted. They are just taking way too long.

      What we have here is CIG using good will to try to avoid the issue from escalating.
      But let’s be clear. If there ever is a major refund rush that puts the game development and the company at risk, CIG will be forced to deny any refunds and eventually this would go to court.

      And in this scenario people asking for a refund lose.
      Why? Because the scenario is no different than any other investor/stakeholder situation.

      This is a company funded with crowdfunded money with 300+ employees,
      Investors took the risk. So a judge will never side with the investors and basically provoke the bankruptcy of a company with 300+ employees, multiple partners and providers.

      Let’s face it. CIG has not retracted in their promises. In fact it has committed to do more with stretch features like procedural generated planets coming online earlier then expected, fully built landing zones and so on.

      The only issue is that the game is taking an awful long amount of time to create. And with it, there is mounting pressure to deliver. Much like a publisher would pressure a developer to deliver.
      The game premise and what they have shown doesn’t look less impressive now then it did 5 years ago.
      Just look around in the market. How many AAA space sims you see out there?

      This pressure is healthy and must continue in my opinion. And CIG better start delivering more then demos as backers didn’t back for an eternally in development early access game. They backed for a finished Space sim game.

      By the way, CIG; where the hell is the linear adventure Squadron 42?

      • Dragon75

        You are using terms such as “too long” and “Awfully” long to describe the time it takes to develop this game.
        Statements like that are usually based on personal opinion rather than actual facts, and tend to overlook some important facts.

        First of all most AAA games takes on average 5-7 years to develop, and thats with an established studio that has the money and manpower to start full scale production on day 1.
        CIG didnt have that luxury, they had a dozen people when the kickstarter ended, and had to spend a good deal of time to build up the company, hire people and find locales to set up in, time which an already established studio could spend on developing the game.

        By comparison Elder Scrolls online took 8 years to develop, and was of a much smaller scope than SC are.
        That game also had little to no innovation, but was using a tried and tested formula for developing the game in a genre(fantasy MMO) that was already saturated with similar games.

        I understand that it may feel like they are taking a long time, but people should keep in mind that normally what we see here happens behind closed doors and we hear nothing until a few months from
        commercial release, so it feels like its taken no time at all.
        Where as with SC we are seeing everything that normally happens behind closed doors, from concept to finished product.
        It would be like sitting and watching the clock for an hour vs doing something that took your mind off the time, that hour would feel very long when looking at the clock all the time while feel like nothing if you did something that took your mind off the time.

        I’m not saying this to hit on you or anything because you have some very good points, I’m just mentioning some things that I think you may have overlooked.

        • Cometer

          I agree with everything you state. But still, 5 years have passed. And the problem here is not that people don’t think this is a complex game to make. Or that it takes time to build it.
          The problem is that 5 years later the game hasn’t even reached beta stage. There is no sign of SQ42 even though their revised launch date was set to 2016. The entire year we had no news on SQ42.
          If you know about AAA game development, you know that games usually reach beta stage about a year or so before release. Meaning that the game is feature complete.
          Usually the final year of a game development is focused on bug fixing and polish. It’s a long tedious process that is required to ensure a good quality release.

          Sure we can give examples like Elder Scrolls Online that took 8 years to develop. But that is not the norm. That is the exception.
          Still, even if SC takes 8 years to develop, that is double the time they initially expected to be able to deliver a game.

          You and me may be willing to wait as long as it takes. But backers are in their right to pressure CIG for more results by this time.

          CIG must be aware that backers don’t want a forever in early access game. They want a feature complete polished game.

          • Dragon75

            I see you like others keep referring to how its taken 5 years and how its still not released or in a beta stage.
            It quite frankly makes me wonder what the hell people are expecting CIG to do, and if they even understand what they are talking about.
            I’m not saying you dont understand but your argument about the games current state and its development time does make me wonder.

            I’m well aware how games reach a beta stage up to a year before its released, but I frankly dont see how that is relevant since we dont know how long they have left of development and how the game is still not feature complete either.

            My comparison to ESO was to show that if a single game thats far less complex and of a much smaller scale can take 8 years(even if its the exception), what makes people think or expect that CIG can somehow make 2(two) games as big and complex as SC and SQ42(far bigger and more complex than ESO) and get them to a beta stage, much less a release state in 5 years or less?

            Pressuring CIG for more results is all well and good, but the constant nag, nag, nag and pressure to show more results now, now, now is not going to make things happen any faster.
            The sooner people realize that the better for everyone.

            As for the initial expected release time, that was for a game of a far smaller scale and complexity and before anyone knew the funding would explode to the degree it has.
            But they didnt just expand the scope when they got more funding, they asked the community if they should do it and an overwhelming majority(80%) agreed that they should do it.
            If you think6 the negativity surrounding the game is bad now, imagine how bad it would be if they had just made the smaller game and pocketed the rest of the money.

            I understand that people want a feature complete and polished game, not an forever in early access game as you say.
            But people should also understand that what they are asking for will take more time than your regular rehashed game.

            The biggest problem here is not the time it takes, its that people want a game thats both polished and done fast.
            But you cant have that, you either get it fast or you get it polished because they are both mutually exclusive.

            • Cometer

              Look. I agree with you. I don’t mind waiting. I’ve been in your position trying to argue that complex games like this take time. Just check past comments I’ve made on Star Citizen and you’ll see that I share a similar opinion with you.
              But I can also relate with people that expect a bit more progress after 5 years. Not because I want a rushed game. But because CIG themselves committed to it even after the big explosion of funding. It’s in the SQ42 trailer itself :

              There are valid arguments both sides. Yes this is a complex game that requires more time to develop. But let’s not forget. They have failed to deliver on their target schedules.
              The game may take 1, 2 or whatever more years to be finished.
              If the game is fun in the end the drama will be forgotten and people will just enjoy it.

              But look. As backers people have every right to pressure and demand results.
              I leave you something to think about. CIG was supposed to show us a polished SQ42 demo end of last year but they couldn’t make it. They claimed to multiple reporters and the community that they were well ahead in development.
              So I ask you. What evidence do we have of SQ42 development? You said it yourself. You are aware that most games get into beta up to a year before release.
              So how could CIG provide a 2016 tentative date for the release of SQ 42 back in 2015 and have nothing to show by the end of 2017?

              That’s what the pressure is all about.
              To end my comment. I’m willing to wait 1, 2 or more years. But if there are few results how can we not complain?

              • Dragon75

                First I would like to say that I find the conversation we have had here refreshing.
                To be able to discuss things in a civilized and respectful manner even if we may not agree on some things, its too rare to have such conversations.

                Now to the topic at hand.
                I would like to point out that technically its not 5 full years of development as a lot of people seem to think or try to argue, at best I would put it at 3-3.5 years as much of the first 1.5-2 years went into building the company from scratch which took resources away from actual development which would slow things down in the beginning.
                So I would argue that saying 5 years of development is inaccurate.

                Whet it comes to SQ42 development I cannot explain why there is no information by now, last I heard there were some bugs that needed to be sorted.
                I’m sure you are aware that they dont want to reveal too much to avoid spoilers, however I do agree that in this case questions should be asked and answers given, at the very least about their progress, the silence will just hurt them in the long run.

              • Joe Blobers

                Hsut to support the conversation you have with Dragon75 about game developement. We can say that beside concept trailer made for Kickstarter purposes, development started really after Kickstarter by creating studios anf hiring people… and hiring more based on Backers Strech Goals approval and growing financial ressources.

                Some like to compare 5 years of EA or Ubisoft witrh Billions$, thousands of developers, uptodate game engine, administrative and network strucutre… versus CIG with below numbers starting close from scratch, which obviously as explained by Dragon75, do have a serious impact:

                – Employees count:
                Nov. 2012 end of Kickstarter: Chris Roberts and around 10 people
                2013: 48 (Austin: 34 – LA: 14)
                2014: 161 (Austin: 55 – LA: 38 – Manchester: 68)
                2015: 258 (Austin: 57 – LA: 41 – Manchester: 132 – Frankfurt: 28)
                2016: 363 (Austin: 54 – LA: 64 – Manchester: 191 – Frankfurt: 54)
                2017: 428 (April)

                – Pledges chart:
                Nov. 2012 end of Kickstarter: goal was 2M$. They got 6M$…
                2012: 7M$
                2013: 35M$
                2014: 68M$
                2015: 104M$
                2016: 140M$
                2017: 155M$ (July)

              • Cometer

                Completely agree with you both. I think people must not under evaluate the fact that CIG decided to be ambitious instead of building a more generic space sim.
                So yes. The game takes more time to develop. Finding the right people is hard and takes time.

                And sure the game is long from being finished. But even at its current state it shows a potential that is unseen in any other game of this sort.
                For instance, no other game in the market can do what CIG demonstrated in the video “From Pupil to Planet” . That is groundbreaking stuff.

                I also think that much of the toxic criticism towards CIG comes from people that seriously would like to see the most successful crowdfunded project fail for no other reason than the fact that they don’t comprehend how could CIG have raised so much money to build a game.

                Regarding this article news, I can’t understand why some guy could drop so low, faking his refund just to try and discredit a company like this.
                It doesn’t matter if it’s Star Citizen or whatever. It is simply wrong and it’s a disservice towards all of us that enjoy this type of entertainment.
                It’s turning gaming into reality TV.

                I for once want them to succeed.
                I don’t care if it takes a few more years.
                Talking with you guys I think we can all agree that CIG has done a tremendous good job getting talent on board. Pushing the envelop with features that we have not seen in any other game before.
                But we can also agree that despite any justification any of us or CIG can provide for delays, the fact still is that CIG has missed almost every single milestone or release schedule they shared with the backers.

                To sum up what we’ve been talking about.
                1 – Definitively there are “passionate” people that turned Star Citizen into a betting game. Will it succeed or will it fail?
                This is completely fueled by pure speculation and gets nowhere.
                Have we now gotten to a point where we are waiting for posts on Star Citizen refunds?
                2 – The sky is not falling. CIG is taking more time then some expected to build the game but they are building it. And there are valid reasons why it’s taking more time then expected. It’s an ambitious game after all.
                3 – Backers have the right to ask questions. To pressure CIG for more information.
                And if someone has had enough and wants a refund it is up to them to go ahead and request it. Perhaps they get it or not. It’s not anyone problem.

                I think if you really enjoy games more then drama πŸ™‚ all of us want CIG to succeed. It will be pretty awesome if they build a great space sim since there hasn’t been a AAA one for decades.
                But let’s be honest. We’re not looking for 15 years development time like Duke Kukem Forever.

    • Ken

      This is why you should never trust anything coming out of the anti-Star Citizen hate squad. They spend every waking hour attacking the devs, the game, and the backers with lies.

    • vander

      It is good to see PC Gamer and Ars Technica cares about their readers and corrected the topic and article afterwards although it is unfortunate they made a “news” in the first place. The state of game “journalism” …

      • Kuro12

        Yeah every damn gaming website is full of this clickbait, recently completely blocked Eurogamer that barely feels like a gaming website and more like a trasheap, collecting garbage from all around the web.
        Now this site.. one SC article after another, with a handfull of people circlejerking in the comments section..sigh.
        Its still nowhere near the level of EG but its getting worrysome.

        • Dragon75

          Could not agree more, and if we could just close down the ringleader i think much of the circlejerking in the comments would stop, because it seems to me thats the primary source for all this.

          • Kuro12

            He will just make a new account and continue.
            What needs to be done is to stop spamming SC articles for every little thing and do some actual journalism.
            Good journalism requires detective work sometimes, most of the articles about SC are of sensational nature.

            • Dragon75

              I fully agree with what you are saying here, it Should be in the journalists and the site itself to present the truth.
              Unfortunately sites like PCG here thrives on sensationalism, its what they make money off and money is what rules the world, so getting them to stop with it is going to be very difficult at best.

              What I meant with closing down the ringleader was to find a means of preventing the person from spreading his FUD in the first place.
              Instead of treating the symptoms(Example: Countering the lies with facts), go to the root of the problem to solve it(Example: Prevent access to the Internet or computers).
              Unfortunately that is unlikely to be possible to do with any ease, if at all.

    • Joe Blobers

      Because I the same answer twice on two different articles using Disquq (not to spam but same question/remark call same answer)… this comment was on hold since yesterday. Original can be deleted as I repsot it now, just to demonstrate that what I betray as been demonstrated correct (as many of my post by the way):

      This subreddit section is out of any control like Escapist was by providing “proof” of ex-employees ID that was proven fake. Even better This the nest of all guys rushing every SC article to shoot refund. Astormapproachs is one of this subreddit active member. just to say that everyhting they can do to hurt SC Comunnity will be done…

      They is already proven fake Jpge of $16.000 (few weeks ago). OP on Reddit call moron people saying it is fake and provide a few seconds video refreshing a screen on what his supposed to be a 45K refund…

      This can be faked with some relatively medium video podcast skill and video editing tools. He could have also simulated the White House garden with alien walking on the grass.

      Here is another “Org proof jpges” of +108K$ refund. Totally false of course.

      Trolls are desperate for visibility with major patch upcoming in October.

      Another “drama”.. another flop. But for now, I am the one with the biggest refund with 108K$ πŸ™‚

    • Dragon75

      After reading he update to the article, I would like to offer some advice to @Paul Younger, the author, and hope he will take it to heart.

      Next time a story like this comes around, fact check it before you post the story, in fact do it with every story you post.
      Contact the company and make sure its true before you run the story, because it would benefit you as much as anyone else, as you would gain more credibility and trust from your readers if you do.

      There have been a lot of these refund stories in the past and as you say yourself they will not end as long as the game is in development.
      Unfortunately many of these refund stories has been proven to be false in the past, and if what II have read from other commenter is to be believed(I cannot confirm if it is true or not), it seems there are certain individuals who are actively faking these stories specifically to hurt the company and its development with a certain unnameable individual being the ringleader.

      • Paul Younger

        We do but are not always furnished with a response. We also reached out the claimant for an explanation. However, We did not want to remove the story as it’s important for folk to see what’s going on. Some publications pulled the story but we think it;s better people see the refund situation for what it is.

    • Joe Blobers

      Don’t be misleaded by these guy wording. It can looks simple in this section but on others sites, it is much more elaborate.
      SC is a target for very small group who aggregate or not based on different objectives. The group from which came that fake refund story (not the first time but nobody was caring anymore also they have to make the story bigger) are made of people who plan in advance their attack.

      Some are in charge of infiltrating so called fanboy group or simply staking web game section comments for two main purposes, based on strictness of moderation rules:

      – no or lazy strict rules appliance: full troll gear. Spam refund/collapse/scam/con/lies several times per article, each member liking or approving each other’s. Of course that could be also sockpuppet account (1 guy=multiple alts)

      – Strict rules: insert sneaky troll who never attack frontally. They are the average web user, discovering SC… Why discovering? because that allow to ask “genuine” question like: “I do not know this DS you are talking about but don’t you think we need a counter point of view?” or like Shear, copy/paste DS’s headlines (including diffamation and hoax) by keeping the original meaning of the sentence but changing the wording. Unless you do not know DS headlines, you can’t match that his “genuine” question is a copy/paste… πŸ™‚

      Personally, I find that very entertaining. In business environment, you cross a lot of different profile path but I discovered with SC the “dark side” of comments section in which I rarely participate years before.

      You have the casual troll (low level), the guy banned years ago for harassing CIG team, those who have zero clue about game development/finance/management but know everything (the “expert of the Void”) and those like Astormapproach with a strategy of destruction… because it is fun.
      Exactly like the recent drama with EVE past week. (the Judge and CO2 alliance with 5000 real players trapped…).

      The game is Not SC, it is performing actions that make them proud of themselves.

      And DS is fueling and encouraging all of them because it is matching his agenda against SC Community to hurt CR. They both support each others because they have the same goal but not for the same reasons.

      That’s why I made this blog to avoid repeating endlessly the same post.

    • Freeman4096

      everybody stupid enough to pay at Kickstarter deserves his/her money burned.

      • Joe Blobers

        That was a fake refund like they do every day in their subreddit, differrence this time is the total amount. Kickstarter allowed to make 10.000’s of project a reality. Without them those project won’t have be done.

        • Freeman4096

          9.980 of garbage projects btw and about 20 worthy onces. Good Stuff xD

    • Commissar7

      Can’t you just change the title of the article, now that it has been proved to be a crappy lie?

      • Commissar7

        Because really, I chose to read PCInvasion as my main source of information concerning video games.
        I liked the personal approach, and the fact that we were talking of video games here, and only of video games.

        However, it has been some time now that PCI started to talk about Star Citizen. I did not mind the cautious and doubtful tone at first, in fact it was nice to have another thougtful opinion.
        But the last articles have oscillated between mindless bashing and grotesque lies.

        I would advise you to change that, if you don’t want to find yourself with only ragers and trolls remaining.