Star Citizen breaks the $65 million – Pets confirmed

Star Citizen

Another million is raised in only a matter of days so pets are definitely going into space.

Either pets are a really popular idea or the ship sales have continued to boost the Star Citizen funding effort over the US holidays. I think it’s safe to say it’s the ship sales, not even backers could be that excited about pets in space.

So what is the $65 million goal which has already been reached? We actually have no idea and the only thing we have to go in is the comments made in the last funding update regarding modular ships.

“For those looking ahead to $65 million, we have a major feature we’re investigating as an option. Suffice it to say, we’ve heard a lot of your feedback about modular ships and we want to expand our plan for how to do them… so check back next letter for more information!”

As all the messing about with holidays is finally coming to an end in the US, we might see an update appear today so keep an eye on the Star Citizen site if you’re following the game. Chris Roberts will likely make an appearance with another letter to the community but he must be fed up writing the funding updates and telling the community how wonderful they are every few days.

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