Star Citizen

Let’s now take a look back at all the key updates to illustrate what exactly has been happening with the game’s development. Seeing it listed like this may alleviate or raise concerns, depending on your point of view. The timeline runs in descending order, from recent events to the initial pitch back in October 2012.

Update: By the end of 2016 it became apparent that Star Citizen was not going to reach any of its development targets so we decided to halt the timeline updates. Should it look like Star Citizen is getting back on track we’ll look at resuming the updates once again and bring it up to speed.



15th – Free Fly week announced giving access to Star Citizen Alpha 2.3.1, Arena Commander and Social Module

9th – Video of EVA (Extra Vehicle Activty) transitions


18th – Behind the scenes of Squadron 42 with Andy Serkis

14th  – $110 million reached. 1.3 million investers

12th – Try Star Citizen alpha v2.2.2 for free

4th – Star Citizen Alpha 2.2 released


23rd – Star Citizen 2.2.0 now live on the PTU

11th – Star Citizen – Can we keep the faith? [PC Invasion Article]

9th – Star Citizen Squadron 42 “split package” explained – Free Fly extended


30th – Star Citizen 2.1.2 patch released – Play free for the next week

26th – Star Citizen’s Star Marine is still coming when FPS is more complete

21st – Star Citizen video has Gillian Anderson discussing mo-cap sessions

19th – Johnny Depp rumoured for Star Citizen (Updated)



24th – Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts, “2.0 shows the naysayers it can be done!”

24th – Star Citizen 2.1.0 now on PTU for everyone

18th – Watch Chris Roberts attempting to play Star Citizen live. It’s priceless

17th – Star Citizen trailer shows procedurally generated planet system

12th – Star Citizen reaches $100 million

7th – Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 finally releases


20th – Mark Hamill character revealed in Star Citizen

7th – Star Citizen video shows revamped ship UI


23rd – Star Citizen Alpha 1.3 released with fixes and more added to Area 18

12th1 Million PC gamers have now backed Star Citizen.

11th – Star Citizen Squadron 42 stellar cast revealed and stacks of new videos

5th – CIG threaten legal action over “slanderous” Star Citizen article


25th – Star Citizen loses at least six more staff to departures and firings

4th – RSI respond to Derek Smart’s Star Citizen demands

3rd –  RSI respond to Derek Smart’s demand letter.


28thStar Citizen Alpha 1.2 released with Social Module

24th – Derek Smart issues legal ‘demand letter’ to Star Citizen devs

18thIllfonic no longer working on Star Marine, development brought in-house.

7thGamescom multi-crew and FPS module demonstration.


21st – Chris Roberts massive statement on the state of the game.

18th – Arena Commander patch V1.15 released.

17th – Derek Smart puts up $1million for forensic accountant to look over CIG’s books.

14th – CIG refunds Derek Smart’s pledge money.

14th$85 million. Nothing unlocked.

11th – Progress report on Star Marine (FPS) module.

9th – Statement from CIG’s Ben Lesnick, addressing departures and progress.

6thFrankfurt officially opens with 21 staff to work on the CryEngine technology.

5th  – Senior Producer, Alex Mayberry leaves. Travis Day has also left to join Blizzard.


30thFPS module (Star Marine) stalled.


26th – 48GB of data leaked.

10thFPS details released.


12th – Arena Commander patch V 1.1.1 released. Turrets added.


15thFree play for Arena Commander to coincide with PAX and SXSW.


20th – Arena Commander patch V 1.0.3 released.

7th – Arena Commander patch V1.0.2 released.


24th$70 million. Nothing unlocked.

21st – Release timeline revealed

20thVAT to be applied to purchase of digital items in UK.

8th$69 million. Nothing unlocked.

2nd – Chris Roberts interview “can’t imagine us flopping“.



20th – Arena Commander patch V1.0 released. New PDF manual. 14 new flyable ships. New ship components. Public Test Universe. HUD added.

11th – Arena Commander patch V0.9.2.2 released. Gladiator ship added.

6th$66 million. Nothing unlocked.

1st $65 million. Enhanced Ship Modularity unlocked.

1st $64 million. Pets unlocked.


27th$63 million. MISC Reliant unlocked.

22nd – $62 million. Genesis-class Starliner unlocked.

15th – Arena Commander patch V0.9.21 released. 315p added. Liquor cabinet flare item added.

9th$61 million.  Espera Prowler boarding shipped unlocked.

7th$60 million. Aegis Bulldog-class Twin-Engine Deep Space Fighter unlocked.

1stFPS module revealed at PAX Australia.


31st – Arena Commander patch V 0.9.2 released. Includes control improvements.

29th – $59 million. Anvil Aerospace Crucible unlocked.

24th – FPS (Star Marine) Q&A.

17th – Arena Commander patch V released. The 325a now flyable.

13th$58 million. 10,000 UEC (in-game currency) credited to each backer.

11th – All five Arena Commander ships available to all backers for free for a week.

4th – Arena Commander patch V released.

1st$55 million. Ballistic Gatling unlocked.


30th – Arena Commander patch V 0.9.1 released.

26th$54 million. More detailed AI activities such as Bar tender entertainer, nurse, sanitation worker, security guard, shopper, tourist, vagrant and vandal unlocked.

15th – Arena Commander patch 13.0.1 released. Matchingmaking fixes.

12th – Arena Commander patch V0.9 released. Murray cup racing mode. Vanduul Swarm Co-op, flyable M50 and 350R, friend codes, updated ship performance, hud update, new hangars, 6dof movement.

12th – M50 trailer released. Top Gear parody.

12th$53 million. Independent Arbitrator’s Guild unlocked.


31st – DragonCon 2014 attendees given free tester access for a few days.

30th – Arena Commander patch V0.9 delayed.

25th$52 million. BB-12 jet packs unlocked.

18th – $51 million. Web-based Known Universe Map unlocked.

16th$50 million. Alien languages unlocked.

15thConstellation ships revealed at Gamescom.

9thCapture the Core mode activated in Arena Commander.

9th – Free Hangar posters released.

7th – Arena Commander multiplayer opened to all backers.

5th $49 million. Xi’An Space Plant unlocked.

3rd 50,000 more players added to Arena Commander multiplayer testing.

1st – Arena Commander Patch 12.5 released.


15th$48 million. Retaliator commercial.

3rd – Arena Commander Patch 12.4 released.


26thCrytek‘s financial troubles won’t impact CIG.

24th$47 million. Engine Tuning Kit unlocked.

21stXi’An Scout ship on sale for $150.

19th – Arena Commander Patch 12.3 released. More players added to multiplayer.

18thTony Zurovec joins as Director of Persistent Universe. Formerly of Digital Anvil and Origin Systems.

13th – Arena Commander Patch V 0.8.2 released.

13th$46 million. Updated Scanning Software unlocked.

7th$45 million. Hadesian Artifact unlocked.

4thArena Commander launched. Originally planned for 29 May.


25th$44 million. Stellar Cartography unlocked.

13thAlex Mayberry moves from Blizzard to work as Executive Producer on Star Citizen.


29th$43 million. Omni Role Combat Armor unlocked.

17thAlpha slots run out. Only $5 module passes available.

16th$42 million. Updated Observist Guide. Explorer-class mobiGlas Rig, Gladius fighter and towel unlocked.

11thDogfighting module (Arena Commander) revealed at PAX Boston

1st$41 million. Procedural Generation R&D Team set up.


12thKythera third-party AI system to be utilised.

10th$40 million. Kabal System and Orentani System unlocked.


28thOculus Rift support patch for Hangar Module.

21st$39 million. Javelin class destroyer unlocked.

5th£38 million. Cano System added.


22nd$37 million. Tanga Star System unlocked.



23th$35 million. Drake Herald ship unlocked.

17thDogfighting module delayed for a couple of months.

7th$34 million. MISC Hull C (Discreet) ship unlocked.


27th$33 million. The Surveyor and The Anvil Carrack ships unlocked.

26th$31 million. RSI Orion mining platform unlocked.

25th$30 million. Origin 890 Jump unlocked.

23rd$29 million. Enhanced Mission Design for Squadron 42 added.

19th – $28 million. Mustang starter ship unlocked.

18thConfirmation no console version unless strict criteria set by RSI are met. PS4 devkit spotted on dev’s desktop.

12th$27 million. Banu Merchantman unlocked.

4rd$26 million. Enhanced Capital Ship Systems unlocked.


28th –$25 million. Enhanced Alpha with geographically wider infrastructure for early testing.

23rd – $24 million. Public Transportation System unlocked.

20th – Illum mod released by fan allowing players to fly ships.

18th – $23 million. Xi’an Scout ship unlocked.

13th – $22 million. Facial Capture System unlocked.

12th – Cloud Imperium Manchester studio opening to work on Single Player.

11 – Modding contest for fans to design a ship announced.

8 – $21 million. Salvage Mechanic unlocked.


6th$20 million. First person combat on select lawless planets.

17th$19 million.Jane’s Fighting Ships style manual. Manage Space Stations. RSI Museum will air monthly, with a new game featured each time! First female character unveiled.

18th$18 million Exclusive star system for pre-launch backers added. First hint at expanded FPS.


31st$17 million. Every pledger who backs before $17 million will receive a ship upgrade package containing an engine modifier. Battlecruiser ship class unlocked.

31stStore opens selling items for credits.

30thHanger module released.

24th$16 million. Arena mode added. Every pledger who backs before $16 million will receive a laser pistol.

1st$15 million. Escort Carrier ship class added. Free digital 42-page Upgrade Handbook manual.


8th$14 million. Hibernation Mode unlocked. Professional-quality feature-length “Behind the Scenes of Star Citizen” documentary film. Fourth landout option on Earth.

5th – $13 million. Frigate ship class unlocked. Command and Control Center added to supervise battles from.

2nd – $12 million. Move Star Citizen’s sound production from a home office to high tech facilities. The Hangar Module will feature Oculus Rift support.


29 – $11 million. Move CIG Austin to a larger facility that supports expanded development.

23rd – $10 million. Cloud Imperium Games will build their own mocap studio to create cutscenes.


29th – $9 million. Roberts Space Industries Class II space suit added to hangar.


15th$8 million by 142,000 pledges.



22ndRSI release pledge to backers.

19th$6.2 million. Star Citizen will launch with 100 star systems. Bengal carrier unlocked. Full orchestral score. The first Squadron 42 mission disk, Behind Enemy Lines, free to all backers who pledge before $6 million upon release.

19th – $5.5 million. Professional motion capture for the Squadron 42 cutscenes. Exclusive RECORD BREAKER ship skin and 1000 additional credits on launch for all backers who pledge before the $5.5 million stretch goal.

18th – $5 million. Enhanced boarding options: melee combat, heavy weapons, zero gravity simulation, suit HUD options and EVA combat. Increased ship customization. Tablet companion application to check on inventory, commission or find missions and get the galactic news feed. The RSI webcast will feature a monthly Town Hall Q&A with Chris Roberts. Squadron 42 will feature celebrity voice-acting including at least one favorite from Wing Commander and 50 total missions. Will launch with 70 star systems. Will feature an additional base type. Can you discover the alien derelict?

17th – $4.5 million. Will launch with 60 star systems. Will feature additional playable ship class, the cruiser. All Kickstarter goals unlocked. All backers before October 29, 2012 will start with a Class I Repair Bot in their garage. All backers before November 8, 2012 will start with 500 additional credits. Extended hardcore flight sim controller support: Flight Chairs, multiple monitors, Track-IR, MFD (Multi Function Displays) and more on launch. Will feature four additional playable ship classes: Idris class corvette, Origin M50, Drake Interplanetary Caterpillar and destroyers. Will feature two additional base types: Vanduul trading posts and hidden smuggler asteroids. Will feature an additional alien race, the Kr’Thak.

16th – $4 million. New star system added for every $100,000 pledged, with descriptions posted to the Comm-Link.

  • $3.1M: Odin System
  • $3.2M: Tyrol System
  • $3.3M: Kellog System
  • $3.4M: Goss System
  • $3.5M: Orion System
  • $3.6M: Ellis System
  • $3.7M: Cathcart System
  • $3.8M: Tal System
  • $3.9M: Geddon System
  • $4.0M: Chronos System

The RSI website will feature a monthly “Wingman’s Hangar” webcast from the development team. Professional mod tools will be provided free to all players. Squadron 42 will feature a richer storyline and 45 total missions. Will launch with 50 star systems and feature an additional flyable ship, the Drake Interplanetary Cutlass.

15th – $3.75 million. Aegis Dynamics Retaliator ship unlocked.

14th – $3.5 million. Cockpit decorations. Ship boarding.

12th – $3.25 million. The MISC Starfarer ship unlocked.

8th – $3 million. Increased community updates at the RSI website. Squadron 42 will feature 35 missions. Citizens with appropriate packages will receive access to the Star Citizen universe with 40 star systems for persistent online play upon release.


31st – $2 million. The Anvil Gladiator ship unlocked.

25thReaches funding goal of US$2 million. Regular community updates. Citizens with appropriate packages will get to play in the multiplayer dogfighting module. Citizens with appropriate packages will receive access to the 30-mission Squadron 42 campaign upon release.

24thInitial Kickstarter goal reached – stands at $540,000.

19thKickstarter launched.

10thWing Commander creator reveals PC-only space sim, Star Citizen.

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