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Star Citizen Dogfighting Module questions answered by Chris Roberts in video

Star Citizen

Yesterday Cloud Imperium announced the delay of the Star Citizen Dogfighting module and this evening Chris Roberts answered questions from the community on the game mode.

Chris explains what backers can expect to see when it is released in a few months. It sounds like there’s a lot to do with the creation of the ship assets and he also says that the bigger ships won’t make an appearance in the module when it’s released but they will come later.

He also addresses the delay saying that he wanted to wait until the backend was complete and that the Dogfighting module had to fully integrate with the Hangar module which is currently available. Matchmaking for players will be displayed on an in-ship hud once entering their ship in the hangar. Through this players will be able to coordinate battles.

The play area for dogfighting will be around 20Km cubed which is a fairly decent amount of space for players to test their skills. It also won’t just be empty space, there will be background planets, an asteroid belt and the odd nebula thrown in for good measure.

Watch the video with Chris below for the full update.

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