September 5th, 2017

Star Citizen Dogfighting Module being revealed and possibly released in April

Star Citizen Dogfighting Module

Cloud Imperium’s Star Citizen Dogfighting Module was delayed at the end of last year and there was no word as to when it would be revealed.

Today we have news that this major update for backers will be revealed at PAX East which runs 11-13 April. The module will then be released to players “shortly after that reveal” according to Cloud Imperium.

The module was delayed while the team worked on the server infrastructure which is actually being put online this week for the very first time. This is a big step for the game and the development team who will start testing the persistent universe.

This week they have built the system cluster which is now starting to be tested to determine lag and instance size over an Internet connection instead of LAN which was demonstrated back in December.

Cloud Imperium think that by the time the Star Citizen Dogfighting Module is released there could potentially be half a million people ready to test it when it launches.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • ITsniper

      Is this game ever going to be done? I’m a backer and I’m concerned that things are not what they seem. Seems to be a whole lot of talking and not much else.

      I didn’t have the most confident of starts as a backer. Account transfer issues, still haven’t received my citezen card, and doubt I ever will, poor customer service response, I have lost total confidence in the project.

      Anyone else have any problems?

      • Equilibriator

        dude the only setback so far has been the dogfighting module and it was delayed for some very logical (and explained) reasons. Originally, it was intended to be something they would use to get mroe backers, but as they have plenty backers they are instead going for a more finished product so that they dont have to throw away any code. in other words we will be getting a more complete dog fighting module than previously intended.

        As for response times, they have always been great at getting back to people and solving their problems. I imagine however, that due to the massive amount of pledgers, response times will be getting slower and slower, thBey are only human, they can only respond to problems so fast (remember Bruce Almighty when he tries to answer all the prayers).

        As some have already said, this is massive profile game now, just buckle in and expect this game to be slow progress, they are doing it right, not rushed.

      • Icebear

        Nothing official yet, but merely rumors about the DFM date. ))


    • SturmMajor Eichner

      I could see your concern. Maybe I’m being too optimistic, but… There is a high level of awareness of this game; it’s been getting a good deal of publicity (see newest edition of PC Gamer*), and now there is a lot at stake. If the creators- and those directly involved with it-back out,for whatever reason, they’ll go down as the biggest frauds in gaming history.I imagine they’d be pursued to the ends of the Earth, accounts possibly seized, who knows.
      I can also see them dragging this out past April-June, July, who knows. When it’s finally a go, however, I think the number of players will to be off the charts.

      * side note:curiously absent from the PC Gamer list…War Thunder. Hmmm…

    • odkragli

      do you have any idea how long does it take to develop an A-rating MMO game? Do you realy want half-baked game to be delivered just to release it ASAP? Believe me we can be happy with the progress of development. Just think of others top-level MMO’s development time 😉 And the complexity of SC will be even bigger. Yes, there is difference. We have paid in advance. But NOBODY actually didn’t guarantee anything to us. Just read your pledge info. There are several items, ships, money, RL items, etc. But no date of game release… I pledged because I wanted to support developers in their good work

    • Rushster

      I don’t think anyone has anything to worry about. This is such a high profile game now everything should pan out as we hope.

    • Effingterrible

      ITsniper, the game hasn’t even hit alpha yet. These things take a very long time to make, especially properly.

      Also, go read some of the updates. The game won’t officially retail until early 2015, they have been saying that for some time now.

    • prometheus antares

      It was announced from the beginning that it would be around early to mid 2015 until the main game was released. Because instead of developing the game behind the scenes until the game was ready to be announced they wanted to help get funding and avoid publishers by crowd funding it.

      Because of this I am happy to wait, even until 2016. I am an original backer and I enjoy the development of the game. At least we get snippets and artwork and WIPs’ of the game.

      I know it is desirable and too enticing to wait but hey that was the nature of the beast.

    • ITsniper

      Yes I understand these games with such large scope take a lot of time. It isn’t how long they are taking a concern for me, but more of a question of will they ever finish successfully. My experience so far hasn’t been one of confidence. Just makes me wonder if they have bitten off more than they can chew. I’m just in a state now where I’m getting worried, but don’t get my wrong, I’m rooting for them, I want them to be successful.

      If you experienced what I went through it would make you wonder also, would it not? Then again I could be worrying about nothing.

    • Effingterrible

      Even with those issues I wouldn’t worry.

      Things still need to be fleshed out, and i’m surprised there was even customer support to begin with considering the game isn’t even alpha yet.

      If it’s hit the street (or maybe late beta) and you have these issues, then worry.

      Remember you paid to BACK the game. You don’t get the service of a finished product until it’s a finished product.

    • Anthony Allison

      I have played Eve now for 2 months, and a more money grubbing game cannot possibly exist. Somehow they manage to psyche people to believing that they have to spend hundreds even thousands of real life dollars to play the game. I am so looking forward to the release of sc, just hope it doesn’t follow eves twisted no fun format. Star Citizen looks like a truly incredible game, and looks definitely worth the wait!!

      • 123

        I had and have alot of fun playing eve

      • livi

        That is just not true. You can earn your in game money by doing stuff. It is a pay to play game and not a pay to win game. It is possible to buy a 30-day game card for 15$ and to sell it for maybe 620m ingame credits. But why should you do that if you can earn this amount with a decent developed character in 2-3 days (moderate gaming time). Mr Alison you just did not understand the game mechanic of EvE Online. If you loose something it is gone and lost forever and if you lost something you were not smart enough.

        EvE is harsh, but that is the thrill (do not fly what you can not afford to loose)

    • Veive257

      Star Citizen has a simple business model, a throwback to days before games had business models. Buy the game, play it as long as you want. There’s no subscription to play online. Pledge early (think pre-order) for $45 and get a nice starting ship when you enter the persistent universe.

      Single-player campaign? Yup. Friendly co-op? Yes. Online Multiplayer? Of course. Custom servers, mods, tweaks, support for any control scheme, etc.. check it out: