June 19th, 2017

Star Citizen Executive Producer Alex Mayberry departure confirmed

Star Citizen Executive Producer Alex Mayberry departure confirmed

Over the weekend we posted news that Alex Mayberry, Star Citizen‘s Executive Producer, appeared to have left Cloud Imperium and today we have received confirmation that he has moved on.

Alex Mayberry was one of the high profile senior appointments at Cloud Imperium and he joined the company to work on Star Citizen back in May 2013, leaving Blizzard after ten years.

In an email to PC Invasion this afternoon, a CIG spokesperson confirmed his departure, stating: “Alex left CIG for personal reasons last month.”

There has been no other information as to who is now filling his role, and this is the second major loss for CIG following the departure of Star Citizen’s Associate Producer Travis Day who left last month. There are also no further details regarding Mayberry’s current employment status as his LinkedIn profile has not been updated.

This confirmation today will fuel further discussion on the status of the Star Citizen project which has received a lot of scrutiny after the blog post from Derek Smart over the weekend. There are real concerns from some backers that the game could be struggling following the announcement at the end of last month that the FPS module development had “stalled”.

Update: We have received a note from CIG that Global Head of Production Erin Roberts will now be taking over “a lot” of Alex’ duties on the project.


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  • Comments: 17
    • Andrew Doughed

      Once again Erin Roberts gets to clean up the litter box after his bozo of a brother makes a mess. Can we fire Chris Roberts already and let Erin finish the game?

      • merciful

        hey jcrg99, how are you doing? Do you have legal liability insurance?

      • Brokinarrow

        sorry, would you prefer the game be finished in 3 years and be a steaming pile of shit like Battlefield or the latest Batman game? Or would you prefer they tell us about delays and take their time to get things done right?

        • Matthew Mason

          It was a joke -_-

    • Peter

      glad there’s some light shed on the subject. still, prying into alex’s personal/professional life is really not any of our business

    • merciful

      Oh hell yeah, the publisher affiliated trolls who hope to see the project crash and burn are out if full force, I even see the same lame comments by obviously the same lame trolls with three dozens alt personas. It´s funny if they believe legal departments are not already on their trace.

    • De oppresso liber

      The hype train is slowing down, first we need to see an AC with proper solved controls. The fudged thruster issues are also an issue. Lets see if 2.0 will correct all these issues.

    • Jack Pott

      At least we know it wasn’t to do with the game’s development.

    • korval

      There will be NO dissent on the Nazi Star Citizen forums… even when a post tries to be humorous. https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/270926/development-theatre#latest Sieg Heil Chris Roberts. There shall be NO dissent in the Chris Robert’s new universe order…

    • Atlas

      I honestly don’t care if the game is finished in 2021, as long as it 100% lives up to everything, and surpasses the hype.
      and I really hope subsequent updates will make it even bigger and better.

    • Gdom

      LOLMG, you mentioned Derek Smart. I think I’m being trolled. No, I KNOW I’m being trolled.

      • Longscope

        But the new BATTLECRUISER game is going to be SOOOOO MUCH BETTER than StarCitizen.
        This time, I promise!

    • Longscope

      Rumor has, that one of Alex’s family members has a serious medical issue that he wants to divert his energy and full attention.

      If that’s the case, I want to wish him good luck, and I hope everything turns out ok.

      • Richard Ogden

        That makes a lot of sense and I wish him well too. “https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/press/13870-Cloud-Imperium-Games-Names-Alex-Mayberry-Executive-Producer-For-Star-Citizen”

      • psyounger

        This is a weird statement however because in his own Twitter update he says all is well. So this could have just been a PR manoeuvre.

        • Richard Ogden

          That is not something you mess about with as a PR professional and not something a professional would have said about them if it wasn’t true.