June 20th, 2017

Star Citizen Multi-Crew Free Fly event is now on

Star Citizen Multi-Crew Free Fly event is now on

If you have not had the opportunity to find out why Star Citizen is a such a controversial game, then now’s the chance to take it for a spin.

The Valentine’s Day Free fly event which focuses on Multi-Crew ships is now live. The event is free to play untilΒ Sunday, 19 February, and all you need to do is sign-up and get started. We’re not sure if it includes access to Star Marine, but with any luck, you will be spared that experience.

Predictably there is also a ship sale on as CIG encourage players to pump yet more cash into the game. Our advice is don’t whip out that wallet, they already have over 142 million to make this. If they can’t make it with that then there’s no hope for it.

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    • Markus Stoehr

      Finallly the media is speaking out about SC’s dishonest business model! Thanks for this!
      And by the way:
      Star Citizen … YOU GOT SERVED:

      • Joe_Blober

        Nothing to do with Star Citizen… As a backer of ED as well I am proud that they continue to add more stuff every so often. I am also waiting for Mass Effect ANdromeda while CIG is hard at work on SC 3.0 patch and SQ42.

        • Markus Stoehr

          Yeah let them work then … BUT don’t give them any money any more! Pay once they deliver! πŸ˜‰

          • Rasto

            You are delighted? You are sick

            • Markus Stoehr

              Delighted to see that people are not so stupid as i thought! (This obviously doesn’t apply to you πŸ˜‰

              • Joe_Blober

                Quote: “this tech-demo and its community” Unquote

                Okay sorry to have tried to give some argumentation of my own. In fact you are one of those using the 5 words dictionnary + 1 extra more for diversity (thanks for that):
                vaporware, scam, Con, Jpegs, shitizens + Tech-demo.

                Got it. I am now officially classified as White Knight, whale or stupid… or all of them πŸ™‚
                … and you fall in my category of low level troll, without too much imagination..

                Auf Wiedersehen!

              • Rasto

                I know, right?

              • wane-bradee

                Dude don’t stoop to Joe’s level, be better then that.

              • Rasto

                I am certainly well above the level of little conspirators confused brains, that’s for sure.

              • Joe_Blober

                I feel a bit sorry for Wane-bradee junior. I know he is not the best troll around but still, taking you for a buddy πŸ™‚ That make my day!
                Take care.

              • Rasto

                I do feel sorry for him as well, reading his “arguments”.

              • Markus Stoehr

                You see – again personal attacks. It’s like the SC community can’t do without! πŸ˜‰

              • Joe_Blober

                Clarification is not an attack. Saying that you refuse to take into account facts and numbers and that you use typical troll wording like tech-demo is a clarification of who said what.

                Being or acting like a troll is not a disease or insult. Calling backers stupid is on the opposite.

              • Markus Stoehr

                “You are sick” is of course not a personal attack … but what do i expect …
                The funny thing is that every other community would just ignore someone with a different opinion. But as the SC community knows about the bad state of the current tech-demo which is meant to become “Star Citizen” they are in full defence mode because they see their investment threated to collapse completely if the funding suddenly stops with no new people buying those expensive JPG-ships! Therefore here we go, everything is fine …
                “When they tell you not to Panic,Thats When you Run!” πŸ˜‰

              • Joe_Blober

                You obfuscate yourself dear Makus Stoehr. I did not said you are sick…

                If defending is replying to someone with arguments and facts because someone does not agree with what his said,well in that case everybody is defending from everybody… as such SC Community is not different or more “evil” than any other Community.

                Pledges are not going to stop but slow down for a period of time
                which is negligible and absolutely normal on such AAA project.
                3.0 will be released in 2017 at
                100%. SQ42 however being a question mark for a possible extra semester, read mid 2018. Why? not because I want it to be that way but they will have all tech pipelines, 3.0 and that SQ42 released will be only chapter 1 (out of 3) hence one third of the total SQ42 pledged.

                Again you use tech-demo…. tss tss tsss I have to “defend” the idea you did not understand game develoment and Alpha and distording the facts. O

                Of course you can disagree with this point of view and “defend” yours,… with the risk to fall in anti-SC followers cult? πŸ™‚

              • Markus Stoehr

                I am following this project right from the beginning in 2012. I have discussed those “release dates” with so many SC fans and they were always wrong. 2 years ago they told me that there is no way that SQ42 will not be released in 2016. Then 6 months ago i had the same discussion with german’s biggest Youtuber telling me that there is no way that SQ42 will not be released before summer 2017. Now it’s not even sure it will be released in 2017. And that’s how it goes on and on … You have so many SC fans who trust CIG and simply repeat ther “estimates”. But those dates say nothing. They are there to keep the trust and hype around this tech-demo going in order to collect more money. You are for sure the 100th SC fan i am discussing about exactly this. I am sure you will not be the last. You are not an insider – you know not more than i do. But you are not learning from the previous lies of CIG and Chris Roberts.

              • Joe_Blober

                I agree, CIG dates suck and for a good reason, it is not possible to deliver without the proper level of technology involved. A good example is 3.0 and landing on planet with seamless transition. The technology demonstrated live end of 2016 is amazing. Because they decided it have to be incorporated in of course PU but also SQ42, means they can not deliver SQ42 in 2016 with the level of quality and bug free they are looking for (and backers as well, no EA shit please)

                I am absolutely sure than we could have SQ42 chapter 1 since a year with the scope of 2012, with 1 third of ships, auto generated planets, stations and missions like ED have billions of them. But I am personnaly very happy the scope change based on pledges.

                CIG team started to have the right size and more important, Crytek guys in 2015, plus more artist and many others necessary people. CIG did not slept the all time but they can now achieve the goal with optimized pipelines, and futur 3.0.
                My reading of gaming industry is that 3.0 in 2017 is -now- totally achievable and that SQ42 6 months after (only chapter 1 ) is a reasonnable target.

                And I got yours as well.

              • Markus Stoehr

                I wouldn’t be so vigilent concerning SC’s poor development pace if it wasn’t about all those false promises and this pretentious behavior of CIG and Chris Roberts permantently talking about creating that “BDSSE”. The truth is that they are light year away to archive this whereas Elite Dangerous pretty much already has archived this and will continue to improve. And since in game development you do not get a second chance i pretty much believe this project will fail before the game will be released.

              • Joe_Blober

                Well I am sure SC will not fail. This said, I disagree with ED being ahead of SC. Yes they released a game before CIG hence achieved what they say they will delivered. But the scope of what they delivered is 1/10th of SQ42 and SC…. But you are absolutely right. Until CIG released them both, ED is a winner by default.

                I am a backer of ED with free life patch/season. As a player of the first Elite, ED is a clear and massive graphic jump due to current technology (video and audio), no question.
                There are more diversity in missions and they added factions… but to me this is a copy/paste of the first Elite. Very pleasant, with pro and con but not really more.
                Generating billions of planets? A few line of code that CIG could duplicate tomorrow. Create the pretty basic outside of the 15 ships of ED? I think that they could so the same in a quarter. Missions? trade, mine, fight with the same flight model than Elite… no need to look for AAA budget.
                ED and SQ42+SC are too different to be compared. Congrats to ED to achieved what they did already and welcome to any addon they could think about.

                Both game are complementary but clearly different. ED can grow up with a team of 30. CIG need a team of 400… at least till release. They just do not fight in the same league. But both will succeed.

              • Markus Stoehr

                To think that procedural generation is “copy/paste” shows how much you know about this important topic. As a software developer i can tell you that procedural generation is the top notch technology. You can’t produce a space game without it! And FD are the leader of this technology. Never will CIG be able to handle this technoloy the way FD have mastered it.
                The problem with this technology is that it’s not so easy to impress people with it compared to create a complete handcrafted piece of art. But the longterm will proof FD going the right way whereas CIG will face a lot of problems more and more the longer the project will last because their technology isn’t meant to be used the way they want it to use it.
                I know the idea of having 2 great space games is attractive but i don’t thing it will happen. This project is such a mess that i simply don’t see it become successful no matter how often you express your optimism. πŸ˜‰

              • Joe_Blober

                Well it is not only being optimistic but my analysis diverged from yours and we come up to opposite conclusion.

                FD was the leader and may be still is, no problem, they deserve it but procedural generation being top notch technology, CIG do have top notch engineers and already generate asteroids and planets with such tech.
                CIG approach of procedural planets is a lot more artist authored and driven, so it
                uses procedural techniques the same way that World Machine (which is at minimum equivalent to FD… but not FD own just to say they are not alone) and so on
                does, but CIG approach is very artist-driven. They use these techniques to allow
                artists to build the world out at scale, but they’re determining where
                the continents are, where the forests are, where the mountains are,
                where the desert plains are.

                Based on World machine type of generation, CIG could have a hundred planets in Crusader already. That would visually please many people and backers… but for what? Duplicate what ED do already pretty well? Not what we are looking for.

                So I do not see CIG being in trouble in future with this approach. Each system will be billions ok square km. 20 full systems would be enough to swallow millions of backers in multiple instance.

                Look at MMO like WOW. Say one area is a system, and different locations are hand craft CIG locations. Does WOW players need a billion of locations? I do not thinks so. They want diversity, challenge and accomplishment. All ships and jobs in SC are going to provide those three. Of course it needs to be implemented, read to be released…. :), a way which is both fun and entertaining for players which are looking for different experience. This is the real challenge of MMO. But technically speaking, CIG do have all pipelines, tech and talent in hands to deliver.

              • Cloverfield

                “What they delivered is 1/10th of SQ42 and SC”… lol? May I pass you the salt? Look there is no SQ42 and SC has not even barely produced content yet or anything stable enough to be “played” at all. I think you must have got your 1/10 ratio reversed. Even NMS or Hellion now debuting will be 10+ more times than anything SC has done so far.

              • Harbinger73

                For a guy who claims to own Elite Dangerous with Lifetime Expansions you certainly don’t sound like you’ve played it since it released way back in December 2014. 15 ships? They’re currently up to 33 ships in game with at least 1 more that we know of coming in the 2.3 patch.

              • Joe_Blober

                Claiming to have Elite Dangerous with Lifetime Expansions does not imply I play it every day right?
                The last time I launch it was 6 months ago and I never counted the number of ships available. The number I gave was from an older article. Thanks for pointing this out, I modify my comment with source.

              • wane-bradee

                Yet you talk about Elite with such certainty, same way you talk about SC even though none of what you talk about people have actually seen and experienced. I honestly don’t think you have Elite or have played it. You pretty much just recited negative things you’ve read and heard, the whole copy paste argument and how there PG tech is rubbish blah blah blah. Tell us, how much have you given Chris and CO.

              • Joe_Blober

                Again you twist words, visible by everybody. At no time I said PG tech is rubbish. Quite the opposite, even giving laurel to ED:
                β€œFD was the leader and may be still is, no problem, they deserve it but procedural generation being top notch technology, CIG do have top notch engineers and already generate asteroids and planets with such tech.

                CIG approach of procedural planets is a lot more artist authored and driven, so
                it uses procedural techniques the same way that World Machine (which is at minimum
                equivalent to FD concept… but not FD own just to say they are not alone and there are several good and competent challenger) and so on does, but CIG approach is very artist-driven. They use these techniques to allow artists to build the world out at scale, but they’re determining where the continents are, where the forests are, where the mountains are, where the desert plains are”

                You realize that you troll, again, yourself, right? Sorry but on my scale of Troll I give you 2 out 10. That do not deserve more. You could have got a 3 by injecting jpges or scam… πŸ™‚

              • Dementropy

                Keep on doing what you’re doing, SC Defender!

              • Joe_Blober

                Thanks. I feel so much better with your approval πŸ™‚

              • wane-bradee

                I love how you SC cultist talk about the game as if it was already out, you talk about the scope of Elite only having 1/10th that of SC as if you have seen the final dream in reality or the final destination/heaven that you cultists hold on to. No, as of right now, the tech demo or “mini PU” as it’s called, is not even 1/10th that of Elite. Then you go on to throw Elite under the bus calling it a copy paste of the first one that came out in 1984, can you not see how deranged that is? I bet you’re one of the those SC zealots who preach about how much better the “PU” already is then Elite Dangerous. You need help dude, you won’t admit it but I’m sure you’re in for over $1,000, betting you’re German as well, some reason the Germans believe everything Chris says and put this dream game on the hugest pedestal ever. Get a life.

              • Joe_Blober

                Stop twisting my words that everybody can read a centimeters above. It is
                embarrassing for you. You looks like a cultist, the most hated company ever πŸ™‚

                I did not anywhere throw ED under a bus. In fact quite the opposite: β€œED and SQ42+SC are too different to be compared. Congrats to ED to achieved what they did already… both will succeed Β»

                Damned. Where is the bus?

                I said also: β€œAs a player of the first Elite, ED is a clear and massive graphic jump
                due to current technology (video and audio), no question. There are more diversity in missions and they added factions… but to me this is a copy/paste of the first Elite”. Again, where is the bus?

                Did you read β€œmassive graphic jump”? Did you understand also that copy/paste means the concept of Elite with procedural generated planets equal to a galaxy, like the original one, not the copy/paste of binary code source?

                Where did I said or evoke that:” how much better the “PU” already is then Elite Dangerous.”?

                But where is this damned bus? πŸ™‚

                This is not really surprising that you are lost with current state of SC that you see as
                vaporware or tech-demo. Clearly you have a talent to see words or intention that are not there but pretend to read the future πŸ™‚

                You realize that you troll yourself, right?

                Sidenote: I am not German… but who can trust a cultist πŸ™‚

              • Dementropy

                I don’t know. You’ve spammed SC-related articles with 173 comments thus far, and were in this one before the rest of us.

              • Joe_Blober

                And when you realize this is just a warm-up… πŸ™‚

              • Dementropy

                I can’t wait for your opening act. But much like SC, I expect a lot of letdowns and delays from your comments and your little blog. You, much like Chris Roberts, always fall short of delivery.

              • Joe_Blober

                This is bullshit πŸ™‚

              • wane-bradee

                Wow he’s in the cult? You just recited all the little prayers from the SC cultist Bible, called it a AAA game, talked about the pipelines like always, brought up again how it’s not an tech demo it’s an alpha, and then you topped it off with the whole end of the year it’s coming I tell yah it’s coming. You my friend are the cultist, and need to take a break and open yourself up to things other then SC. Seriously, I see you in the comments section of every SC article on the internet, praising your Messiah Christ Roberts. Enlighten yourself to the real world around you bud.

              • Joe_Blober

                I am the cultist, no you are, no it is you… Don’t expect me to join such childish
                loop. I have expressed what I believe. Give me whatever name you want or secret agenda. Fine.

                And by the way… Do you realize I am precisely where you are guys? Not more, not less. Who is following each others? Who of the first was there? the egg or the hen?

                Try to be more creative really πŸ™‚

              • https://thedereksmart.brandyourself.com Derek Smart

                Says the guy (in his mid twenties) who created an entire blog site to attack others; while attacking others from behind the anonymity of a hate Reddit.

                The project is dead. No attacking others is going to change that. Get a grip.


              • Joe_Blober

                You feel the blast of thruth, right?

                You think you can spit on your own blog during 2 years, shooting lies after obfuscation after deception without being accountable for it? Really πŸ™‚

                You spend literally a substantial part of your life trying to hurt your intimate ennemy and SC Community and you are the one attacked? Seriously?

                Your prophecy of Doom is equally realist than yours 100% lies factually proven one by one: https://sctrollsdump.wordpress.com/2017/01/29/the-dirty-dozen-circle-jerk-mantra

                If something is true on this planet, it is your irrepressible convulsion to lie. Seing you leaving a comment here is very refreshing and reassuiring. Because you said it… If I had a doubt (and I dont)… it just cant happen. All your prophecies have failed πŸ™‚

                Yes my site is a stone in your shoe because it summarize you so accuraletly and provide to Readers the opportunity to see you like you are, your daily behavior and goals. 24/7 and month after month, your proven failed prophecies.

                After 3.0 release and SQ42, I will update this article and my site. Count on me. The stone is here to stay, a bit sharper every month πŸ™‚

                So long.

              • Cujoman 187

                DS your just jealous of CIG which is understandable. I mean look at them racking in the cash every single month to build CR’s dream game along with a dream game of most of us backers. Guess your still pretty butt hurt CIG gave you a refund and blocked you huh? It’s ok to be mad and sad you can’t play what’s going to be the best damn space sim ever made lol! Oh and I get your butt hurt that CIG continues to prove you wrong and continues to make things work you claimed would never work. I think your really just mad and butt hurt about all your failures in your own life so you feel the need to attack another company which is succeeding. It’s ok though like someone else said you’ll continue to talk crap about the game even though you’ve bought an IP address from another country so you can log into the game using a different log in name while sitting in your basement playing SC like all the other haters.

              • Joe_Blober

                This one is even better:https://www.reddit.com/r/DerekSmart/

                Enjoy Master Troll. Be ensure I follow closely your Last Outrageous Disaster attempt to steal a few cash to Xbox1 unawarded console gamers. By factualy informed them of who you are and what they can expect from you, both of “gameplay” and “support”.

                So close you will feel my breath on your neck πŸ™‚

              • wane-bradee

                It is more of a tech demo then anything though, but mainly because they promised so much. 3.0 when that comes out will be more of an alpha, but right now it is a total tech demo.

              • wane-bradee

                It’s more then a couple of guys. Most of the early backers are pretty fed up.

          • Joe_Blober

            That is what I have done. I have pledge at my level of financial disposal knowing nobody beside CR will bring anything close to Wing Commander. Each time they provide significant progress I add a small pledge and will do also when 3.0 will be released.

            As a player of WOT (which have monthly subscription), I paid close to 600$ in 4 years (together with a few premium tank). So far SC did not cost more to me and the journey was really interesting, seing AAA getting out slowly out of the mud.

            I would have an advice for kickstater like for stock market: do not pledge/invest money you are not ready to dump. Dump not being equal to vaporware ends… In case of stock market, you may get a benefit at the end. In case of Kickstarter, the benefit will be to play the game you are looking to play with… later on but you cash is gone for ever, unless you can sell your account. benefit is for hours/days of fun experience.

            I pledged to 4 games through Kickstarter, carrefully selecting them, pledging at level I believe Directors will be able to deliver at say 80% of expectation of content, not date. Definitively not based on date of release πŸ™‚

            The drop on per day CIG purchase is absolutely normal. Most backers already have pledged to their level of wallet/confidence + play style and many are waiting to get 3.0 to pledge again or join the boat.
            This is absolutely normal and reasonnable.
            I expect a pledge level of less than a million per month until 3.0 and as low as 0.5 M$ per month. Nothing to be scared off. it is coming and SQ42 will bring massive numbers of new kids on the block πŸ™‚

            • Markus Stoehr

              The more SC fanboys have invested in SC (600$ ??? That’s crazy!!!) the more likely will they try to push people to do the same because they fear that the money flow could stop completely and therefore the game is in danger to be completed and therfore all their investment would be LOST!
              So i would recomment to people who are new to SC not to listen to those SC fanboys who are already heavily invested in SC! They are like CIG’s proxy sales men πŸ˜‰

              • Rasto

                If you want example of typical SC community response, you got Joe_Blober’s one above. It also embarrassingly surpasses your abilities of understanding the issue.
                Where the people, who can earn excess money, actually spend them, is only their business. Imbeciles who buy games when they in fact cannot afford them, are a whole different story. And CIG as a private company has absolutely no duties to heal the problem.

              • Markus Stoehr

                Hell YEAH! Don’t blame the drug dealers if your children will be addicted one day then! They are simply nice guys who happen to make their living out of drugs! πŸ˜‰
                But is it so wrong to prevent good friends from taking drugs? I don’t think so! πŸ˜‰

              • Joe_Blober

                You do not understand and care a lot about numbers and facts right?

                First, I do not care about my pledge to SC or afraid to “lose it” as every game purchase is like throwing cash throught the window, all of them without exception.
                Nore I care about what I spent with WOT during the last 4 years.

                Second the game is not in danger of no completion. This is the usual Prophecy of Doom to scare the hell of some just to create havoc and obfuscation.

                Here is usefull information if you do mind: https://sctrollsdump.wordpress.com/2017/02/07/sc-patchs-estimated-release-dates/

                So i would recommend to people who are new to SC not to listen to Pophet of Doom and to pledge to reasonnable level… or simply wait for further information once every quarter… Again the project is not in danger πŸ™‚

              • Markus Stoehr

                You know, i don’t care about people like you who obviously have a lot of money and therefore don’t care about not getting something in return. Fine for you. But for people interested in Space Games who are willing to put some money in i simply want to warn them to think twice. There is a high chance that your money will be lost and the game will never be completed. Just saying. SC is a sinking ship right now. Wait 2 months and i think it will become obvious to everyone.

              • Joe_Blober

                Again you are distoding what I said. I do care about the money I pledge, by carrefully selecting projects. However I will never see this money back, like all game I purchased in my life. It is gone, bye bye and thanks to developers.

                This is exactly why I pledge to SC, because I know at 100 % I will get what I pledged for. When? When it is ready, based on scope, team size and quality to deliver, past performance of talented managers and last patch 2.6.1 I downloaded a couple days ago.

                I agree with you. People (me include) must always think twice (and why not three times) before spending their money. The chance the game will be never completed? Precisely 100 % chance of completion. Not in 2 months each month bringing internal progress visualized to backers by patch (small or big) until release of 3.0, SQ42 and then Beta PU.

                This is how Alpha in game industry work. But you can disagree of course.

              • Markus Stoehr

                That’s exactly the main difference between our opinions: You thing “at 100 % [you] will get what [you] pledged for”. And i see a big possibility that this game will never be released.
                Ok, so maybe your 100% doesn’t include the actual game but only the many shows CIG is producing. If so you should be happy and everything is fine.
                But for those who are looking to pledge to get a game they should rethink. Chances are high that this game will never be released.

              • Joe_Blober

                Fine. So both opinions are expressed. Readers will weight each comments and make their own opinion.

              • Markus Stoehr

                Fantastic. And thanks for helping me to bring my opening post to the top of the comment section. Much appreciated. πŸ˜‰

              • Joe_Blober

                You are very welcomed so ours opinions will be mutually visible to all πŸ™‚

              • Markus Stoehr

                That’s the good thing indeed, though my experience tells me that this doesn’t change anything because 6 months later when we will continue to discuss the poor development speed of SC i already know the excuses which will appear: “But now we even have this and that and this and that feature included! Therefore it’s normal they need more time …”
                Sorry but i am tired to hear those excuses while at the same time puting themself on top of other games. Ridiculous behavior. CIG should learn some humility and actually deliver more than tech-demos! πŸ˜‰

              • Adam

                why the long comment thread and replies to a game you clearly don’t like? you’re obsessed.. i’m not a huge fan of ED but you won’t see me searching for news articles about the thing to leave negative comments.

                Here’s the Thing… anyone who watched CRs original pitch with the whole PC gaming is dead part, knew that he just wanted to make the best game possible on PC. back then he didn’t have a clue how much money would be raised – (admittedly some have put crazy sums of money into this game and unless they are stinking rich will regret it).

                At the rate CIG are hiring staff, they must know that the funding will continue. and as much as you all like to spam CIG is doomed for the past 4 years, none of your predictions have come true so… give it a rest?

              • BiffChadwell

                You’re surprised some Star Citizen fanboy kept replying to him, and he kept talking? Don’t blame the victim here – the only reason this thread is long is not because of Markus Stoehr

              • wane-bradee

                I agree the whole this game will never come out is not true. Although I predict it will be a shell of what was promised and no where close to what people imagined it to be, but people will still buy it and enjoy it. So pretty much Freelancer all over again, which was pitched the same way as SC. Everything he’s promising with SC was already promised with Freelancer, and it didn’t happen then and it won’t happen now. Will there be a game, yes, will people buy it, yes, will it be what’s promised %100 no way at all.

              • Joe_Blober

                Quote: “%100 no way at al”… and it is an expert of gaming industry that say so. Wane-Bradee, a well known… mmmm….. Follower of Master Troll?

              • Markus Stoehr

                I like space games! But i have been dissapointed to see how CIG and Chris Roberts use the same old marketing strategy of overpromising and deception to keep people putting money into a project wich has so far no fundamental gameplay whatsoever but only lives of dreams fused by some nicely rendered ships. CIG and Chris Roberts are willingly lying to the people but most people seems to be just fine with this in the hope that at the end all means will be justified by having a great game. Ignorance is bliss! πŸ˜‰

              • https://thedereksmart.brandyourself.com Derek Smart
              • Joe_Blober

                Thanks and expected This is a sounding proof that beside a twisted circle jerk communication about Star Citizen, you have nothing to say of interrest for the gaming community at large.

                My last article named “Master Troll (Aka DS) or Who Benefit From The Crime” (sctrollsdump.wordpress.com) was premonitory of your today reaction, style and link included.

                So you.
                So desperately unsurprising coming from a stakhanoviste of absolute failures.

                The inevitable success of SC 3.0, SQ42 and SC are going to be the best answer anyway. It is coming, quarter after quarter… And you will fade out again in the anonimity of your self egocentricity. Remember those words: SC is your totem, do not forget to check it when your are back into your Inception realm… this is your thin link between your dreamed world and reality πŸ™‚

                Meanwhile, I am downmoading 2.6.1. prelude to 3.0 and SQuadron 42. Yes I like long prelude, the climax is so much better… that what Better mean to me πŸ™‚

              • Dementropy

                Do you ever take a step back, read your own words, and say to yourself, “This looks rational and sane. Obviously people will want to buy into Star Citizen knowing I’m part of the community.”

                Because it’s stuff like this that does the biggest disservice to the project.

                “I am downloading 2.6.1 prelude to 3.0 and Squadron 42.”

                Talk about convoluted. 1.0 was a prelude. Wing Commander was a prelude. Dress it up however you want, if it doesn’t start with the number 3, then it’s not delivered.

                And seriously, stop spamming Disqus with your site. It’s like you seek out every single article on SC just to link your little WordPress blog. You are either a shill or a troll.

              • Joe_Blober

                Dementropy: checked…
                So we are missing MoreDelays and Jeremy Straps so we will have the most active handfull of Master troll followers in one place πŸ™‚

                Your warning about the negative impact that could have current exchanges is amusing at best. ironic for sure.
                You pretend they are a disservice to the project… but rush to every SC article (not even mentionning forums) to shoot your prophety of Doom. And if someone disagree: “stay quiet, you are desservicing the project”.
                I wont stop you shooting what ever you to see in the futur and you wont stop me as well to express my very opposite conclusion. That’s why comments section are for.

                Beside that, even if it is not your original point, I do not get any cent of revenu from my blog.
                This is a pure blog of opinion, based on facts and analysis. The blog is directly linked to SC and current comment sections you and a handfull of guys are spamming daily.

                Proof? We got the visit of the Master himself, twice the same day on this very comment section…. pointing to his blog created in 2010 and now 100% dedicated to spit on SC. The link is pretty obvious doesnt it?

                Looks like the little blog stone in the shoe is the size of a rock πŸ™‚

          • Richard Ogden
      • vander

        I have spend about $80 for Elite: Dangerous but I have not played it much because it has been lacked content and depth. Do you know if 2.3 will finally add some basic “space legs” to the game?

        • Markus Stoehr

          Very strange, i only paid about 20$ for the whole game including Horizon since i jumped in just before a new Season was anounced on Black Friday.
          Space legs are coming – you can be sure of this. When? Nobody really knows because contrary to CIG FD prefer to surprise people with unexpected features. With CIG you have everything promised but then you have to wait many many years to finally get it. πŸ˜‰
          My guess is that space legs are coming with season 3 in about 5 months or so.
          So if “space legs” was an imperative for you you should just have waited for them coming to the game and buy the whole package then. The whole game never costs you more than the ordinary price around 40-50$. You don’t have to buy all previous Seasons – they are all included in every new Season. This makes it easier for new people to jump in. But sure there will always be people complaining about FD’s marketing strategy. But of course you can buy an Idris for 1000$ in SC if you prefer that kind of marketing strategy. πŸ˜‰

          • vander

            Horizons was not published when I bought Elite: Dangerous so I bought it afterwards.

            At least ED community lives in strong faith that the game will have “space legs” someday and I definitely hope they are right. I guess they are using “teleportation” in upcoming 2.3 patch when you change location in a ship but hopefully we would be able to do it by walking in the future.

            Seasons are not mandatory of course but I desperately wanted more gameplay (and hoped more depth). The game still feels very bare minimum but better at least than the vanilla version. If Season 3 will bring more depth into the game I will definitely jump back to play ED. It would be great if it would happen in 5 months – we will see.

            Buying Idris for $1000 would be just a way to support the project. There are better ships for my game style so I rather buy Idris in game if I ever want one. I’m willing to support CIG because Star Citizen is a game I’m very interested in and I would like it to be successful.

            • Harbinger73

              It’s pretty much a given that Space Legs is the next core seasonal feature IMO. Not only is it logical now that we’re getting an avatar creator (prerequisite feature) but if you look back in time 2 years to their “The Future of Elite: Dangerous” video you’ll see that with the exception of David Braben pretty much describing the core features of Elite Dangerous: Horizons to a tee most of the other developers are talking about their excitement for Space Legs:


              • vander

                I look forward to be able to walk around ships. Ships are pretty big ED so there’s lots of work to do, but that said the video is already over two years old. Hopefully they have been working on ship internals during all this time.

                While waiting Season 3 I will keep playing Star Citizen and hopefully Hellion if it is any good.


              • Harbinger73

                The one thing that strikes me from that video is that Space Legs seems to be the most heavily anticipated feature from the devs, at least one of whom implied that it would be coming sooner than we think. I have to wonder if it at that time it was originally intended that Space Legs would be the headline feature of season 2 instead of Planetary Landings on bodies without atmospheres.

                Perhaps it was decided after that video was filmed/edited that they needed more work than was originally thought to get to where they needed to be. After all Frontier hadn’t done any first person games previously so they had a fair bit of R&D required to get their internal Cobra Engine to that point.

                In addition to the avatar creator you can see a first person (although disembodied) walking mode in Planet Coaster (enabled with cheat code) so I think they’ve got all the tech in place for this now. As you say a lot of it will be whether or not they’ve been working on ship/station interiors in the background.

                If there’s one thing both Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous can be proud of it’s rejuvenating the interest in Space games. It’s great to see new projects like Hellion, Infinity: Battlescape, Dual Universe, Everspace etc. which have all come about as part of the 2012 revival.

              • vander

                It is great times for space game fans but it is sad that some gaming sites encourages people not to support some of these projects.
                Egosoft has been doing excellent work as well but their games has never became popular among bigger crowd. It is very interesting to see how upcoming X4 will be.

              • Harbinger73

                Yeah, it’s definitely a shame that more often than not these comments sections degenerate into pointless tribalism when we should really be embracing the development of all games of the genre. It doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. There’s never going to be a game that does everything right, every game has strengths and weaknesses.

                I think one of Egosoft’s problems with X:Rebirth was that it wasn’t that positively received upon release and although they’ve gone to great lengths to improve the game the stigmata of the old reviews tends to keep people away from giving it a chance. If your game is not perceived as a hit on day one it’s a massive uphill battle turning the tide later.

                I hope they took their struggles on X Rebirth as a learning experience and ensure they don’t release X4 until it’s ready.

              • vander

                Yeah, it’s definitely a shame that more often than not these comments
                sections degenerate into pointless tribalism when we should really be
                embracing the development of all games of the genre.

                Comments sections are most often very weak but what saddens me most is how game media treats the genre and especially some particular games like Star Citizen. Like for example PC Invasion keeps touting “don’t support Star Citizen” but they never give readers reason why not to. What I personally expect from game sites are factual information and let readers make their own conclusions – not to force writers own opinions to them.

                X Rebirth release was a disaster and it would be interesting why they released it in so bad condition – did the published force them, financial problems or what. Well, they have been working hard and at the moment they are finishing a new patch – version 4.10. It is great to see how dedicated they are even when things has go bad.
                Despite all the negativity and problems X3 and X Rebirth should be pretty strong base to work their upcoming games. I like X Rebirth and I have still faith for Egosoft that they are able to make some great space games in future.

              • vander

                Yesterday they did a live session and showed some new features. It seems the avatar is actually a hologram and that’s why it is not able to move around for now. The update 2.3 seems to be fine but since I play mostly alone and do exploring it will not affect my gaming greatly.
                Did you watch the stream? How do you like update 2.3?

                Space games has definitely came back and it is great to have multiple options. Even when the games shares many same features they are different enough to not overlap each other too badly.

      • sniper23

        Wait a minute… You don’t expect me to read all of these comments, right ?

        • Joe_Blober

          You can forget about reading… this is abouit Elite, nothing related to SC. Well unless you want to get an update on Elite.

    • AStormApproaches

      Interestingly, Derek Smart wrote in his very first blog on the subject that it would take AT LEAST 150 million to create the game as pitched. Now here we are at around that mark with no game in sight. Chris even admitted in a recent interview that if funding were to stop today they would only have the funds to complete SQ42. My advice for CIG is to get Derek as a business consultant. You guys clearly don’t know what you’re doing.

      • Joe_Blober

        Thanks to give me the opportunity as you talk about your favorite spiritual guide to share this link about this very same person:

        So Readers came make their own opinion. Advice from a guy who failed eveyrthing he attemped in 2 decades, lies 24 times out 24… We clearly do not have the same concept of who can be a consultant πŸ™‚

        The guy looking to commit suicide his own business should definitively hire that guy πŸ™‚

        • nopecat

          Thanks for the link!

          That is the best comedy blog i read in a while. It’s like a crazy obsessed person with shitty grammar and English calling another person crazy and obsessed. Best part is that this is all about a stupid video game, hahaha, so good!

          It’s like Borat with Video games! Well done! Please write more like this!

          • Joe_Blober

            Thank you for your suppor! I will.

        • Markus Stoehr

          Oh i see you moved on to the next sceptic … hope your job pleases you πŸ˜‰

          • Joe_Blober

            AStormApproaches is not a spectic but a verified Troll. Just have a look at his comment: promote a guy as consultant (check my site), a guy who failed his all Pro life (and gamers expectation) with a rage that deserve some respect..

            You Markus are a spectic, we do not have the same conclusion but still we can have exchange. This guy is here to promote lies and havoc. Huge difference. Proof? Master Troll himself feel the need to leave not 1 but 2 comments πŸ™‚

            Don’t worry about my time, what I am doing here and there is not a full time job. I have several screens on my desk and enough spare time to follow whatever I am delighted to do. I sleep well and not have to count sheeps… or trolls to get to sleep πŸ™‚

    • T.W.

      Media speaking out? Yeah you could say that if you call one rant on PC Invasion a media speak out πŸ˜€

      Hate all you like. There comes the day you will not shut up but silently sit in your cellar room playing SQ42 and SC 3.0.

      And why are ED characters so impressive? Please tell me that. Yeah itΒ΄s nice they add this. It gives us more ways to make beautifull shots of ship and space. And beautiful it can be. I always feel kinda scared when I jump into a system with a neutron star πŸ™‚ BEAUTIFUL

      But it has nothing on SC characters atm. Yes SC is one model for everyone. Give you that. *I know you will not only take my little finger but my whole arm*

      But why all the hate? Stop hating on THINGS! ItΒ΄s waste of your time and energy. Really… we have other problems than “SC will fail” rants. Time will tell. End of story. Go outside and take your hate into a gym or do some sports. Prostest if you are not happy with reality… do something.

      *waiting for goons and commandos and leans back stretching his arm behind his back as Derek Smart does* Hmmm Ahh ok guys what you wanna talk about? IΒ΄m not talking about SC! Those idiots over at RSI.

      Yeah sure put DS in charge of SC *rolls eyes and slow facepawn* Snake in a Suit with NPD… sure. Some of you already got a NPD person as president… have fun with that πŸ˜€

      • nopecat

        The best part about this crowdfunding project are the comedy posts of people posting incoherent rants like this. Hilarious!

        • T.W.

          Cutiepie… if you call that a rant you should check your interpretation skills.

          And look up what incoherent means… beside rant ^^


    • Cloverfield

      Great advice Paul. This game has more than twice the money it asked in stretch goals. If it can’t be done with all that, then more money will not help. And so far it indeed seems they can not make it.

    • vander

      [quoteblock]Out advice is don’t whip out that wallet, they already have over 142 million to make this.[/quoteblock]

      It would be great to read information much more detailed in PC Invasion some day. $142M contains building a company, working on two games at the same time, etc.
      Quality > quantity.

      • T.W.

        What did you expect? I tried hard to find any journalistic aspect in the “article”.

        People these days really like pointing at others and call them whatever fits their narrative. Self-reflection seems to become rare. Best way to not deal with yourself is dealing with others you donΒ΄t like.

        • vander

          As a readers all we can do is to give feedback to PC Invasion writers. Unfortunately I don’t have much hope for this site anymore.
          Hopefully there will be a PC gaming site someday which concentrates to do proper journalism.

          • Paul Younger

            I wrote this and have money invested in the project from day one just like some of you here I’m sure, I have a really good understanding of what’s going on with SC.I have followed and written about the game a lot in over the past few years.

            I have also worked in the industry, not just journalism, for 20 years. I have quite a good handle of the situation with SC. Just because you do not agree with my views on the project doesn’t mean they are incorrect. It is as I see it based on the development rate, scope and funding acquired.

            If I had known what I know and see now back when the Kickstarter launched, CIG wouldn’t have seen a cent from my wallet.Having backed many crowdfunded games over the years, this one has got out of hand with not a lot to show for it in the timeframe.

            Sure the scope of the game is large, however, what has been pushed out to backers in the current timeframe is just poor.

            I do hope CIG can make this work but looking at the big picture, it’s not looking great.

            • Adam

              It’s all the small details that really cause the delays in this Project. people love to bash SC for not having its FPS mode out in 4 years on cryengine – but what they don’t realise is SC uses none of the Crytek systems – they rebuilt their own from scratch.

              Sure they could have made squadron 42 as some kind of crysis 4 sequel years ago – but that’s not grand enough – it doesn’t push the gaming industry forward.

              it’s the little things that are impressing me about SC – the way your ships thrusters handle movement – the way all the HUDs are rendered in game and visible by other players – including your helmet. set your ship in a direction – get out the seat and go shoot your unsuspecting crew for the hell of it. sneak onto someone’s ship and wait for them to get back..

              Sure i’m disappointed by the delays of 3.0 and squadron 42 – but in the meantime they have been finishing ships like the Cat that came out in 2.6 when it was meant for 3.0. they developed the megamap system which has dramatically cut loading times.

              They continue to bug fix and optimise.
              Continue to develop the music and sound systems.
              Continue to rework the maps.
              Continue to rebalance ships.
              Continue work on capital ships and unknown ships.
              Continue working on environment art.
              Continue working on character and clothing art.
              Continue on flora and fauna.
              – i don’t need to go on, you get the point surely..

              • BiffChadwell

                I love how you’re impressed with the process of game development itself, apparently πŸ˜›

                Every single thing you’re talking about it what literally all game developers do, lol.

                Modifying game engine systems? You don’t think every developer does that? How do you think something like Tekken 7 runs on Unreal 4, yet is not a shooter? πŸ™‚

                Fixing bugs?
                Adding in Music?
                Rebalancing things?
                Continue work?
                Redoing art passes on things?

                Games like Overwatch must be mind-blowing then, as they manage to pull off the dark sorcery that IS both shipping a super polished game AND doing all the launch and post-launch support that falls under the umbrella of “continuing to add content”. These are all literally things almost all AAA games and live online titles do πŸ™‚

              • Adam

                Not quite what i was getting at, i meant you can’t really claim their development process is slow or that they don’t have enough to show for 4 years of work – that will all come when you see the finished SQ42

            • vander

              I have a really good understanding of what’s going on with SC.

              I have also worked in the industry, not just journalism, for 24 years.

              This is all great but unfortunately it doesn’t matter at all if it doesn’t show in the text. I probably don’t agree with your views but that’s not the problem. The problem is without giving us more in depth explanation why you think the development rate is slow, why $142M is enough to build two huge AAA games, etc. the “article” is no more than a blog post.

            • T.W.

              If you know as much about SC as you claim you should have no problem writing a good journalistic piece instead of what we see here.

              And I can understand if you feel letdown or you are dissapointed that your expectations of what SC will be are not met. Not CIGs fault but your own.

              Have fun Commando

            • Cujoman 187

              You should probably proofread your “articles” before actually posting them. You along with most people who write articles about this game obviously don’t do that (I read every article posted about SC Google automatically notified me of new SC articles). You have misused words in this one and some other “journalist” a lot of times even have misspelled words. Heck a lot of times you “journalist” even just give out flat out wrong info about the game entirely. That doesn’t look to good on your part calling yourself a journalist for 24 years when you can’t even use the correct words in your “article”. There are programs and extensions out there to use with your browser to automatically do that for you. I highly suggest you get one. I use one myself on my PC. On my phone I don’t have it and IDK maybe your using a phone to write your articles but even so they have spell check on phones even so that’s no excuse for the other “journalist” out there. If you feel you need to tell people to “out your wallets away” well I’m going to call you out on your BS writing then too. Leave it up to the people to decide if they want to spend money on the game. Heck suggest to play the free fly events CIG offers then to make their own decision. CIG has a lot of things they have finished behind closed doors they can’t show us because they want Squadron 42 to have surprises and not give away everything to us and ruin the thrill of that part of the game. If you think they only have what we currently have available in the live alpha or PTU alpha yes that’s right it’s still an alpha so yeah understand there will be bugs. There will be issues. That’s why it’s still an alpha. All alpha “games” will have issues. Get over it or just choose not to play it till there’s a beta or once it’s actually released if you can’t handle that.

            • Cloverfield

              Well said

    • Cujoman 187

      If writers actually went through and read what they wrote and didn’t have so many mistakes in their articles then maybe people would take these articles a little more seriously. But hey if they want to look like dumbasses then so be it. I read every article that comes out for this game and almost every single one has spelling mistakes and or flat out the wrong words in the article that don’t even make sense. Such as… Out advise is don’t whip out that wallet. Lol yeah what an idiot! Sometimes even flat out the wrong information about the game too. How do these idiots even have a job working for companies to write this garbage if they can’t spell or use the correct wording? Don’t they go back and read what they wrote before posting it? Wouldn’t the web sites at least proofread their garbage before allowing them to post it on their web sites? I guess not lol. Well that makes my decision pretty easy. Take what they write with a grain of salt. Advising people not to open their wallets well I say let the choice be yours. If you play the game and enjoy the free fly go right ahead and buy a ship or two to support the game and the development of the game. Who cares how much they have made already. They have also built a company from the ground up with the funds they have raised already too so yeah they have made a lot of money but take into consideration they built the business with that money too. So it’s not like a lot of other AAA games that already had a studio and business to start out with. Those big budget games didn’t have to build the business and studios first. They also already had around the same number of people working on the game that CIG finally has now from day one. So yeah it has taken some time to get where they are at now but those are huge reasons no one really thinks about as to why its taken so long.