June 20th, 2017

Play Star Citizen free until the end of the month

Play Star Citizen free until the end of the month

While not everyone one is pleased with the way CIG has handled Star Citizen, at least you can give it a try for free.

It’s still a long way off from being released, assuming everything goes to plan with development, but we think everyone should give it a shot before passing judgment.

From today until 30 October, anyone can jump into what content available right now. This Free Fly event grants access to the F7CM Super Hornet so you can test the dogfighting, racing and some of the game’s early location currently available.

Our advice is to give it a shot, and at the end of the event you really like what you see and want to support it, pick up one of the cheaper purchase options. Just don’t go and spend silly money on concept ships.

To gain access head to the event page and sign-up.

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  • Comments: 3
    • Zed Clampet

      There’s almost nothing to do at this point. I don’t know why they keep giving free access to virtually nothing.

      • Paul Younger

        Simply because it may encourage a percentage of new player to part with some cash.

      • Capt4chris

        There’s actually quite a few things to do. It’s not all readily apparent either because the game is in alpha so they aren’t spending time on promoting little activities that may or may not make it in the final game (that’s why the tutorial was deactivated temporarily) or because it’s a sandbox game so the point is to jump in and just start exploring and/or interacting with others. If you really want to get a list of what you can do then search reddit.

        I play for an hour or two every few nights.