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Gamescom tipped the Star Citizen funding over the $50 million mark so Chris Roberts explains what’s coming next.

In a lengthy update from Chris Roberts now that Gamescom is over and a further $2 million is in the bank, there has been speculation as to what’s coming next as far as future crowd funding goals are concerned.

Cloud Imperium has not run out of ideas just yet as the $52 million and $53 million goals have been revealed and this includes the addition of jet packs!

  • The BB-12 is a brand new Manned Maneuvering Unit from Azure Sky Aero. Whether you are engaging in precision mining operations or delicate salvage retrieval, the BB-12 is capable of EVA operation for six uninterrupted hours. This new model features twenty-four precision nozzle thrusters and two redesigned heavy-duty tanks of gaseous nitrogen propellant, capable of being hot-swapped while on the drift or refueled back on the ship. With the BB-12, Azure Sky has once again cemented their place as the premierEVA tech provider.

At $53 million the team are starting to look ahead to the actual launch of the game and announced the “Independent Arbitrator’s Guild” which will be a position to sort out any nasty disputes among players in the persistent universe.

  • INDEPENDENT ARBITRATOR’S GUILD – Have you been wronged by your superiors? Has the member of your organization entrusted with watching the funds, been watching them go into their own pocket? Think you don’t have any recourse? You’re wrong. Fully licensed and bonded to work within the UEE and beyond, the Independent Arbitrator’s Guild allows citizens (and civilians, we don’t discriminate!) to file complaints against (or within) private organizations. Petition cases with our IAG representatives to have your voice heard and restitutions made. Is your business less than legitimate? IAG is only here to judge the matters you want us to. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

An issue that has been highlighted to the team is the game’s website as new potential players/backers are finding it a little hard to understand what all this Star Citizen malarkey is about when they arrive at the site. They find it hard to understand “how to get started”.

With that in mind the team are going to remove the crowd funding ticker because “Star Citizen’ isn’t just about making millions of dollars”. It may not be about the money but it sure is helping.

“While continued funding is necessary to build Star Citizen at the current level of AAA fidelity and no compromises, the first experience for new people should be about the game and universe, not about how much money we’ve raised. Backers do a whole lot more than just buy new ships. You are our eyes and ears; you sell the project to other gamers better than any ad campaign ever could, your design ideas expand our scope and your bug reports help us make a smoother game. Every time you dogfight in Arena Commander, you’re helping make Star Citizen better!”

Having raised so much cash so far it’s a valid point, they don’t need to appear to be so aggressive with the crowd funding. The page will soon display ” new kinds of goals” such as “additional types of stretch goals for number of players active, number of Vanduul extinguished, number of bugs reported and more”.

In case you were wondering, the $51 million goal was picked by the community and that was the “Star Citizen ‘known space’ map “.

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