April 7th, 2017

Star Citizen goes Kickstarter due to massive demand

Chris Roberts’  recently announced space sim Star Citizen has proved so popular with PC gamers wanting to help fund the game that the demand to support it has been crashing the web servers for the Star Citizen site. Not good if you are trying to raise funds for your new project.

To get around the problem, Roberts has now launched a Kickstarter project as a means to get the funding rolling in. Anyone who pledged on the new Kickstarter page will also have their account tied into their Space Industries official site account.

“It is all about giving our fans the opportunity to choose the platform and payment provider they feel the most comfortable with. We asked whether they wanted Kickstarter as an option and they spoke! Between Kickstarter and the original site, which supports Paypal and major credit cards, I believe we have the tools in place to make everyone feel comfortable in backing this game. I would also like to take a moment to thank the great people at Kickstarter. They were quick to offer help and have been great as we put together a solution.”

Prior to the official site being hammered into the ground by traffic, Star Citizen had raised 1 million USD in a single week. On Kickstarter, the project has so far raised $134,565 with 31 days to go.

Can Star Citizen break Obsidian’s Project Eternity record of 4 million? Roberts is only looking to hit a 2 million USD goal, but the way things are going on Kickstarter at the moment, it could break that.

Roberts is a very popular chap in PC gaming circles, and it’s not surprising, we’ve all sunk months into games like Freelancer in the past.

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