Star Citizen

Another week comes to an end and right on cue there’s another million in the Star Citizen coffers.

The weekend is usually when Star Citizen reaches a new funding goal and this week is no exception as the game has just passed the $52 million mark. For this goal backers will be able to get their hands on a Manned Maneuvring Unit, or jet pack if you prefer.

  • The BB-12 is a brand new Manned Maneuvering Unit from Azure Sky Aero. Whether you are engaging in precision mining operations or delicate salvage retrieval, the BB-12 is capable of EVA operation for six uninterrupted hours. This new model features twenty-four precision nozzle thrusters and two redesigned heavy-duty tanks of gaseous nitrogen propellant, capable of being hot-swapped while on the drift or refueled back on the ship. With the BB-12, Azure Sky has once again cemented their place as the premierEVA tech provider.

In the past week alone the game has raised a over a million with huge spike hitting just as the Gamescom reveals went live before settling back to normal levels of around 120K a day. I say normal, but is 120K a day normal for a game that’s a long way off from release?

Looking ahead to the $53 million goal there’s the “Independent Arbitrator’s Guild”.

  • INDEPENDENT ARBITRATOR’S GUILD – Have you been wronged by your superiors? Has the member of your organization entrusted with watching the funds, been watching them go into their own pocket? Think you don’t have any recourse? You’re wrong. Fully licensed and bonded to work within the UEE and beyond, the Independent Arbitrator’s Guild allows citizens (and civilians, we don’t discriminate!) to file complaints against (or within) private organizations. Petition cases with our IAG representatives to have your voice heard and restitutions made. Is your business less than legitimate? IAG is only here to judge the matters you want us to. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Beyond that we’re not quite sure what they have planned but we do know that they are wanting to de-emphasise these goals on their website.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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