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Caterpillar modular tech concept

Those funds just keep on coming and today we have more details on how the crews will function.

When Star Citizen hit the $64 million goal a week a go I don’t think even Cloud Imperium expected to reach $66 million by the end of the week. The massive influx of funds has been attributed to new players coming onboard and existing players pledging for the Carrack ship which costs a hefty $350 uSD.

At $64 million pets were added, at $65 million there’s now more ship modularity.

  • Enhanced Ship Modularity – So you have the ship of your dreams, but really wish that it could be customized to suit your needs a bit more than the off-the-shelf models? This new goal, a massive undertaking, is going to be of interest. We are looking to overhaul any suitable ships (including the Cutlass, Avenger, Retaliator and Redeemer) to allow many modular components to be available as swap-outs. For example: if you have purchased a Redeemer, then using the new system you would have a variety of new modules available to refit the ship, internal and external, to suit your play requirements. If you wanted to make it a Bounty Hunter ship, you could buy a “Stasis Chamber module” for the lower deck and you would be able to capture and store fugitives to be delivered for their bounties at your leisure. You could configure the upper deck to be outfitted with a “long range communication suite” allowing you to keep in touch with your “Infoagent” even when in deep space. Fed up of Bounty hunting? Swap in a larger cargo module in the lower deck to make that profitable run you have been planning for a while, or add the Explorer Module with deployable vehicle for some planetside recon. Manufacturers will still be offering pre-configured variants, but should you be looking to adapt a hull to suit a certain task then your ship has come in (and is now ready for modification!)

Next up, because the $66 million goal has already been reached, there’s a slight change to the usual send cash to get something goal. This time the team want to share details on Star Citizen’s multi-crew ship seat actions. The UK based team at Foundry 42 have put together a lengthy update which explains how they are tackling multi-crew ships and how each ship’s stations will function with either NPCs or real players.

It sounds like a nightmare to design, but if they manage to engage all the players on a multi-crew ship, it could be a fantastic gameplay experience and you can understand why so many PC gamers are throwing cash at the game.

Head over to the large update now for the details.

Paul Younger
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