Star Citizen hits $70 million in funding

Star Citizen hits $70 million in funding

Guess what? Cloud Imperium has even more money to make the space epic which is due next year.

It’s taken just over two weeks to bring another $1 million into the Star Citizen funding pool, and as of the early hours of this morning, the total cash raised now surpasses a whopping $70 million.

At the recent BAFTA LA talk Chris Roberts thought the game should make the $100 million this year and he’s not kidding. We’re only in January which gives another 11 months to bring in the rest through the sale of extras such as new ships.

Cloud Imperium intend to put all that money to good use this year with the planetside content and the FPS module beta coming in March/April, multi-crew ships in the summer, the single player Squadron 42 in the autumn, and the persistent universe at the end of this year.

Rewards for funding goals are not coming as thick and fast as they used to in the early days of this campaign which is actually a good sign. The more they promise to add, the longer it might take to create extra features for that 2016 release. Chris Roberts says they have it all planned out so we needn’t worry where it’s all going.

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I can count the tens of millions on all my fingers.
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