June 20th, 2017

Star Citizen’s holiday stream disappoints with no Squadron 42 but it is amusing

Star Citizen’s holiday stream disappoints with no Squadron 42 but it is amusing

This evening CIG held a live Star Citizen holiday stream for the community and backers but it was a right mess.

What could only be described as streaming amateur hour, the stream was extremely cringeworthy. Not only was the audio either not working or out of sync for much of the stream, but the whole first part was simply terrible. The commentary over the 2.6  gameplay in the first section was embarrassing, and why anyone would want to watch the devs challenge each other on the race tracks for a large chunk of the stream is a mystery.

Many backers had tuned in to finally see something of Squadron 42, which was absent at CitizenCon a couple of months ago, but nothing appeared.

CIG released a statement on progress just prior to the stream via a newsletter.

In anticipation of today’s Live Stream, I did want to address one thing that I have been seeing speculation on in the forums: whether or not today’s Live Stream will feature the Squadron 42 Vertical Slice.

After we made the decision before CitizenCon that the Squadron 42 vertical slice wasn’t ready to be shown publically, we spent some time on reviewing how far off we were and what we wanted to achieve in order to be comfortable showing a full chapter of S42 gameplay.  After all the effort we expended for CitizenCon, we didn’t want to spend additional developer time polishing intermediate solutions if it wasn’t going towards the final product. A slick demo isn’t that helpful if it pushes back the finished game, so we decided that the priority should be completing full systems over getting the vertical slice into a showable state.

So no Squadron 42 footage then. You can read the full newsletter here and see if you can spot the waffle.

2.6 was also scheduled for a 16 December release on their development schedule but that has been pushed back by at least next week. It may arrive on the PTU this weekend for select testers.

The part of the stream that really rubbed some backers up the wrong way was the push of more ship sales. With nothing really new to show in the stream apart from some Vanduul concept work, asking for more cash has been a step too far for some.

While backers like myself still have some faith Star Citizen will work out, CIG is not helping itself at the moment. The only positive to be taken from the stream is that some backers might finally put their wallets away and force CIG to get an actual game out the door.

You can watch the Star Citizen holiday stream below for comedy value but there’s not much else worth watching it for.

Update: CIG have now pulled the live stream video from their Youtube channel so we have removed it. You can watch it on their Twitch channel if you really want to and the main segments can also be viewed separately in this post.


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  • Comments: 41
    • PlusAnime

      Well written!

    • vander

      Star Citizen PU Alpha 2.6.0 is now available for wave 1.

      Also the latest Monthly report includes plenty of interesting information and pictures. Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 will be amazing.

      Great times.

      • Ulric L. Wolf

        as I recall, I believe the PU is disabled… network serialization was removed, no ‘mega’ map, no ‘scan’ function. In short virtually 1/2 of what was supposed to be in 2.6 is either disabled or has been removed from the patch all together.

        Considering that, I don’t think one could say that ‘2.6’ is available…

        Then of course, considering CR @ gamescon stated 2.6 & 3.0 would be out by EoY…

        • vander

          Megamap is just to make it a bit more easier and faster play a new match. It is nothing important at this point. Scanning would have been nice but if it is not ready yet even for testing it is better not to put into release.

          They can enable and disable features as they want at this point. The game is still in Alpha stage (not even live yet) for testing and filing bug reports. There are tons of new features to test in Alpha 2.6.0

          • nopecat

            Don’t bother with these people @disqus_OV2QGcrt2b:disqus, they don’t know how game development works. You just need to go to the .ini and enable it

            [StarCitizen Config]

            • Ulric L. Wolf

              yeayea, the infamous cry of the fanboi ‘they don’t know how game development works.’. Your qualifications are what, nopecat?

            • vander

              Thanks for the configuration tips.

              It would be helpful if gaming websites would start to write more about game development but unfortunately there are no many website sites that does that.

        • GeminiJ13

          I also seem to remember way back in January this year that we were supposed to be getting regular monthly updates. Well, that worked out flawlessly.

          • Ulric L. Wolf

            Correct, so then they announce a 3 month cadence….

            Amusingly, 2.6 is approaching 5 months… Considering CR claimed they would have 2.6 & 3.0 out by EoY.

      • GeminiJ13

        I love it. We get “…interesting information and pictures.”, but no real substance like actual gameplay. Just more jpeg ship sales and SM, which was supposed to be in our hands over a year ago. As far as 3.0 is concerned, it’s going to be AT LEAST 6 months late and it will NOT be amazing. Nice try though.

        • vander

          They have shown a lot of gameplay and released Star Citizen 2.6.0 to PTU. The document is about progress they did last month and at least to me it included information I was happy to hear about. As we can see from the pictures PG tech has want forward greatly again from last time we saw it.

          Star Citizen 3.0 will be huge and includes lots of new features and upcoming shows (AtV, RtV, etc.) and documents will be about them.

    • Ulric L. Wolf

      It seem, what we were told in regards to the ‘state’ of SQ42 at Citcon doesn’t quite match up with what the newsletter says about Sq42’s status.

      • Malcolm Griffiths

        Don’t think it was that but simply put once they decided not to show it they looked at what was coming and decided that that would be neat to be in as well. The upshot is that they completely forgot about having to keep us backers happy and what they could do in that regard. In the end they’ve totally botched up community management and there is a very large pushback in progress on the RSI forums. The irony is that it could have all been avoided if CIG had pushed out that intermediate product – it would have kept us happy.

        • Eggard Snark

          cool baseless speculation, bro.

      • Fran Couz

        Doesn’t match up how? What I read in that newsletter exactly matches the ‘state’ they mentioned at Citcon.

    • Neoblade

      You know Mr. Younger the “Driller” is Squadron 42 content, right?


      • Adept

        Was that supposed to be impressive? A 40 second bit would have worked possibly, but with this I just got bored.

        • Paul Younger

          Yep, I am aware of what it is, but really? This is not showing backers what they really want to see.

          • GeminiJ13

            Showing us that ship was as impressive as watching our Mom’s coming down the stairs in an evening dress. You tell her that she looks good out of respect and courtesy. Not because she is really blowing you away.

      • vander

        Their other video gives some sense of scale. Can’t wait to see how the ship looks inside.


      • Fran Couz

        That is one gorgeous looking ship!

    • Zack Sutherland

      Can confirm it was cringe, but a cringe that you can laugh your ass off at. All I can really say is, I’m really looking forward to see what CIG have planned for 2017.

      • GeminiJ13

        I don’t think that Chris Roberts wants you to be “laughing your ass off” at his 140 million dollar baby. LOL!

        • Fran Couz

          What has a live stream got to do with the product? If there is no livestream, a good one or a bad one, has no connection to the game they are working on.

        • Zack Sutherland

          Not laughing at his game. Laughing at how little money they spend on the stream production. Mustn’t be many subscribers.

          • GeminiJ13

            I understand your point. There are Twitch streamers with better skills than what we witnessed. It isn’t the amount of money spent that would have made the stream better but the skill of the people involved. No one seemed ready to troubleshoot the problems they were having. Subscribers to the extra content have been dwindling for the past few months, for sure.

    • Duncan

      It’s hilarious that CIG state “A slick demo isn’t that helpful if it pushes back the finished game” with their prior history of things like “add a sand worm”!

      • Fran Couz

        Not sure what you want to say. Fixing stuff just for the sake of showing part of the game that won’t fix it outside of said demonstration would hold back the finished game. Putting in a sand worm that will be in the finished game does not hold back the finished game.

        • Ulric L. Wolf

          Two Words… ‘Helmet flip’

    • Joe_Blober

      As a backer, yes this last Livestream was not the best but we saw new video gameplay, vandull capital ship and I got invit to join PTU 2.6 to do my backer job: Get through 2.6 and participate to bug chasing before final PU release. I totally agree with CR not to show SQ42 footage if the quality is not at the right level yet. It is mandatory to deliver AAA visual. We backers are not publishers and do not want unfinished crap released. Take 6 extra months if required and lets haters hate.

      • GeminiJ13

        I bet you said something to this effect two years ago. Your faith is so blind that you’ve drank the Kool-Aid many times and have already walked off the cliff like your fellow lemmings; looking to reasonable onlookers like your in a cult the likes of which Jim Jones would be proud of.

        • vander

          So why aren’t you interested in Star Citizen? What kind of games you like and play mostly?

          • Fran Couz

            Most likely LoD. This is one of the few people that seem to take Derek Smart seriously.

          • GeminiJ13

            I am very interested in what Star Citizen represents. I love the idea of Star Citizen. The management of this idea/game has been horrible. Consequently, this is going to bring down the project; or cut it off at the knees. Anyone looking at this development process while not wearing rose colored glasses can see all the wrong turns that the company has taken. It might just be too late to steer the ship away from hitting the rocks near the shore. At the very least, millions of dollars have been squandered away on poor management and decisions. The scope of the game has gotten away from the core. Chris Roberts is a huge liability because he won’t release anything unless it meets the abnormally high standards he has set for his “magnum opus”. They could have released an actual game right now and be iterating on it, improving it month over month with updates and bug smashing. But that process can’t be catered to because of the man in charge. If this game were being developed without public funds, no one would have known the mess that this has become under the umbrella of a publisher. We wouldn’t even know about the game simply because a publisher would be too embarrassed to show off what we have now. But because this game is being funded in the public’s eye, we are privy to all the unmitigated mistakes that have and are happening. The worse part about all this is that the community is telling CIG exactly how to fix the problems and they aren’t listening. Apparently, most all of the executive staff walk around with rose colored glasses on.

            • vander

              CIG was build up from scratch during these years and it sure had some growing pains. It is not a huge surprise considering how fast everything happens and how big the company and the project is.

              The scope of the game is most likely one of the major aspects why people supports the project. Star Citizen is the change to have an enormous and versatile space game we wouldn’t get otherwise.

              The technology is not ready yet so they are not able to push it for testing yet. If the features are not functional, the game crashes every 5 sec or doesn’t even launch it is not helpful to release it for public. There are enough stuff to test in Alpha 2.6.0 already and the community can help by filing bug reports.

    • Kelton Jetersen

      Completely and utterly disenchanted with this game. -.-

    • Ryan BurnsRed

      Honestly, for me it’s past the point of SEEING footage. I want to PLAY something new. I’m tired of waking up in Port Olisar and flying around doing the same canned missions. And I’m tired of the dogfighting arena. Them adding Star Marine with minor tweaks/fixes for another year while they hype up ship sales with more footage of stuff that is months/years out is not what I want and it’s not what a lot of people want either as appearent following the hilariously bad livestream that looks like they just threw together at the last minute. People, including me, are tired of being strung along.

      This year, like last year was lackluster in terms of actual content for backers. The only redeeming factor for CIG this year was the Gamescom demo, which we probably won’t get to actually play until 2018 IF we’re lucky. I just can’t anymore. I’m tired of riding the hype train. I’m done.

      • vander

        > “I want to PLAY something new”

        Star Citizen is not in post-release state when developers adds something new to play on every release. That said, there are plenty of changes and new features in Alpha 2.6.0 to test and file bug reports when found. The game development is not just adding tons of game play features but improving game engine and technologies which are needed later.

        You can see what kind of goals and plans they have for Alpha 3.0. It will probably include lots of new game play features you to try out. The development process is complicated so there is no guarantee that all goals will be reached.

        • Ryan BurnsRed

          From my understanding, Alpha is building the game, ADDING features and building the core gameplay. BETA is when optimization and bug testing occurs. So with that being said your comment makes little sense to me. Sorry.

          • vander

            It does mean that all alpha versions should have visible changes. They could release a new alpha version which has for example a new netcode and Item System 2.0 without any visible changes for players.
            In this case Alpha 2.6.0 has many new features and visible changes for testing.

    • waswat

      Every fucking time there’s SOMETHING wrong with the live version, whether it be audio sync issues or still using interlacing; every fucking time something happens that makes the streams barely even watchable for me. Which is why I simply just wait until it’s posted on youtube. Good to know I’ve missed nothing.

      You’d think that a company that gets millions of dollars in funding would have figured out how streaming works by now…