June 30th, 2017

Star Citizen mod lets you fly ships now – Here’s how

Star Citizen mod lets you fly ships now – Here’s how

star citizen mod

A Star Citizen mod has been released called the Illum Mod which allows you to exit the confines of the Star Citizen hangar and take a variety of ships for a spin, even if you haven’t  purchased them. That’s the wonderful thing about PC gaming is there’s always someone probing and tinkering with game files for the benefit of the community, and in this case credit goes to CharliebrownAU who also posted this on his YouTube channel.

The point of the Hangar Module is so you can check out your purchased ships and all the other aesthetic bits and pieces. The frustrating thing is you can’t leave the hangar, until now.

With a few file changes you can take all the ships for a spin, and while this is all very rudimentary right now but it’s pretty cool.

If you have the Hangar Module installed all you need to do is the following:

1. Download this rar file  – It’s perfectly safe, we have checked,

2. Inside the StarCitizenClient/data directory make a director called backup or something similar.

3. Copy the original Levels directory you see there into the backup folder you created.

4. Unrar the downloaded file and replace everything in the original Levels directory with the rar contents.

5. Launch Star Citizen.

Once launched you’ll start out on floating platform and you can walk around all the ships. Pick which one you want to take for a spin, board the ship, take the pilot’s seat and start flying.

Movement is handled with the following keys:

  • +   Accelerate
  • – Decelerate
  • W = tilt up
  • S = tilt down
  • A = Rotate left
  • D = Rotate right
  • Mouse Left/Right – Look about the cockpit
  • Left Mouse = Fire
  • F1 = Change view.

OK, so it’s not perfect but it’s a bit of fun and a great way to check out the ships. Below are a few videos of the mod in action as an example. My flying skills were so poor I managed to face-plant an Aurora so we’ll leave it to the pros for now.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • DavidTheSlayer

      Awesome, I got to check out my Origin 300i.

    • Marcus

      I can’t seem to activate the engines. I have tried almost everything. I tried using the + and – from both the regular side of the keyboard and also the numpad section. I’ve literally tried pressing all the buttons individually on the keyboard and that doesn’t work either. I can get into the level, I can get into the ships and even rotate them or pitch them but I just can’t activate the thrusters! I would appreciate some help.

    • JoeM

      Marcus, depending upon your keyboard layout and country settings the key that triggers acceleration may be different, my only advice is try pressing every button. Several craft do not work yet. You should be able to accelerate with the aurora, 300, and hornet craft. The avenger will turn in place but not accelerate. The rest don’t move.

    • Rushster

      I must have lucked out with the ships I tried to fly. I know I was in Aurora because I managed to crash that 😉

    • Xarteros

      I can’t seem to get the weapons working at all, except on the 350r i think it was. It’s also really choppy, but I’ve got a GTX 760 and 16gb RAM that seems to handle everything else pretty well (like, I’d expect to be able to fly a bit smoother, like the example videos). Nothing running in the background to my knowledge. Ideas?

      • Dr.Mattsuu

        I expect that it is not optimized at all – considering how early in the development cycle they are, not to mention all of the flight physics aren’t in the hacked up version this mod enables. It looks to be using standard Cry-engine physics which defiantly isn’t built for this. We’ll no doubt see a much improved version when we get the dog fighting module this new year.

        • Xarteros

          my point was, the example videos don’t appear choppy at all, but mine is. I expect that my setup would be able to run it just as well as it was run in the videos above.

    • a

      is this still working after the patch?

    • Junkyard Dawg

      Unfortunately it does not work with the latest patch (10) and the HangarShipViewer mod. It does not work with the original files as well…
      All you see is yourself hanging in space (My god, it’s full of stars!) and a couple of ships falling away from you…
      Oh well…
      Waiting for the next patch :-]