July 20th, 2015

Star Citizen November developer update brings us up to speed

Star Citizen

The numerous teams outline their plans for Star Citizen in this lengthy update.

While the money continues to roll in and we eagerly await our space pets, development continues on Star Citizen. Arena Commander v1.0 is still not ready, but according to the update, the next push will be to get v1.0 out the door as their next major release for the module.

The persistent universe, which is probably one of the most important parts of Star Citizen is still being worked on by the Austin team and the Illfonic FPS team are apparently now making “great progress”.

There’s a lot of information to soak up in this update from all the teams covering all aspects of the game, whether it be design, tech, art, audio or motion capture. If you’re following the game or aree a backer then this is worth reading to get a full picture of where the game’s development is at.

Star Citizen may not be coming out any time soon but if they can get Arena Commander to v1.0 and completed┬áthat’s at least a good start. It’s been a long time coming but it would be nice to see them move on from that at the start of 2015.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • manzes

      Hi IncGamers

      It just came to my attention of an old backer that was convinced by the earlier promises of Chris Roberts on its advertising asked about a week ago his refund.

      He claimed that as CR did not accomplish with a lot of his promises, mainly those related on delivering in the timely manner earlier promised, depending just of more money to achieve that, he lost his trust that the project will end working or complete, or even in anything that they continue to add and promise…

      Then, he received the following reply of the CIG Support:
      “Cloud Imperium Games (Cloud Imperium Games)
      Dec 03 05:53

      Hi there

      Thank you for your query and i have my very sorry for the delay in reply. Unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds in accordance to our terms of service. I am very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.

      Yours Allie”


      Now… They presented their TOS as the reason, but in fact, they broke that deal unilaterally when they chosen to expand and to do not release in time, stating between the reasons, marketing, in other words, not really an act of good faith here with those who pledged earlier and for the reasons that they stated earlier, which included the delivering in a more timely manner, following an advance compatible with what they claimed…

      I would like to refer to what the United States of America Federal Trade Comission states about “deceptive marketing”:


      “The Federal Trade Commission Act allows the FTC to act in the interest of all consumers to prevent deceptive and unfair acts or practices. In interpreting Section 5 of the Act, the Commission has determined that a representation, OMISSION or practice is deceptive if it is likely to: mislead consumers and affect consumers’ behavior or decisions about the product or service.”

      And mainly to this part: “That is, advertising must tell the truth and not mislead consumers. A claim can be misleading if relevant information is left out or if the claim implies something that’s not true.”

      And this important bullet: “Disclaimers and disclosures must be clear and conspicuous. That is, consumers must be able to notice, read or hear, and understand the information. Still, a disclaimer or disclosure alone usually is not enough to remedy a false or deceptive claim.”

      Their refusal to give the refund shows that they are not just making bait-and-switch, but ACTUALLY acting in bad faith when denying refunds on people, showing the own TOS that by itself includes this:


      And yes… making deceptive marketing intentionally or not (because the law does not care about intention)… IS BEYOND the maximum extent permitted.

      Customers mainly of other countries can be explored by this company due lack of access to the court of law with an ocean between them. For these people, the hope is that members of the press like you can fight against this abusive behavior of this company.
      I suggest you write an article about that. These is so or more grave than the recent initial refusal of Frontier on giving refunds to people, or at the minimum in the same level, and that lead to tons of articles that lead them to change their minds. I hope that you and other members of the press could criticize enough so they change this absurd exploitation with the good faith of their backers, in their visible bad faith action.

      • Progenitor

        Do you have a single fact to back all that up? You have a text copy of an unprofessionally written e-mail with no link to an image and then you ranted for a while.

      • John

        manzes, don’t you have anything better to do with your life? Literally every article about Star Citizen you write these long and drawn out non-factual and non-sensical posts about how you think Star Citizen is a scam. You spend hundreds of hours writing these posts and nobody bothers to read your wall of text. Don’t you think you’re a little pathetic? Seriously, what are you doing with your life?

      • Bobby

        so much butthurt, whats up pony

      • Llano Zest

        Manzes, I see you tried posting this EXACT SAME crap on Star Citizen article that the Guardian wrote recently. And you’ll notice your comment got deleted due to being against their rules.

        Do you know what “libel” is?

      • Hyper1

        Manzes that can’t be true you were banned from RSI website and refunded a year or so right?

    • blackdreamhunk

      I am proud owner of the 890 jump, My Normandy sr2 (Carrack ) and phoenix =P Can’t to have in hanger