July 20th, 2015

Star Citizen November developer update brings us up to speed

Star Citizen

The numerous teams outline their plans for Star Citizen in this lengthy update.

While the money continues to roll in and we eagerly await our space pets, development continues on Star Citizen. Arena Commander v1.0 is still not ready, but according to the update, the next push will be to get v1.0 out the door as their next major release for the module.

The persistent universe, which is probably one of the most important parts of Star Citizen is still being worked on by the Austin team and the Illfonic FPS team are apparently now making “great progress”.

There’s a lot of information to soak up in this update from all the teams covering all aspects of the game, whether it be design, tech, art, audio or motion capture. If you’re following the game or aree a backer then this is worth reading to get a full picture of where the game’s development is at.

Star Citizen may not be coming out any time soon but if they can get Arena Commander to v1.0 and completed┬áthat’s at least a good start. It’s been a long time coming but it would be nice to see them move on from that at the start of 2015.

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