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Star Citizen raises $16 million – New $18 million stretch goal revealed

instance2-1024x576 Star Citizen raises $16 million - New $18 million stretch goal revealed

We all got so wrapped up in the hangar reveal over the weekend that we forgot to post the news that RSI’s Star Citizen has now¬†raised a whopping $16 million.

With more money in the development pot, the $18 million stretch goal was confirmed which includes an “Exclusive star system for pre-launch backers”. This is a pretty cool addition for early backers as only they will have access to this additional content location through their on-board computers.

The $16 million goal unlocked the Arena mode in which pilots can test their skills against buddies or strangers. Think of it as a testing area where there’s no risk of ship loss and RSI also mention the ability to place bets on competitions. ¬†There’s also a laser pistol to help stop pesky intruders boarding your ship.

After watching the game progress since it was announced, I’ll admit I personally took the plunge in backing the game, it was just too tempting not to get a slice of the action and get in early when the hangar and dogfighting modules are released in the coming weeks and months ahead.

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