July 8th, 2015

Star Citizen reaches $17 million goal – Battlecruiser and engine modifiers unlock

Star Citizen (8)

It’s been a bit if a Star Citizen news-fest here on IncGamers in the past 24 hours but there’s been a lot to talk about. Over night the game reached its next crowd funding goal of $17 million.

With 13% already complete towards reaching $18 million, the funds will have been boosted by the opening of the store yesterday where backers could purchase items for their ships and hangars.

Backers will now receive a ship upgrade package containing an engine modifier and an additional flyable ship class, the Battlecruiser, will be added to the game.

The $17 million goal now means that the game is well on its way to reaching the next major goal unlock which is an exclusive star system for pre-launch backers.

When the campaign hits $19 million, backers will receive:

  •  Know your foe with a Jane’s Fighting Ships style manual free in PDF form to all pledgers.
  •  Manage Space Stations – Players will compete to own and operate a limited number of space stations across the galaxy.
  •  RSI Museum will air monthly, with a new game featured each time!


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