Star Citizen has now reached a whopping $21 million in crowd funding which has also unlocked the salvage mechanic which in turn has unlocked what is effectively a whole new game mechanic.

  • Salvage Mechanic: Salvage isn’t an aside: it’s a career, with its own mechanic, story tie-ins and universe-shaping endgames. Search the galaxy for a host of valuable and interesting secrets using both the flight andFPS components. Discover the secrets of the ancient Hadesians, locate valuable components and cargo… or go down in history the first to make contact an entirely new alien race!

The funding continues as Cloud Imperium has also revealed the new $23 million goal which is the addition of the Xi’an Scout as a “playable asset”.

  • Xi’an Scout Unlocked! The Khartu is the light attack craft of the Xi’An military. Contrary to Human ship design, the Khartu doesn’t have a traditional main thruster, instead featuring an array of maneuvering thrusters on articulated rigs. This design allows for incredible agility, making them the bane of UEE pilots, who bestowed the nickname ‘Quark’ because when all of the thrusters are firing, the ship looks like a spark flying through space. The Xi’an Aopoa corporation also manufactures an export model, the Khartu-al, for sale to human civilians as a dedicated scout/explorer. The export model features the same Xi’an maneuvering rig, but control surfaces modified for human use and a more limited armament.

Cloud Imperium hope the addition of alien Xi’an ships for the game’s launch will create a more immersive universe as the ships will “feel different” to the other ships in the game due to the fact they can rotate on all axes allowing thrust in multiple directions.

Paul Younger
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