Star Citizen reaches $24 million – Enhanced Capital Ship Systems goal revealed

Remember that Hornet video we posted last night? It looks like it’s done the trick as Cloud Imperium has just reached the $24 million goal for Star Citizen.

This latest target now means that the game will feature the public transport system:

Need to get from one place to another but don’t have a starship? We’re building a galactic transportation system. You can travel via transport from system to system in Star Citizen and even ship items (like a ship you need moved to another hangar.) With this stretch goal, we’ll expand this system: star liners, long range transports, charter ships and flyable shuttles!

Star Citizen

A monorail car, which will be used by the player to travel from place to place on Terra

Not that the $24 million is in the bank, Cloud Imperium has also announced the $26 million goal which will be enhanced capital ship systems.

Enhanced Capital Ship Systems – In addition to the command and control systems we’ve already outlined, we’re going to expand capital ship functions! Lead a damage control team to fight fires and repair key systems during battle, control internal bulkheads to slow boarders and man a number of consoles, like navigation and engineering, that will make commanding a capital ship feel even more immersive.

With such a massive amount of funding now secured you have to wonder if they’ll run out of stretch goal ideas. It;s good new for supporters though, the game looks to be coming on leaps and bounds.

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  • DavidTheSlayer

    Anyone know what happens if you control internal bulkheads to slow boarders attempting to control your ship and then it turns out you sacraficed your fire fighting crew to save the rest of the ship when they went to put out the fire because airlock systems went down? Will the fire fighters get a free respawn :D?