July 7th, 2015

Star Citizen reaches $3.5 million and unlocks more features

The Star Citizen crowd funding campaign continues to gather pace today as it reaches the milestone of raising $3.5 million which has unlocked more content.

The latest update from Chris Roberts details the new “unlocks” and the game will include cockpit customisation, the 45th star system (Orion) and ship to ship boarding.

Deatails are now online for the Orion System and how the boarding system game mechanic will work. Roberts stresses that the boarding system will be come with a “high cost of entry” which means you won’t be able to board everything unless conditions are met. First of all a ship must be disabled by taking down the shield and take out thrusters. Finally Tractor Beams need to be watched closely so they don’t overload under the stress and the target ship must be disabled or they will overload. Boarding combat will then commence.

The ship boarding feature sounds excellent but it will take a lot of skill and resource to master, which is exactly how it should be. Check out the full update on the Space Industries site.

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