Star Citizen 3

The next goal has been reached and there’s going to be more AI characters planetside.

Sales of the M50s and 350Rs ships have helped push Star Citizen over the $53 million funding mark and an additional 10,000 players have now signed up for the game according to Cloud Imperium’s Chris Roberts.

The new addition is as follows:

  • More Detailed AI Activities – we’ll add ten distinct types of AI character roles on planetside environments! At $54 million, this includes Bartender, Doctor, Entertainer, Nurse, Sanitation Worker, Security Guard, Shopper, Tourist, Vagrant and Vandal. Future AI roles will be added with future stretch goals! Each additional ‘class’ of character will be fully expressive and have a role to play in Star Citizen’s planetside interaction AND the game’s greater economy.

The funding goal have now changed focus with new backer rewards at $56 million which are voted for by the community.

  • Engine – Dragon Stellar STC Silver (300 Series): The STC Silver from Dragon Stellar Transit Company is a TR4 engine noted for its high thrust output and low EM emissions. It has been rumored that Dragon Stellar has been using inferior components, but for some pilots the decreased power and fuel efficiency is worth the extra boost, especially at this price point.
  • Power Plant – Broad & Rabiee Quietech M120 (Hornet): The largest class in the M series, Quietech M120 from Broad & Rabiee is a dynamic Superfluid Quantum Vortex power plant system that is capable of handling all your ship’s energy needs with a minimum of emissions. Ideally constructed for anyone who’s looking not looking to make an impression while travelling through a system.
  • Jump Drive – Tarsus Leaper Jump Engine (Aurora): The first step to the universe beyond. The Leaper Jump Engine from Tarsus connects with your onboard NavDrive to allow your ship to access jump points. The Leaper also includes an introductory scanning software package to try your hand at discovering the undiscovered.

At $55 million every backer who pledges before they reach $55 million will have a pair of Inquisition XXII ballistic Gatling cannons added to their account.

Finally, there’s a new video for the bomber called the Aegis Retaliator.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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