Star Citizen Squadron 42 events planned for next week

Star Citizen Squadron 42 events planned for next week

CIG are planning their end of year holiday special and this year they are actually going to show some of Star Citizen Squadron 42.

There are few Squadron 42 events to watch out for including the ability to sign-up to a Squadron 42 newsletter on 20 December, a teaser featuring Mark Hammil which we assume will feature yet more mo-cap stuff (this will appear on IGN), and then a special Around the Verse which will include the latest Squadron 42 updates, whatever they may be.

The newsletter is about as exciting as watching paint dry, and I’m not quite sure why you have to sign-up for that separately. Surely it should automatically go to all backers? Despite that, it will be great to see some Squadron 42 action. With any luck, it won’t be more of the same mo-cap footage and instead feature some actual gameplay for the now well overdue single player campaign.

CIG and the Star Citizen community could do with a boost after yesterday’s court filings by Crytek. Perhaps Squadron 42 will be the saviour of Star Citizen.  I certainly hope so.

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