Star Citizen Star Marine Impressions

Star Citizen Star Marine Impressions

Last year CIG released the Star Marine FPS mode for Star Citizen with some fanfare. Since then I’ve been steering clear of trying it out; but since it’s January and there’s not going to be another update for a couple of months, it was time to bite the bullet. After all, it might be a while until something major is added and I wanted to see what was happening with my cash.

Star Marine is simply a shooter, two teams of Marines and Outlaws attempt to run around a map to take control points or go head to head in deathmatch. Only it’s not really runnig around, it’s more like ice skating or juddering around the two levels. It took some time to get the mouse sensitivity tweaked to a level that made it playable, as it’s quite fiddly and over sensitive to adjustment in the option. Even when you do nail it to a setting that should feel right, it still feels wrong. Very wrong.

After running around for a bit it was time to try out the grenades, which proved to be hilarious. The arm action looks like it’s about to confidently throw a grenade onto a target, only to sort of limply escape from your grasp into the air like some kind of weird underarm throw after the throw had occured.

Star Marine Star Citizen

Then there’s the clipping. Scenery objects just sort of meld into you in tight spaces. On attempting to capture a point I found my character was jumped on top of the control panel then jumped back to the ground for no apparent reason. These are just typical glitches you come across as you continue to play and skate around the maps.

The actual shooting is currently all over the place. Trying to keep a target in your sights is not easy. The gun likes to jump around; and not in the manner of natural recoil, it just sort of jumps up and down. I watched many players die in situations they shouldn’t have because the trajectory of the fire looked like it was indiscriminately going wherever the hell it wanted. The weapon fire almost looks like it bends in mid-air. I also particularly enjoyed watching my weapon move about on the ground like it had a life of its own when I died.

The deathmatch mode is pretty much the same, except most of the time the audio glitched out so there was no audio at all. You can float around outside the station during the match which is at least something different.

Star Marine Star Citizen

Are there any other positives? The gameplay is pretty terrible right now. I’m not sure why CIG would push this out the door to backers even if they are simply trying to keep them happy. On the plus side, and there is a small plus side, the environments all look rather good. The art team has done a solid job with the two maps that are playable.

There really is not a lot more to say about Star Marine other than it’s not very good at the moment and it does make you wonder why they even bothered with this release. Yes, I know they need to test all this stuff for the PU etc, etc, but to push it out the door as a big deal is quite perplexing because it’s not really suitable for consumption. I play lots of alpha versions as part of the job and this is pretty shonky.

Star Citizen Star Marine

With continual pressure from backers to show new content, it’s understandable that CIG has to show something but the quality of Star Marine at this point in time does not put Star Citizen in a good light.

After enduring Star Marine I have come to the conclusion that Star Marine is probably not worth looking at again for a long time. Anyone thinking it’s worth trying Star Citizen for this FPS module would be better off looking at something else. Anything, in fact. Anything would be better than what I have just experienced.  Maybe one day it will deliver, but I’m not feeling too confident about that right now.

Star Marine feels like a rather pointless exercise and perhaps time could have been better spent on other parts of the project. As a Star Citizen backer, I hope CIG can make this a solid shooter quickly or make the decision to call it quits on their FPS mode ambitions to save time.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • JoelHarman

      I think I’m not able to wait. I want to play it nowwwwwwww!!!

    • vander

      Good to hear PC Invasion’s opinions too although it had nothing new to say. The issues mentioned in article has been reported and discussed about long time ago already – that’s what alpha testing is about and that’s why Star Marine was released.

      I think the article could have been much more technical; physics grids, how 1st/3rd person camera differs compared to most other games, why bullets doesn’t come from forehead like in most other games, network issues, etc.
      It would be interesting to read which FPS games had better Alpha version than Star Marine just to have an idea how different features has been compared and understand your opinions better.

      • StuartGT

        “which FPS games had “better Alpha version” than Star Marine”

        There are very few FPS that have open alpha tests.

        Unreal Tournament and Escape From Tarkov are good for comparison: both are in alpha and offer much more fun, playability, solid gameplay, excellent graphics, etc.

        Heck, maybe even 1996’s QTest (the multiplayer alpha for Quake 1) or Q3Test (same for Q3Arena) are options.

        • vander

          Unreal Tournament and Escape From Tarkov are good for comparison: both
          are in alpha and offer much more fun, playability, solid gameplay,
          excellent graphics, etc.

          But neither of those have unified 1st and 3rd person animations, physics grids/EVA, be a small part of huge game, etc. All those alone makes a huge difference.

          • inkel

            1) “But neither of those have unified 1st and 3rd person animations”

            – You can’t go into 3rd person in Star Marine, so whether the animations are synced or not are irrelevant.

            2) “physics grids/EVA”

            – Lots of FPS games, including UT, have had zero gravity sections. It’s not something new. Plus I wouldn’t exactly be bragging about the “physics grid” when it’s just a buzzword for your player model going rag doll randomly when trying to land and taking 30 seconds to be able to stand back up.

            3) “be a small part of huge game”

            – Yes, Star Marine is just an arena shooter game mode for the larger Star Citizen game. However, that’s irrelevant when the discussion is only about the quality of Star Marine. Plus it’s not like the quality of the rest of Star Citizen is much better than the quality of Star Marine right now.

          • Miguel Angelo Martins

            Yeah, Star Marine might have completely rubbish gameplay but have you seen the 1st/3rd person animations? TAKE MY MONEY CHRIS!

            • vander

              My point was that if you are working on more complex technologies it is harder to get done. There are only a few games that are using that technology because it is much more easier to fake 1st/3rd person animations, make a character shoot from the forehead, etc. This is why I think it would be beneficial if the article would have had more information.

              • wane-bradee

                Ok dude maybe 20 years ago there were only a few games doing it. Nowadays no. Please can you little cultists stop talking about the “technologies” oh my god the technologies. A modified cry engine is such new technologies so very technological. Shut up!

              • Fran Couz

                So what games exactly? An example? The only one that I know of that tried an untied 1st/we’d person rig was Arma. You seem more like the cultist here by claiming untrue things without even an attempt at supporting them somehow.

              • Joe_Blober

                Oh yes… Wane_bradee upvoted by Master Troll himself 🙂 What a proof of legitimity !

              • Dementropy

                U OK Commando?

                You seem awfully angry over a nonexistent video game.

              • Joe_Blober

                I am not an angry guy by nature. I have fun testing SC modules and having fun with trolls. But this, Master Troll upvoting one of his puppet is just gold. Thanks guys. Continue to entertained us while SC is developed. 🙂

                Even more fun. You are the one who treat me of paranoid… and not even a few hours later, The Master Troll is coming to check how his hater campaign is going… Not so good apparently as his commando of 10 need some hug 🙂

                Gold I told you, you make my day 🙂

            • wane-bradee

              Lol, I have seen them. They are horrible.

              • Joe_Blober

                More than the 1998 year design of Marine of Last Outrageous Disaster? Some news about release of this Beta to be delivered in 2013 by Master troll?

          • iratepirate

            >be a small part of huge game

            They probably don’t talk about this because they are not Star Citizen shills, they’re journalists. You can’t review something that doesn’t exist.

            I assume this is what you were hoping for…

            “This is trash, but it doesn’t matter because the game is everything a gamer could want and more. It’s a dream that’s soon to be realized. Imbibe and enjoy citizens. Pledge Pledge Pledge. Ship variants. Fidelity! Don’t look at what’s available to play now, JUST DREAM”

            • vander

              It is a great thing that they are not “Star Citizen shills” but calling them journalists I definitely would expect much more. I’m daily PC Invasion reader but not yet a supporter. I don’t want to pay for opinions I could find from thousands of gaming forums. But if there would be detailed articles, in deep analysis, etc. then I would definitely be interested to be a supporter.

              • Paul Younger

                The bottom line is there’s really not much there. It’s quite bare-bones stuff and doesn’t bring anything new to the table that’s specifically Star Citizen. As a player, I am not too interested in the ins and outs of the technicality of it. What I am looking for is playability. As it’s still so early attempting to go in-depth with this version would not be helpful at all.

              • vander

                It is still very bare-bones but I personally think it was essential to finally get SM released to get feedback. As you mentioned there are still a lots of work with animations, network issues, map design, etc. Alpha 2.6.1 should at least fix some of those problems plus improve a radar, balance fixes, etc.

                As a reader I would have liked to read for example why Star Marine is more like ARMA (camera system) and less some other FPS game (doesn’t shoot from forehead), what plans CIG has for Star Marine and what improvements should be coming in near future like in Alpha 2.6.1. I personally think it would have made the article much more interesting and five more “flesh” and not something that everyone knows already – alpha version has issues. All the mentioned problems are filed to Issue Council long time ago anyway.

              • The Follower

                Dude, you are such a cultist it’s kind of painful to read. You don’t have a single original thought in the posts you’ve made here. You keep blabbing on about these technologies like anyone gives a shit. You are basically using direct quotes from the Star Marine marketing materials when you talk about “shooting from the forehead” and “unified 1st/3rd person animations”.

                You’re so wrapped up in Roberts’ obsession with ‘technology’ that you’re missing the point. A game could use the most impressive technology ever but it doesn’t matter if the gameplay is crap and buggy.

              • vander

                Dude, you are such a cultist it’s kind of painful to read. You don’t
                have a single original thought in the posts you’ve made here.

                Possibly so but Paul already replied to my feedback/opinions so they didn’t go totally for vain. It was good to get some further explanations and hear some arguments behind his opinions.

                I don’t think I have seen any Star Marine marketing material especially anything which mentions “shooting from the forehead” or “unified 1st/3rd person animations”. Testing the current features is the purpose of the release and that’s why it is important to talk about them.

                I totally agree with you – gameplay has to be excellent. But before they can even start to implement all gameplay features yet to polish them they have to include many core tech and features first. Alpha 2.6.0 has the first iteration of Star Marine and now they start to improve it gradually.

              • Michael Nolen

                If you aren’t testing the Alpha, your point of view is worthless.

              • Railbydefault

                Ok ok ok. Note to PCInvasion, change your objective opinions about star shitizen to align with vander and then you’ll have another supporter.

              • vander

                That’s not what I’m saying. As much I like idea to include opinions in articles I personally would like to see arguments behind them. For example “this game is bad/great” is an opinions but pretty useless if there is no further explanation how you ended up to that conclusion.

                Wouldn’t you like to read articles which explains why things are as they are, what kind of changes are coming to fix problems and when, etc.?

              • iratepirate

                Cool, so your answer is weasel words. Unless the article fits your description of “deep analysis”, it’s basically trash and full of lies. Nothing that can even be debated because everything you’ve posted is purely subjective.

                The article was plenty technical enough to discuss gameplay, which is what it did. You want them to focus on things that will put the project in a good light, and avoid all discussions of gameplay or whether the game in it’s current state is fun. That is what a potential person reading a PC magazine is interested in, not Chris Roberts fantasies about how this will eventually be better than anything on the market.

              • vander

                Well, they could have at least mentioned basics like how high pings they and other players had – I bet they were well over 100. Everyone knows what kind of problems high pings causes so that small amount of information would have improved the text a lot already. The text could be improved in many other ways like giving more information about net code fixes in Alpha 2.6.1 and upcoming improvement in general.

                This is not just about Star Citizen but the quality of texts overall. Wouldn’t you like to read texts in gaming websites which explains in detail how the experience was, why it was good/bad and what kind of changes are coming to improve the experience in future. How about to read some technical articles at least time to time as well? It is unfortunate most of the gaming websites are shy to give any technical information.

                I don’t personally play Star Marine because of the high pings (normally 150-200 for me) and too fast gameplay. I’m waiting net code fixes, new servers and more slower and tactical gameplay. Despite the problems I think it is pretty convincing as first iteration. I still do Star Marie testing to find bugs that are not filed yet to Issue Council.

              • Joe_Blober

                Nobody pretend SM is superior to anything on the market…

          • Cloverfield

            Neither does SC because the level of bugs, glitches and crashes makes it impossible to declare with any degree of confidence that “SC has it”. It does not, whatever you think it has, it just does not work.

          • briguy

            Actually, Escape from Tarkov does have unified 3rd/1st person animations. The better argument would have been that this isn’t nearly finished and that they are creating 2 other games whist also hashing out this module.

            • Fran Couz

              No. That is not entirely true. Yeah, Tarkov has an 3rd person counterpart for most/all 1st person animations. However, they are still 2 separate animations/rigs. SC in the same way as Arma has only 1 animation/rig that shows in both 1st and 3rd person. That is actually much harder to setup, however, saves a lot of time later as you only need one new animation for every new thing you want the player to do. If you want to do that same thing in Tarkov, for example, you need 2 new animations, one for 1st and one for 3rd person view.

            • vander

              Thanks for the information. I hope that will be a norm in FPS games in the future. It may take more time in the beginning but pays off later.

              Star Marine is more like a slice from Star Citizen and Squadron 42 than an separate game. IllFonic’s Star Marine was a separate game which caused problems later.

              As you mentioned the current Star Marine is still very bare-bones and unfinished. Gameplay will change drastically when more features will be added.
              Todd Pappy and Alex Marschal talked about Star Marine recently:

              What adds complexity of FPS in Star Citizen is that all the features needs to work not only in space stations but in various of gravity levels, EVA, planet surfaces, etc. Room pressurization and changing G-force levels will bring interesting gameplay aspects once they have been included.

      • wane-bradee

        Jesus dude take yourself and the weeping wallet in your pocket back to the cult I mean subreddit. Really? Why do you guys always bring up, oh what about “physics grids” and “1st and 3rd cameras. Sorry to break it to you but there are other games that do these things, and way better. You want to see a alpha with impressive physics grids Google a little game called worlds adrift. Also what the hell is this bullets coming out of the head thing you mention? Never seen that in a game before, yet you talk like it’s in every game. Stop throwing the Roberts hype words around, you look stupid, but then again I bet you’ve thrown way to much money at Roberts, so you probably are dumb. Every time someone doesn’t praise SC for its mediocre content and development people start throwing hype words around and using the same old excuses. Can’t wait to see what happens when S42 comes out, if it comes out, becuase my bet is its going to be a giant turd sandwich that you guys will eat up and tell everybody who doesn’t like having turd in there mouth they are eating it wrong. SC is only getting worst not better, wake up.

        • vander

          I have seen no one claiming that those features are somehow specific to Star Citizen.

          I’m interested how the games are implemented. Camera tech, physics grids, etc. are important features to get Star Citizen to work. CIG asked tell opinions about them and file bug reports – that’s why they released Alpha version.
          I just would have liked to see more information in the article – that’s all.

          • wane-bradee

            And I would like to see more development for a game I backed in 2012, when I was 27. I’m 32 now.

            • vander

              I’m looking forward Star Citizen PU, SQ42, Torment: Tides of Numenera (2014), Cyberpunk 2077 (2012), etc. Bigger and more complex the game is, longer it takes to develop.

              • iratepirate

                > Bigger and more complex the game is, longer it takes to develop.

                I agree. Which is why you should be concerned when they release an Alpha that is in no way unique and has terrible play-ability. The 1st, 3rd person camera nonsense is meaningless and as you’ve already agreed isn’t some groundbreaking technique for FPSs.

              • vander

                Well, because it is (pre-)Alpha I’m not worried at all. If it would be Beta or RC then I would be worried. Unfortunately these days many much more simpler games are broken even on release.

                1st/3rd person camera is far from nonsense and definitely not an implementation we have not seen other games so far (for example ARMA). Personally I would never use 3rd person camera but there are many who does.

              • Fran Couz

                This is not entirely about using 3rd person camera yourself. 3rd person animations are what other players see. So having the same animations for both makes sure that others see you do the exact ‘same’ stuff you see yourself doing. Such as aiming at a specific spot. You could achieve similar results with separate animations for 1st and 3rd person, however, you need to create twice as many animations and make sure they sync correctly.

              • Hattori Irtehazn

                Ummmm no not really, I mean c’mon you have to start at the beginning so how many ways are there of point gun – pull trigger?

                Some guys did a netcode analysis vid and discovered some problem with vaults/vaulting and what it does to latency , to me this is why alpha is needed.

                That said it’s not my thing (but I hate arena shooters anyway) I have zero interest in 2.6.1 or 2.6.2 and I won’t be backing any further until 3.0 actually hits.

            • Joe_Blober

              Clearly you did not improved you logical in the meantime… Concept of kickstater, time to develop a game starting from a 12 team size, scope changed from a refresh of Wing Commander to AAA based on backers demand… all things that a 10 years old child would understand but I want my toy now attitude… good luck in your life with such behavior.

        • Neoblade

          You have no clue.
          There is just one game which use the 1st and 3rd person camera in the same way and thats ARMA.
          There is no other game in the world which use this camera system.
          Bullets come technically in every other shooter directly from the head and not from the weapon you don’t just relaze it.
          Let it be explain from the lead animation programmer of the CryEngine and the Crysis series. (starts 18:54)

          • wane-bradee

            GTA 5?

            • Neoblade

              No, GTA5 doesn’t use this camera system as well.

      • Paul Younger

        Regarding the quote. I am not a fan on how this project has been released to backers, in multiple broken parts. I am of the opinion still, that much of this time and effort should have been ploughed into Squadron 42. Get that complete, release it, keep bakers happy and give them something solid. In the meantime work on the PU stuff. At least players can get engrossed properly in the lore and Star Citizen Universe that way.

        • vander

          Yeah, I understand that backers who are mostly looking forward SQ42 are disappointed. But I personally believe the way they are working now will bring us eventually better SQ42 and Star Citizen – unfortunately it just takes much more time. Squadron 42 without Star Citizen PU would have been most likely very different kind of game.

          To me it looks like Squadron 42 is more important for Chris himself. He seems to be very careful what to show of it and wants it to be in very good condition from the beginning. Some a bit “negative” comments about very unfinished “The Morrow tour” seemed to make him a bit upset and make him even more careful. Star Citizen PU seems to be a bit more Tony’s etc. project.

      • Adrien “CendreDeLune” Rostagni

        Completely agreed with your saying Vander…

    • Dementropy

      Has anyone seen anything of Squadron 42? Like actual non-spoiler gameplay?

      • Cloverfield

        Other than the infamous and crappy morrowtour? Nope. Zero, Nicht. Nada. Rien. Niente.

      • Johnny Precog

        No gameplay but there was this asset-leak about 1.5 years ago with lots of fairly nice but early models and a, maybe fake and kinda bad, partial script.
        Btw, the way that leak happened is hilarious and symptomatic for the entire project.

      • Callum Booker

        I don’t understand how the separate teams work. Apparently, they have a team working on SQ42 while another messes about with PU. What I can’t understand is how they’re making changes to the flight mechanics this late in the development cycle, while supposedly building missions for SQ42. Either those missions have to be reworked or SQ42 is much further off than they’re letting on.

    • AStormApproaches for all info related to how you can get your money out of the money pit.

      • Trapjaw

        For every dollar refunded, 2 more shall take its place.

        Hail Hydra.

        • AStormApproaches

          Money from the duped being replaced with money from the deluded is totally fine.

          • Trapjaw

            Chris, every time a refund gets processed.


            • iratepirate

              Agreed. He and his wife have pocketed millions of cash from guys who love a good dream. When this whole thing collapses CR will be able to retire and take a few more of those European vacations they posted about thanks to backer cash.

              • Trapjaw

                If only there was proof so that we could involve the FTC. Their accountants are really worth the money.

              • Callum Booker

                The problem is this early access and ‘open’ development stuff is something of a legal grey area, as far as I understand it.

              • Joe_Blober

                Do not forget the resort bought on a Pacific Island, a castle in UK and a 50 meters boat. Be precise when you give proof please, otherwise people could be misleaded 🙂

      • Joe_Blober

        To Readers, having some fun with troll:

        Okay so let me told my own story: “I requested a refund for 2 M$ and got it with interests 1 week after. You have to trust me because I tell the truth”

        The beauty of internet. Say whatever you want, give proof of authentic letter signed by JF Kennedy himself and pretend you are one among thousands of others…

        You can say to master troll that is last attempt to hurt SC community of bacekrs as failed like everything he attempt 🙂

        TOS apply. No refund. Period.

        • Dementropy

          You mean proof like this?

          • Joe_Blober

            Sure I even had mine with a 1M$ refund. What a proof!

            Troll Master puppets have a few quarters in 2017 before release of SC 3.0 and SQ 42. This is the last run of the 10 versus +500.000 backers… ready? go!! 🙂 This is the eeeeennd said the Master Troll 🙂

    • Cloverfield

      “I play lots of alpha versions as part of the job and this is pretty shonky.”
      “Anything would be better than what I have just experienced. Maybe one
      day it will deliver, but I’m not feeling too confident about that right

      Great article. It is good to see how the actual apaulling state of SC after 5-6 years of development is coming to light.

      • Michael Nolen

        4 years.

        • wane-bradee

          It’s been 5 years bud they use to talk about already being a year in. Now take a sip of the koolaid, and follow up with. The scope changed, they had a small man team, that was just the prototype, they they they…….. pathetic.

          • Christ J

            Four years. Lie to yourself as much as you want, but development will always have begun in late 2012. “Pathetic” would be making up extensions to development time to make things seem anomalous.

            • Callum Booker

              No. The kickstarter was launched in 2012 and showcased a demo that they themselves said took a year to develop. Development started in 2011. If you want to be pedantic and say the ‘real’ developmet only occured in 2012, well then fine. You’ve got a buggy and broken Alpha after 4 years. Congrats.

              • Christ J

                “The kickstarter was launched in 2012 and showcased a demo ”

                – no, it showcased a cinematic video clip that was built as both a proof of concept to test the engine, and as a visual aid for the crowdfunding. If you include this as part of the development proper then you’d have to consider the development of Morrowind as part of the development of Skyrim, which is ridiculous.

                “Development started in 2011”

                – nope: 2012. Late 2012, in fact.

                “You’ve got a buggy and broken Alpha after 4 years”

                – show me a comparable game that was in a more advanced condition after four years of development. How about the PC version of GTA 4, for example? That was still 2 1/2 years away at this point. Morrowind was another three years out.

                Educate yourself.

              • Callum Booker

                Morrowind and Skyrim are two completely separate games that had separate development cycles. They run on similar but different engines whereas the SC kickstarter demo and SC Alpha we have now were both developed on the same engine albeit with different versions. The kickstarter wasn’t just a video clip; the assets and dynamic movement based on thruster position – those were all things that they built as a demonstrator. (Worth noting that the recent changes to the flight model have virtually invalidated the dynamic thruster movement, which was one of the reasons I backed in the first place). It took them a year to do it, hence they started in 2011. (It even says so on SC’s Wikipedia article should you wish to research further).

                By saying the “real” development didn’t start until 2012, you’ve fallen into the “No true development” fallacy.

                It’s semantics anyway, my point is there is no SC game, there is a tech demo that is barely playable. I don’t think it’s fair to compare GTA 4 to SC after 5 years, because that game wasn’t any where near as buggy as SC is.

                Oh and thanks for the ad hominem, it really convinces me of the validity of your argument.

              • Christ J

                “Morrowind and Skyrim are two completely separate games that had separate development cycles.”

                – and the extant development of Star Citizen is entirely distinct from that Kickstarter demo. Thus, these scenarios are analogous.

                “the SC kickstarter demo and SC Alpha we have now were both developed on the same engine ”

                – so what? So was Crysis 3, yet you’re not appending that to the development time to artificially extend it.

                “The kickstarter wasn’t just a video clip; the assets and dynamic movement based on thruster position – those were all things that they built as a demonstrator.”

                – none of which were actually controllable, meaning they bear no resemblance to the extant game mechanics.

                “It even says so on SC’s Wikipedia article”

                – you mean that same, publically-malleable source that also shows that development is at just over four years to date? That Wiki article…?

                “By saying the “real” development didn’t start until 2012, you’ve fallen into the “No true development” fallacy.”

                – you’re employing the “fallacy” fallacy. I am simply acknowledging that the time spent putting together a brief showcase between a couple of individuals in order to provide a visual aid for the crowdfunding does not contribute towards development time, particularly when that demo has been wholly usurped by the ACTUAL systems that were being hinted at therein.

                “my point is there is no SC game”

                – then your point is worthless, as the same is true of Mass Effect: Andromeda, Red Dead Redemption 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, etc. The same is true of EVERY game up until the moment it is released. And to think you have the temerity to accuse others of employing fallacious reasoning…

                ” I don’t think it’s fair to compare GTA 4 to SC after 5 years”

                – true story: I re-bought it on Steam a few weeks ago when it dropped to under £5. I decided that the issues I had with the physical copy I used town may have been resolved, and decided to give it another chance, and maybe eventually throw in some mods.

                Nope. You still have to jump through hoops to even have a chance of getting it to start, and I never got past the title screen/ILS. Star Citizen, even now, is more stable than the PC version of GTA 4. Why do you think they spent so long properly optimising the sequel?

                “thanks for the ad hominem”

                – you do realise that calling attention to a supposed ad hominem attack is, in itself, an ad hominem attack, right? And that’s besides the fact that I was actually raising a point that you cannot dispute, and this this “waaaah! You attacked me and not my misrepresentations!” crap is just an attempt to not have to acknowledge that you cannot criticise the current development by comparing it to anything remotely comparable.

              • Joe_Blober

                He can’t. it is a well known troll. Education have no impact on them 🙂

        • Joe_Blober

          Do not bother. wane-bradee , AStormApproaches, Cloverfield, Dementropy are part of the 10 guys brigade that spit on every SC article 🙂

          • Dementropy

            Despite your lack of facts and presented proof, I’m interested in the full list of these “10 guys” you claim to be spitting on every SC article.

    • Maddin Robert

      “I hope CIG can make this a solid shooter quickly or make the decision to call it quits on their FPS mode ambitions to save time.”

      You know that the First-Person is a fundamental part of the whole game?

      • pcinvasion

        Yes, I am aware of that and it’s mentioned on the article.

    • Shogun1x

      Star Citizen defense force, ASSEMBLE!!!!!
      (heroic theme music plays)

      • Trapjaw

        Star Citizen Hate Brigade, CHARGE!!!!

        • wane-bradee

          You’re confusing critical thinking with an emotion, now run along end tell your little cult buddies to manipulate the article from the top of Google. Wanna know something crazy? There are other games out there take a look. What’s crazy is there are some really good alphas going on right now, check out Wolds adrift, or Conan exiles this 31’st. I know you guys like to pretend all other game are nothing and developed by “the big bad devs”. But really you’re precious BDSSE is the polished turd. Pleas wake up.

          • Trapjaw

            You seem incredibly invested in the state of Star Citizen. I suggest you take a breather and concentrate on something else,

            I hear there are several decent Alphas out there you could be playing.

    • Mr. Pasta

      They didn’t “push this out the door to backers.” The backers have always been the testers. Why is this concept so hard for you writers to understand? Have you all been replaced by algorithms already because I’m not detecting sentience from one article to the next.

    • Michael Nolen

      It’s an alpha of a game currently in development – Write your article from that development viewpoint instead as if it is a released game. Alpha does not equal a released game, remember that.

    • dsb9938

      I am an SC backer. Figured I would put that out there up front. I’m a relatively new one, only about 3 or 4 months now.

      Having said that, and reading the polarized comments previously posted here, these are my thoughts.

      Star Marine is not special or wonderful in any way at this point. That much is true. I assume it was put out because so many people were screaming for it. That is also most likely correct. Nothing much in the game is currently very play ready. Much less just SM. That part is my opinion. PS – This is my first visit here off a tweet from somebody I follow. So yeah, I agree with pretty much all of what was said in the article.

      Now to my opinion. Given the fact that nothing in SC is sold as a complete playable game, and every other word is “alpha” or “testing” I hardly think anybody can expect it to be either very playable, or very wonderful. Having said that, what was the point of the article? Couldn’t he simply have said “It’s exactly what it says, not finished and in testing.”?

      Don’t get me wrong, if you haven’t noticed I’m not contradicting anything he said. I’m just saying, how is this news, or unexpected?

      I dunno. I know there is a lot of heated talk about the game. Either you love it unconditionally, or you hate it like a sore on your genitals. Why is it that the two sides always have to fight when both know there is zero chance of changing the others mind?

      Anyway, I had hoped to read something I didn’t know, or at least see something analyzed and explained. But neither of those happened. So I wasted my time.

      • AStormApproaches

        Get a refund.

        • dsb9938

          Drop dead.

          • Godmode_Enabled

            Asking for death because someone bashed your videogame~
            Oh Citizens..

            • Neoblade

              Bash is the correct term, because i cant see an analyze in this article.

            • Trapjaw

              Hating a game because you can’t direct the development.
              Oh Goons…

    • Rquebus

      I found the article a bit perplexing. Author talked a lot about a few bugs he’d encountered, some of which sounded really like standard stuff I’ve found in almost every alpha or beta I’ve played (clipping/terrain mesh issues, weird hit detection), but apparently he plays lots of alphas and they never have clipping or hit detection bugs. (Maybe I’m just unlucky). Also something about a grenade lob looked weird to him. And he thought it was weird that recoil could make a gun barrel go upwards (which also suprised me because I’ve played lots of shooters where controlling muzzle climb was a big part of gameplay, is that not common anymore?)

      He did say backgrounds/levels look really god and zero G is fun, which is nice to know. Deathmatch I guess is kinda crap, but IMO it’s always pretty crap compared to good objective modes. It sounded like there was another mode and/or another map but the reviewer didn’t tell much about it because he was more upset about clipping through some monitor and his arm looking funny throwing a grenade, so unfortunately I didn’t find out much about how the game plays, which is too bad. I don’t know from the article if it’s more in the Arma/Rainbow 6 hard realism or CoD/Dirty Bomb twitch gimmicky or somewhere in between like Battlefield or more cartoonish or what.

      I guess the reviewer doesn’t like how the developer schedules their test releases and that’s why he doesn’t want people to play. Just from saying that and that he doesn’t like muzzle climb and some clipping (which I’m used to) doesn’t really inspire me to think I shouldn’t play, I don’t spend a lot of time staring at my arm when I throw a grenade either so I don’t know why that’s a big problem. Unfortunately nothing in the review told me much about playing the game (besides pretty levels), so it’s hard to gauge why I’d want to look into it, either.

      Kind of a frustrating review overall, and felt very subjective. Subjectivity can be good sometimes if it lets you get a strong impression of someone’s first hand experience, but I felt like I didn’t find out much except that he was annoyed by finding bugs in an alpha test and disagrees with the release schedule (again for reasons that aren’t especially clear).

      • pcinvasion

        First of all it’s not a review just to be clear. We never review unreleased or unfinished games. Secondly, there is not a lot here and it’s hard to tell how it plays or what how they want it to play because it’s a bit of a mess.

        • Rquebus

          Oh, I was thinking it was kind of a review/preview piece by all the talk about personal gameplay experience and specific bugs and so on. What kind of article would this be considered, generally? Sort of op-ed or something of the like?

          • wane-bradee

            Who gives a shit what kind of article it is, it’s a realistic insight on a horrible mess of a alpha. Do you honestly think it runs good and has replayability? Answer is no unless you want to lie to yourself.

          • Paul Younger

            As the title says, it’s my impressions, as in my thoughts on it. No score is attached so it’s not a review. It’s also not a full preview because there’s not enough of a game to warrant a full preview.

            • Rquebus

              That makes more sense I guess. From the page header I had been thinking it was more of a preview. Thanks for taking time to respond, Paul.

      • wane-bradee

        Lmao wow this article really hit a nerve with you nut jobs. It’s scary how weird and pathetic you cultists are. Can’t you guys just do the mass suicide thing already?

        • Joe_Blober

          To readers, have fun a few comments below. You can see Wane-bradee receiving an upvote of the Master Troll himself. And they call call me paranoid 🙂
          The Master Troll is reading comments to check if his puppets are speading enough the “Refund before too late” campaign. This is so good 🙂

    • Brian Grant

      What’s real funny is this is what they managed to put out a year late ( I was at PAX east in 2015 when CR said this was weeks away) AFTER they gutted all the cool stuff like holograms, emp and concussion garages , turning gravity off in the map, and a bunch of other features they had in the demos.
      What CIG says and shows off at their fund raising events is far different than what they can actually put in the game.

    • Erick Rostad

      lol its’ been out for a month and dude is like “SM came out last year” factually correct.. but purposely formatted to give the impression that it’s been around for a while. And sorry if the author didn’t realize what this is.. first iteration of a prototype. Zero doubt it will get polished next patch (which is in Feb, not a couple of months as was stated)

      • wane-bradee

        It’s not even a first iteration of any damn prototype, it’s a tech demo of an idea inside some guys head.

        • Joe_Blober

          In short.. vaporware 🙂

    • Matthew Swaringen

      I don’t agree having played it myself. The sensitivity and control is just fine.

    • bucrepus

      As a backer, and no bashing intended, I just hope they can finish SC. I would rather see their resources go into finishing the SC PU and merge SQ42 later. I hope they don’t run out of funds before this happens. SC in itself is (should be) a super large venture that that looks like it needs more resources. Alpha’s fine, but I wonder at this rate how long it will take to finish? The alpha, the beta, and then the released product. Close to 5 years already… I hope it gets done within the next 5. I’m not getting any younger.

      • Joe_Blober

        They cant run out of funds. They have at least 18 months with current team size and SQ42 + SC 3.0 are coming before that.
        CR is not an idiot discovering the game industry and he always delivered at release something memorable. Guess why he gathered 142 M$ on his name?
        2017 is the key year. We will get hundred per cent sure SC 3.0 and if not SQ42 that could be pushed another 6 months to deliver quality, at least a trailer of live game play at Gamescon. Be patient.

        From a guy who follow CR since Wing Commander and suffered the disaster that is the Master troll we do not name. Two destiny but one game community… Thanks to CR!

    • Sarek

      I wonder if this gentleman even knows what “alpha state” means. What the hell does he think the backers do? Test a finished product?? Many of the ‘flaws’ he mentioned are intentional design aspects. He’s whining that SM is not COD basically. Go back to playing COD if that’s the case.

    • Joe_Blober

      Quote: “I know they need to test all this stuff for the PU etc, etc, but to
      push it out the door as a big deal is quite perplexing because it’s not
      really suitable for consumption.” Unquote

      Well… Saying one thing and the opposite in the same sentence is pretty hard to swallow. You should had stop with “I know they need to test all this stuff for the PU etc, etc…” Also avoid etc, etc… either you make complete sentence with argument.

      This is the only reason we got it now and not with SQ42 or PU beta.

      Another backer without patience that can not get the big picture. Beside that, SM is not supposed to be a dedicated FPS like battlefield but a part of what is possible to do beside flying space ships..

      Beside those points, I disagree about sensitivty and control. There are fine and they can be patched if required as they did for Arena Commander.

      In short, a poorly written article.

    • Joe_Blober

      Looking to to read an informative humor note about SC troll?:

    • Matthew Wilkinson

      Feature creep will ultimately kill Star Citizen, Roberts needs to curb the dreams and deal with the now.