June 20th, 2017

CIG urge Star Citizen community to use Two-Factor Authentication

CIG urge Star Citizen community to use Two-Factor Authentication

This evening CIG sent out a reminder to the Star Citizen community to make use of their two-factor authentication.

There has been a problem with Star Citizen grey market ship selling and there’s been numerous instances of Star Citizen accounts being hacked and ships suddenly vanishing from accounts.

Back in July CIG added Two-Factor Authentication but it appears that the need to add this to an account has become more urgent. The mail sent out reads:

Two-Factor Authentication lets you manage which machines and devices you trust to access your account. Authorizing a machine or device can be done either through your own personal e-mail address, which will receive security codes, or through the use of an authenticator smartphone app, like the Star Citizen Authenticator App for iOS and Android, or the Google Authenticator.

You can choose the level of security you’re comfortable with, although we would recommend at least a monthly check for any device. You can for example mark your most secure and personal computer as indefinitely trusted to a year, or set up each of your access points with another automatic expiry.

You can also set up a custom level of security for each of your devices, and we’ll even provide you with pre-emptive, throwaway backup codes in case you lock yourself out!

To set this up, community members need to head to this page and activate it.

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  • Comments: 5
    • Rasto

      Well, it does not “urge” but rather “recommends” the use of this advanced security for backers account.
      I mean, do game mags really have to keep trying to make an elephant from ant? All i see is readers facepalming then…

      • pcinvasion

        No, they urge, encourage, recommend. whatever you want to call it. There has been a spate of accounts being hacked and that is why this mail would have been sent now.

        • briguy

          Well urge has a pushy connotative meaning while recommend is more neutral. I know all of those imply the same thing of “get it done” however I think people reporting on such things should try to accurately represent what they’re reporting on. Just my .02¢

    • Psionicinversion

      shame theres no windows phone app 🙁 an app is probably alot more secure than setting it up with e-mail

    • Krish Vince

      Well, recommending Two-Factor Authentication is great and I am sure their credentials would live it :p but using a Single Sign On solution along with it would make things easier for users or employees. Don’t you think so?