Star Citizen continues development before a full retail release, and with each year the game’s specs keep going up. Now, we know that the game will require at least 8GB RAM, and there’s no turning back.

Cloud Imperium Games’ Engine Technical Director Sean Tracy explained why they’re unlikely to scale specs back, and why they’re not working on DirectX 10 as well:

We are creating this game with the PC gamer in mind. Of course performance will be optimized much further than our current version of Arena Commander but I wouldn’t expect that we would drop the system requirements any time soon.

Additionally on the Direct X 10 front, as almost every engine/rendering we’d like to put in relies heavily on DX11 and even DX12 or Mantle I can’t see DX10 cards even existing much longer. It’s difficult to say, but I don’t expect that the majority of gamers would even have DX10 cards anymore and so for us to continue support it wouldn’t make sense.

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