Star Citizen Mobiglass concept art 1

    10 October brings treats for early supporters of Star Citizen as fans worldwide will get to celebrate Star Citizen‘s first anniversary with the full development team over in Austin, Texas. Cloud Imperium is hosting this special event and Chris Roberts will be giving a special keynote presentation to show everyone the work they’ve been doing this past year.

    If you can’t make it, you can tune in liveĀ on the Roberts Space Industries website at 6:30 PM CST (-5 GMT) on 10 October, and any limited-time offers will be available until 14 October. Star Citizen‘s photo contest winners will also be announced (deadline ends midnight tonight CST), and the team will be revealing what’s coming next in Star Citizen‘s development.

    Star Citizen Mobiglass concept art 3

    I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favourite store.

    Aiming for the full experience, concept art for the MobiGlas is also being fleshed out through major planning sessions. The storyboards created by the team at Behaviour Interactive show the current progress.

    Star Citizen Mobiglass concept art 4No doubt the MobiGlas will be useful for accessing information in game, hopefully those imagesĀ above aren’t final and they’ve made a MobiGlas for leftys like me. Stay tuned: next week, details ranging from how you’ll use your MobiGlas to how you’ll command capital ships will be revealed.

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