Star Ocean: The Divine Force gets a late October release date for PC

Star Ocean Divine Force Release Date

After Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness (what an awkward title) received a thoroughly mixed response, it’s not a surprise that it’s been years since we’ve heard much about the series. Granted, that game’s predecessor was released on PC back in 2017, only for the latest title to stay exclusive to PlayStation hardware. In a change that’s in line with much of Square Enix’s modern marketing, the newest Star Ocean game is launching simultaneously on PC this year. Star Ocean: The Divine Force has been announced to have a release date of October 27. It also has a much better subtitle this time. Faithlessness? What?

Star Ocean: The Divine Force features two protagonists: a captain of a trading ship named Raymond, and the princess-knight of the planet Aster IV, Laeticia. Square Enix, what the hell is a princess-knight? That sounds counterproductive. There’s a war raging and the two join forces to fight against fate alongside a cast of lively characters.


Combat no longer takes place in separate instances. Rather, battles are immediate, letting parties of four fight in the world itself. Combat looks to be as detailed and flashy as it’s ever been, as trailers show elaborate moves being used by various characters as they battle alien foes.

Back to the stars

The game will have a standard and digital deluxe edition at launch. For the latter, the edition contains weapon, accessory, and armor packs for use in-game, as well as Star Ocean: The Divine Force‘s soundtrack. Pre-orders will get players a couple of extra weapons for both Raymond and Laeticia. If you’re itching to see the game in action, Square Enix has prepared three separate trailers, including a release date trailer, a combat trailer (included below), as well as the opening movie from Raymond’s story.

We have four months to go before we can wander a huge planet and beat aliens to death with anime characters, so let’s try and shy away from faithlessness this time. Pfft. Star Ocean: The Divine Force hits PC on its release date of October 27.

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