Star Ruler 2 out in two weeks, has a 4X-y trailer

Star Ruler 2 out in two weeks, has a 4X-y trailer

As the headline implies (well, outright states), Star Ruler 2 is taking to space in a fortnight, and there’s a new trailer to celebrate. And yes, I did try to make “4X-y” sound like “sexy”, and no, it didn’t work.

Although “4X-y” describes the trailer quite well, because this is definitely a trailer for a 4X game. While it has giant spaceships and big explosions, it also has diplomacy screens and planetary management and so on. Not the sort of thing you’d normally see in a trailer, and I heartily approve of this no-bullshit approach to showing off a game in video form.

I reviewed the original Star Ruler and since then mostly forgot it existed. The main thing I can remember about it is that it let you build ships as big as you liked, with the models scaling appropriately – and yes, planet-sized battlecruisers were entirely possible.

Star Ruler 2 lets you trade across the galaxy, or play politics and hoard political capital, or stick your head in the ship designer and rule by might, or explore the galaxy searching for techs left behind by a precursor race. Or all of the above. Up to you!

Star Ruler 2 is due to leave Early Access on 27 March.