September 5th, 2017

Star Sapphire joining Infinite Crisis in two weeks

Star Sapphire joining Infinite Crisis in two weeks

infinite crisis star sapphire

Star Sapphire – in the form of Carol Ferris – will be joining the cast of Infinite Crisis on 26 February.

She’s a squishy (but long-ranged) blaster type with some slightly unique mechanics. Her passive, Glimpse of the Predator, has her accompanied by the incorporeal Predator, and her skills cause it to dash between targets. When dashing, it causes damage to any enemies it encounters along the way. When attached to Star Sapphire, it gives her bonus movement speed.

Crystal Bomb creates a crystal at the target location; when placed, the Predator dashes towards it, and it explodes when the Predator reaches it. Violet Harvest deals damage in an area around the Predator, who then dashes back and re-attaches to Star Sapphire, who gains bonus Power Damage for each enemy struck. Bonds of Love is a skillshot that can hit either enemies, or the Predator; when it hits a target, it bounces to the nearest target and links the two together. Enemies hit by it take damage upfront and then continual damage as long as the bond remains intact, although the bond can be broken by the two moving far enough away from each other. Activating the skill a second time pulls the bonded targets together.

Finally: Star Sapphire’s Ultimate, Manifest, causes the Predator to phase into reality. The activation briefly roots nearby enemies, after which the Predator will auto-attack nearby enemies. The skill can also be activated again, letting you give the Predator attack and move commands. In this form, the Predator still dashes when Star Sapphire uses skills – and those dashes do more damage – but it can no longer attach to her.

So she’s a bit of a weird one. Powerful, long-ranged, and with skills that mix both raw damage and utility, but also fairly heavy on both positioning and tactical thought. Activate skills at the wrong time and you’ll cause the Predator to move, which may wind up blowing a chance to do a lot of damage. Star Sapphire sounds both tricky and fun, in short.

Again: she’ll be joining the Infinite Crisis cast on 26 February. A video explaining a bit about her and her powers can be found below.

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