April 6th, 2017

Star Trek Online Collector’s Edition Contents Revealed

Details on the contents of Star Trek Online’s collector’s edition have been quite sparse until now, but a list of the contents has finally been revealed.

According to GameSpot, the collector’s edition will contain a number of Trek goodies including a high quality cast metal Communicator Badge. The box will set you back by $79.99. See the full list of contents below:
Deluxe Packaging: Futuristic 3dX holography set in a high quality brushed aluminium finish. Heavy duty construction with magnetic closures and nested compartments for all components.Deluxe Manual: High end, hardbound, art book, manual, and disc case in a single, elegant package. “HD Printing” on over 40 glossy pages of exclusive art from the Star Trek Online Universe.Communicator Badge: High quality cast metal design based on the in-game badge model. Fully 3D Sculpted with recessed burst and curved contours.Guest Passes: Credit card style buddy passes to invite three of your friends for a three day trial of Star Trek Online.Red Matter Capacitor: A unique item that charges up and delivers extra energy to all of your ship’s equipment for a short time. A device that, when used, gives you a small bump in energy, has a long recharge.Next Generation Uniform: Uniform Options from and the Next Generation. The timeless look worn by Picard, Data and Riker.“Deep Space Nine” Uniform: Uniform Options from the “Deep Space Nine” Series. Grey shoulders, on a black uniform, just like Sisko, Worf and Dax.Anyone who reserves a copy of STO through Gamestop also receives an exclusive in-game Starfleet Constitution Class Starship, equipped with blue phasers and an extra engineering station mod slot.Check out the latest trailer for STO over on IncGamers TV.