Star Trek Online: Khitomer Accord Released

Star Trek Online players now have access to the latest Special Task Force content; Khitomer Accord.

The fight against the Borg continues, as players go up against the menacing threat in the Vega System. However, the fight, which players were originally launched into at the very start of STO, went way too easily and now we try to find out why.

Some facts about the Khitomer Accors mission:Advanced Tactics: Execute advanced strategic decisions to survive your latest encounter.Assimilated Danger: Do battle against an assimilated battle ship of long-time renown.There and Back Again: Reference your earlier accomplishments in “Khitomer Accord.”It is a daily repeatable mission.Purple Mark X gear drops in the mission.Find out more about this new content, previously released and upcoming missions in the STO raid fact sheet

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