Cryptic Studios has revealed details of player progression in its highly anticipated upcoming MMO, Star Trek Online.Unlike many popular games like World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online, STO is a skill-based game. When players complete missions and episodes, they will gain these points and be able to spend them to improve certain skills instead of just gaining a level. There are five ranks that players will be able to obtain, and for every rank there is a set number of skills to spend before you are able to move up to the next rank. The ranks are:Lieutenant
    Lieutenant Commander
    AdmiralDevelopers explain how the ranks work:“In order to advance in rank, you’ll need to spend a specific number of skill points in your currently available skills. To advance from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander, you’ll need to have invested a certain number of skill points before you’re offered a promotion. Were a player to invest the minimum-required skill points to reach Admiral, he’d be about half-developed in terms of a maxed character, though in terms of time it’d take significantly longer to completely max out each available skill.”Each skill you choose affects the skills that are offered to you later on. Characters start with a very broad selection of skills available to them, and those choices narrow down as they advance through the ranks, allowing the characters to specialise in certain areas, such as a specific route in Engineering, for example.Find out more at the official STO site.

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