Star Trek Online: Season One Update Two Released

Cryptic Studios has released the next update for Star Trek Online, Season One: Update Two. Players get access to several new goodies from today, this includes the new Accolades system which is a new way to track your stats and show off your tactical skills. Update Two also introduces Squad Support, whereby players can help out new-comers and benefit equally thanks to the new level-scaling technology. The DPS and Global Cooldown has been revamped, and a new Fleet Event calendar and mail system is in place. Players can also look forward to an improved in-game C-Store interface featuring better descriptions and imagery. As usual, there’s a few additions to the store; a new Federation ship variant, The Comet, a new four-pack of character slots at a cheaper price and the Emote Pack II which includes a formal bow, air guitar and a jester dance. Find out more at the official site.