Star Wars Battlefront 2 AFK fix coming to stop players farming credits

Star Wars Battlefront 2 AFK fix coming to stop players farming credits

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s credit system prompted some inventive gamers to come up with contraptions to farm credits and not even play. The most common method being a couple of rubber bands slung around the controller after entering a multiplayer match. Movement is then registered by the game to make it look like the player is not AFK.

This little practical “hack” has caused problems in games. As so many players have been trying it, games can get filled with AFK players which is not much fun for those trying to play the game seriously.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

The good news is there is a fix for this coming according to dice although they have not detailed how this will be handled. The update in their forums simply says, “We have a fix incoming for this.”

Perhaps they have conjured up some new anti-rubber band tech such as virtual scissors. Watch out for more news on a fix for this in the coming days.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • L8wrtr

      here’s an idea.. super easy.. EA can fix the problem of people farming credits by removing the need to farm f’ing credits. Let me just play the damn game without having to obsess over cards and crates and parts and points.. give me a gun, give me an objective, and get the hell out of my way. Let me play THE GAME.. and not spend all my time in lobbies and load-out screens and whatever other BS your marketing a-holes thought were great ideas.

      • Eric Violandi (The Devil in di

        People like you should be playing video games online. If you support this dick headed move. I hope the banned you to for doing this.

    • Eric Violandi (The Devil in di

      How about you cheating assholes stop AFKing and just play the damn game. People who do this cause the team to lose its not fun nor funny. I hope they start banning you pricks. I didn’t spend $80on a game to watch assholes move in circles the whole match

      • The German Mason™

        I also didn’t spend $80 on a game to be required to play for thousands of hours to actually unlock everything. I don’t even need rubberbands. I could also just make sure that about every four minutes, I press X a couple of times. And that wouldn’t even be a bannable offence.

        Also, you are targeting the wrong people here. EA and DICE even created this system where you earn credits based on time instead of performance, meaning that it is more beneficial to drag the battle out instead of scoring quick wins. And being the best player in your team doesn’t award you with any extra credits either, so why even try to score high?

        I get why you are annoyed and I’m annoyed too, but EA and DICE have messed up big time here and the fix for it would be very simple: Reward players for PERFORMANCE, not TIME PLAYED. It doesn’t make sense that in Galactic Assault, the defending team to let the attacking team win so you could have longer matches resulting in more credits for everyone.

        Now, if you could PLEASE stop defending EA and DICE here for creating such a broken mess of a game. They should’ve never designed the credit system in a way for this to even become a problem. I was legit trying to play HvV yesterday because someone said that it’s a good way to get credits because the rounds might last longer, so I joined only to see that the mode is pretty much unplayable.

    • Joseph Long

      This is all on EA …. I have played BF2 and it has more issues and no 1 is talking about them … 1) crates only offer low level cards, after a week crates only have 1 purpose …. CRAFTING PARTS … 2) every crate I get now is mainly filled with duplicate low level cards …. getting $200-400 points back per card on 4,000 point crates is a TOTAL LOSS … 5 items, 40 crafting parts, and 4 duplicates = $800-1600 credits for 4,000 POINTS …. this game was made to rob the players and force players to use CASH …. The experience is horrid so players have stopped playing … Who is to blame for that ???? ………. EA made it so the game is a dreary grind for crates that rip you off … you want to get better cards and customize your character ? then cheat or spend everyday being ripped off and turn enjoyment to hate !!!! Star Wars is awesome, Battlefront 2 is an affront to the fans and consumers …. Death to EA and THEIR business models !!!

      • Joseph Long

        p.s. they don’t have a fix coming for the way they designed the crates and card system !!!

    • apLundell

      A textbook example of “Treating the symptom, not the disease”.